Y-DNA Haplogroup T and its Subclades - 2013
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SNP SYMBOLS:  Not on 2012 tree  Confirmed within subclade  Provisional  Private  Investigation 

T   L445, L452, L455/PF5670, L810, M184/Page34/USP9Y+3178, M272/PF5667, Page129
    T*   -
    T1   L206, L490, M193
       T1*   -
       T1a   M70/Page46/PF5662, Page78
           T1a*   -
           T1a1   L162/Page21, L299/PF5675, L453/PF5617, L454
              T1a1*   -
              T1a1a   L208/Page2, L905
                  T1a1a*   -
                  T1a1a1   Z709
                     T1a1a1*   -
                     T1a1a1a   CTS8512, Z710, Z713, Z714
                         T1a1a1a*   -
                         T1a1a1a1   CTS2860, CTS7225/L907, CTS11968, L906, P77
                            T1a1a1a1*   -
                            T1a1a1a1a   CTS6507
                                T1a1a1a1a*   -
                                T1a1a1a1a1   CTS9882
                  T1a1a2   P321
                     T1a1a2*   -
                     T1a1a2a   P317
                  T1a1a3   PF7443, PF7444, PF7445, PF7453, PF7457, PF7458
           T1a2   L131
              T1a2*   -
              T1a2a   P322, P328
              T1a2b   L446
           T1a3   L1255

Private SNPs are being removed from the tree and placed in the following category:
Private SNPs - After investigation these SNPs have not met the population distribution criteria for placement on the tree: either too few confirmed positive testers have been found OR multiple confirmed testers were confined to a single surname or to a small group of related males.

SNPs under Investigation - Additional testing is needed to confirm adequate positive samples and/or correct placement on the tree.


Y-DNA haplogroup T is found at low frequencies throughout Europe and in parts of the Middle East, North Africa, and East Africa. A famous person in Haplogroup T was Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826), the third President of the United States from 1801 to 1809.


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