Y-DNA Haplogroup A and its Subclades - 2013
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Y   Root (Y-Adam)
    A00   AF4, AF5, AF6/L1284, AF7, AF8, AF9, AF10, AF13, L1086, L1087, L1088, L1091, L1092,
                 L1094, L1096, L1097, L1102, L1103, L1104, L1106, L1107, L1108, L1109, L1110,
                 L1111, L1113, L1114, L1115, L1117, L1119, L1122, L1126, L1131, L1133, L1134,
                 L1138, L1139, L1140, L1141, L1144, L1146, L1147, L1148, L1151, L1152, L1154,
                 L1156, L1157, L1158, L1159, L1160, L1161, L1163, L1233, L1234, L1236

    A0-T   AF3, L1085, L1089, L1090, L1093, L1095, L1098, L1099, L1101, L1105, L1116,
                  L1118, L1120, L1121, L1123, L1124, L1125, L1127, L1128, L1129, L1130, L1132,
                  L1135, L1136, L1137, L1142, L1143, L1145, L1150, L1155, L1235

       A0   L529.2, L896, L982, L984, L990, L991, L993, L995, L997, L998, L999, L1000, L1001,
                   L1006, L1008, L1010, L1012, L1016, L1018, L1055
, V148, V149, V154, V165,
                   V166, V167, V172, V173, V176, V177, V190, V196, V223, V225, V229, V233, V239
           A0*   -
           A0a   L979, L980, L987, L996, L1011, L1015, L1017
              A0a*   -
              A0a1   L1070, L1072, L1073, L1075, L1076, L1078, L1079, L1080, L1081, L1082,
                                 V150, V153, V157, V158, V159, V162, V164, V170

                  A0a1*   -
                  A0a1a   P114, V151, V152, V161.1, V169, V181, V195
                  A0a1b   L1289
              A0a2   L981, L983, L988, L994, L1007, L1014, V203
           A0b   L92.2, L1035, L1036, L1037, L1038, L1039, L1040, L1041, L1042, L1043, L1044,
                           L1045, L1046, L1047, L1048, L1049, L1050, L1051, L1052, L1054, L1056, L1057,
       A1   L985, L986, L989, L1002, L1003, L1004, L1005, L1009, L1013, L1053, L1084, L1112,
                   L1153, P305, V161.2, V168, V171, V174, V238, V241, V250
           A1*   -
           A1a   M31, P82, V4, V14, V15, V25, V26, V28, V30, V40, V48, V57, V58, V63, V191,
                          V201, V204, V215
           A1b   P108, V221
              A1b*   -
              A1b1   L419/PF712
                  A1b1*   -
                  A1b1a   L602, V50, V82, V198, V224
                     A1b1a*   -
                     A1b1a1   M14, M23, L968/M29/P3/PN3, M71, M135, M141, M206, M276/P247,
                                               M277/P248, MEH1, P4, P5, P36.1, Page71, Page87, Page95
                         A1b1a1*   -
                         A1b1a1a   M6, M49/Page41, M196
                            A1b1a1a*   -
                            A1b1a1a1   P28
                            A1b1a1a2   L963
                                A1b1a1a2*   -
                                A1b1a1a2a   M114, M212
                                A1b1a1a2b   P262
                  A1b1b   M32
                     A1b1b*   -
                     A1b1b1   M28
                     A1b1b2   L427, L430, M144, M190/Page35/PF1373, M220, M305/Page17,
                                               P289/PF1372, Page50, PF1365/V160
                         A1b1b2*   -
                         A1b1b2a   M51/Page42, M229, M239/Page89, P71, P100
                            A1b1b2a*   -
                            A1b1b2a1   P291
                                A1b1b2a1   -
                                A1b1b2a1a   P102
                         A1b1b2b   M13, M63, M127, M202, M219, Page53, Page77/PF1364/V10
                            A1b1b2b*   -
                            A1b1b2b1   M118
              BT   L413/PF1409/V31, L418, L438, L440, L604/PF1243, L957, L962, L969,
                             L970/PF1065, L971, L977, M42, M91, L1060/PF1021, L1061/PF1101,
, M94/PF1081, M139, M299, P97, Page65.1/SRY1532.1/SRY10831.1,
                             V29/PF1408, V59/PF1411, V64/PF1412, V102/PF1406, V187/PF1403, V202,

Private SNPs are being removed from the tree and placed in the following category:
Private SNPs - After having been investigated, these SNPs have not met the population distribution criteria for placement on the tree. Either too few confirmed positive testers have been found OR multiple confirmed testers were confined to either a single surname or to a small group of related males.

SNPs under Investigation - Additional testing is needed to confirm adequate positive samples and/or correct placement on the tree.


Y-DNA haplogroup A contains lineages deriving from the earliest branching in the human Y chromosome tree. The oldest branching event, separating A0-P305 and A1-V161, is thought to have occurred about 140,000 years ago. Haplogroups A0-P305, A1a-M31 and A1b1a-M14 are restricted to Africa and A1b1b-M32 is nearly restricted to Africa. The haplogroup that would be named A1b2 is composed of haplogroups B through T. The internal branching of haplogroup A1-V161 into A1a-M31, A1b1, and BT (A1b2) may have occurred about 110,000 years ago. A0-P305 is found at low frequency in Central and West Africa. A1a-M31 is observed in northwestern Africans; A1b1a-M14 is seen among click language-speaking Khoisan populations. A1b1b-M32 has a wide distribution including Khoisan speaking and East African populations, and scattered members on the Arabian Peninsula.


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