Y-DNA Haplogroup R and its Subclades - 2007
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SNP SYMBOLS:  Not on 2006 tree  Confirmed within subclade  Provisional  Private

R   M207/UTY2, M306/S1, S4, S8, S9
�       R*   -
�       R1   M173
�      �       R1*   -
�      �       R1a   SRY1532.2/SRY10831.2
�      �       �       R1a*   -
�      �       �       R1a1   M17, M198
�      �       �      �       R1a1*   -
�      �       �      �       R1a1a   M56
�      �       �      �       R1a1b   M157
�      �       �      �       R1a1c   M64.2, M87, M204
�      �       R1b   M343
�      �       �       R1b*   -
�      �       �       R1b1   P25
�      �       �      �       R1b1*   -
�      �       �      �       R1b1a   M18
�      �       �      �       R1b1b   M73
�      �       �      �       R1b1c   M269, S3, S10, S13, S17
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c*   -
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c1   M37
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c2   M65
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c3   M126
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c4   M153
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c5   M160
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c6   M167/SRY2627
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c7   M222/USP9Y+3636
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c8   P66
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c9   M405/S21/U106
�      �       �      �       �      �       R1b1c9*   -
�      �       �      �       �      �       R1b1c9a   DYS439/L1/S26
�      �       �      �       �      �       R1b1c9b   M467/S29/U198
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c10   S28/U152
�      �       �      �       �       R1b1c11   S68
�      �       �      �       R1b1d   M335
�       R2   M124

Private SNPs
PK5 within R1a1; P107 within R1b1c; S50 within R1b1c; S69 within R1b1c9; S44 within R1b1c10;


Y-DNA haplogroup R is mainly represented in two lineages. Lineage R1a is thought to have originated in the Eurasian Steppes north of the Black and Caspian Seas. It is associated with the Kurgan culture, known for the domestication of the horse (approximately 3000 B.C.E.). This lineage is currently found in central and western Asia, India, and in Slavic populations of Eastern Europe. A well-known individual of the R1a lineage is Somerled founder of Clan Donald. Lineage R1b originated prior to the end of the last ice age where it was concentrated in refugia in southern Europe and Iberia and is the most common in European populations. It is especially common in the west of Ireland where it approaches 100% of the population. This haplogroup contains the Atlantic modal STR haplotype.


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