Y-DNA Haplogroup C and its Subclades - 2016

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FONT COLORS:  Newly confirmed in 2016 within subclade  Confirmed within subclade  Investigational items

^ Indicates a next-generation sequencing entry which does not yet meet quality guidelines for minimum number of reads.
^^ Indicates an entry which does not meet quality guidelines but may be helpful.
~ Indicates only an approximate location on the tree.

The criteria for a representative SNP printed in bold for a subclade is: traditional usage, testing one in multiple labs, and/or being found in the area of the chromosome used in recent research studies.

SNPs listed below in italics (colored black or red) are quality variants from next-generation sequencing reports consistently showing as representing that subgroup.

Contact Person for Haplogroup C: Ray Banks

C  M130/Page51/RPS4Y711, CTS179/Z3857, CTS182, CTS280, CTS840, CTS1384, CTS1396, CTS1606, CTS2014, CTS2377, CTS2416, CTS2550, CTS2599, CTS2941, CTS2955, CTS3151, CTS3153, CTS3221, CTS3233, CTS3658, CTS3910, CTS4032, CTS4676, CTS4686, CTS4934, CTS5151, CTS5383, CTS5441, CTS5813, CTS5958, CTS6203, CTS6266, CTS6378, CTS6492, CTS6893, CTS6898, CTS6916, CTS7301/M3716/PF2705, CTS7752, CTS7930, CTS8148, CTS8566, CTS8572, CTS8769, CTS9413, CTS9611, CTS9679, CTS10083, CTS10116, CTS10165, CTS10256, CTS10271/V4042, CTS10442, CTS10509, CTS10534, CTS10707, CTS10720, CTS10782, CTS11149, CTS11412, CTS11544, CTS11598, CTS11820, CTS12472, F847, F909, F917, F1029/V232, F1030, F1044/V1354, F1118, F1217/V2015, F1241/V2099, F1288/V2200, F1307/V2258, F1367, F1490, F1727, F1743, F1804, F1865/Page85, F1871, F1905/V2801, F1911/V2823, F2067, F2211, F2253, F2258, F2305, F2434, F2446, F2449, F2485, F2501, F2606, F2607, F2678, F2774, F2792/V3332, F2803, F2847/V3497, F2858/V3533, F2869/V3554, F2888/V3578, F2897/V3600, F2909/V3643, F2969, F2990, F3043, F3082, F3311, F3319, F3388, F3395, F3400, F3462, F3537, F3703, F3712, F3719, F3877, F4000, Z4084, IMS-JST029149/V1075/Y1763, M216, P255/P325, P260/P324, PF2639, V77, V199, V1234/Z3950, V1580/Z3965, Y1767/Z7606, Y1788/Z3945, Y2798/Z7798, Y2799/Z7648, Y4481/Z7230, Y4496/Z7169, Y6691, Y6693/Z7171, Z3958, Z3962, Z3974, Z3977, Z3981, Z3983, Z3986, Z4004, Z4014, Z4059, Z4071, Z4072, Z4073, Z4081, Z4082, Z4083, Z4090, Z4091, Z4093, Z4095, Z4096, Z4099, Z4139, Z4145, Z4159, Z7144, Z7177, Z7785, Z18049.2
C1   F3393/Z1426, CTS6773/M3987, K29, K30, K33, K35
  C1a   CTS11043, CTS3454, CTS8809, CTS9491, CTS11268, Z4056
  C1a~ CTS1488, CTS1664, CTS1917, CTS3110, CTS3284, CTS4948, CTS5744/Z1395, CTS6584, CTS6737, CTS6897/Z1400, CTS7882, CTS8161, CTS10170, CTS10579, CTS11165, CTS11402, CTS11923, CTS12317, CTS12482, Z1355, Z1424, Z3949.2, Z3957, Z4088, Z7143, Z7173, Z7178, Z7197, Z7213, Z7214, Z7215, Z7575, Z7582, Z7602, Z7604, Z7610, Z7614, Z7633, Z7651, Z7831, Z7834, Z7837, Z7840, Z7843, Z7845, Z7853, Z7854, Z7862, Z7863, Z7932, Z7933, Z7977, Z7979 [these may instead be at M8 tree level]
   C1a1   M8
   C1a1~ CTS824/Z1364, CTS219, CTS231, CTS460, CTS470, CTS483, CTS684, CTS861, CTS896/Z1365, CTS943/Z1367, CTS951, CTS1057 CTS1140, CTS1178/Z1368, CTS1186, CTS1208, CTS1355, CTS1736, CTS1874, CTS1994, CTS2176, CTS2189, CTS2211, CTS2212, CTS2278, CTS2298, CTS2413/Z1388, CTS2609, CTS3357.1, CTS3363, CTS3368/PF693/V2645, CTS3370, CTS3374/Z1390, CTS3487, CTS3760/Z1391, CTS3825, CTS4045, CTS4050, CTS4147, CTS4173, CTS4198, CTS4318/Z1392, CTS4324, CTS4683, CTS4822/Z1393, CTS4866, CTS5010, CTS5249, CTS5312/Z1394, CTS5398, CTS5798, CTS6118.2, CTS6338 CTS5794/Z1396, CTS5942, CTS6149/Z1398, CTS6670, CTS7097/Z1401, CTS7285, CTS7538/Z1402, CTS7720, CTS7803/Z1403, CTS7952/Z1404, CTS8209, CTS8339, CTS8419, CTS8520/Z1405, CTS8715, CTS8781, CTS8798, CTS8873, CTS9122, CTS9166/Z1407, CTS9228, CTS9291, CTS9336, CTS9351, CTS9466, CTS9472, CTS9498, CTS9565/Z1408, CTS9619, CTS9932, CTS9951, CTS10045/Z1410, CTS10124/Z1411, CTS10138, CTS10195, CTS10310, CTS10312/Z1412, CTS10327, CTS10462, CTS10515, CTS10639/Z1422, CTS10831/Z1423, CTS10899, CTS11072/Z1425, CTS11241/Z1427, CTS11257, CTS11382/Z1428, CTS11581/Z1429, CTS11613, CTS11652, CTS11891, CTS11892 CTS11893/Z1430, CTS11914, FGC22000/M8378/Z7235/ZS3800, IMS-JST022455, M105, M240, P122, S16874/Z7851, SK986/Z7973, SK987/Z7836, Z1366, Z1369, Z1371, Z1374, Z1375, Z1376, Z1378, Z1379, Z1380, Z1381, Z1382, Z1383, Z1384, Z1386, Z1399, Z1420, Z1421, Z1431, Z3939, Z3940, Z3942, Z3953, Z3955.2, Z3960, Z3963, Z3964, Z3969, Z3971, Z3972, Z3975, Z3976, Z3978, Z3982, Z3984, Z3989, Z3990, Z3992, Z3993, Z3996, Z4002, Z4003, Z4021, Z4023, Z4032, Z4036, Z4039, Z4043, Z4046, Z4053, Z4057, Z4058, Z4060, Z4061, Z4065, Z4066, Z4070, Z4075, Z4076, Z4078, Z4079, Z4080, Z4087, Z4089, Z4092, Z4097, Z4098, Z4100, Z4129, Z4134, Z4137, Z4148, Z4150, Z4152, Z4154, Z7142, Z7145, Z7146, Z7147, Z7150, Z7151, Z7152, Z7164, Z7165, Z7166, Z7167, Z7168, Z7170, Z7172, Z7175, Z7176, Z7181, Z7183, Z7185, Z7186, Z7187, Z7191, Z7195, Z7203, Z7216, Z7225, Z7226, Z7236, Z7251, Z7252, Z7576, Z7577, Z7580, Z7596, Z7603, Z7612, Z7613, Z7615, Z7622, Z7623, Z7627, Z7634, Z7644, Z7685, Z7707, Z7710, Z7784, Z7786, Z7788, Z7790, Z7791, Z7838, Z7839, Z7841, Z7844, Z7846, Z7847, Z7848, Z7850, Z7852, Z7857, Z7858, Z7860, Z7868, Z7928, Z7930, Z7931, Z7935, Z7936, Z7938, Z7963, Z7964, Z7965, Z7966, Z7969, Z7982, Z7983, Z7987, Z18146
    C1a1a   P121
     C1a1a1  CTS6678^, CTS10729, CTS11058, Z7054, Z7180, Z7196, Z7643, Z7650^, Z7968^, Z7972^
      C1a1a1a~ CTS5225, CTS5490, CTS6939, CTS7675
      C1a1a1a~ [2nd grp] Z7163, Z31829, Z31830, Z31831, Z31832
     C1a1a2   Z1356, CTS7128/Z1357, Z4160, Z7162, Z7228, Z7231, Z7232, Z7234, Z7237, Z7856, Z7869, Z7870, Z7898, Z7899, Z7900, Z7901, Z7902, Z7903, Z7904, Z7986, Z7988, Z7989, Z7991
      C1a1a2a~ Z31833^, Z31834^, Z31835, Z31837
      C1a1a2b   Z40544
      C1a1a2b~ CTS786, Z31839, Z31840, Z31841
   C1a2   V20, FGC14605/Y11410, M1009, PH4550/V4174/Z29324, V86, V219, V1069/Z28000, V1086/Z28001, V1327/Z28783, V1363/Z28784, V1453/Z28789, V1526/Z28792, V1535/Z29320, V1581/Z30458, V1858/Z30219, V1876/Z28801, V2031/Z28805, V2141/Z28808, V2185/Z28809, V2268/Z28811, V2416/Z28814, V2420/Z28815, V2593/Z29322, V2618/Z29323, V2722/Z28853, V3163/Z28863, V3177/Z28864, V3249/Z28867, V3293/Z28932, V3390/Z28938, V3697/Z28946, V3703/Z28948, V3780/Z28951, Y10448/Z30457, Y10449/Z28790, Y10453/Z28799, Y10456/Z28845, Y10458/Z38842, Y10461/Z28859, Y10463/Z28006, Y10464/Z28874, Y10465/Z30459, Y10466/Z28007, Y10467/Z28898, Y10469/Z28907, Y10470.1/Z28914.1, Y10471/Z30460, Y10472/Z28936, Y10473/Z28940, Y10474/Z28944, Y10476/Z28947, Y10477/Z28968, Y10478/Z28975, Y10479/Z28977, Y10480/Z29325, Y10481/Z30226, Y10482/Z30463, Y10483/Z29007, Y10488/Z28016, Y10489/Z28017, Y11330/Z28771, Y11332/Z28772, Y11333/Z28773, Y11334/Z28774, Y11335/Z28776, Y11338/Z28780, Y11341/Z28785, Y11342/Z28786, Y11343/Z28788, Y11346/Z28003, Y11349/Z28796, Y11352/Z28798, Y11359/Z28818, Y11360/Z28820, Y11368/Z28832, Y11369/Z28833, Y11370/Z28842, Y11371/Z28843, Y11375/Z28005, Y11383/Z28851, Y11385/Z28852, Y11387/Z28855, Y11389/Z28861, Y11390/Z28862, Y11392/Z28865, Y11393/Z28866, Y11394/Z28868, Y11397/Z28869, Y11401/Z28872, Y11402/Z28873, Y11403/Z28875, Y11405/Z28876, Y11406/Z28877, Y11409/Z28883, Y11413/Z28885, Y11417/Z28889, Y11420/Z28891, Y11425/Z28897, Y11428/Z28900, Y11430/Z28904, Y11431/Z28910, Y11432/Z28911, Y11433/Z28912, Y11434/Z28913, Y11436/Z28915, Y11437/Z28918, Y11438/Z28917, Y11440/Z28919, Y11441/Z28920, Y11443/Z28924, Y11444/Z28925, Y11445/Z28926, Y11446/Z28927, Y11447/Z28928, Y11448/Z28930, Y11449/Z28931, Y11452/Z28937, Y11456/Z28950, Y11460/Z28959, Y11462/Z28011, Y11463/Z28960, Y11464/Z28964, Y11466/Z28965, Y11467/Z28967, Y11469/Z28969, Y11472/Z28978, Y11473/Z28979, Y11474/Z28982, Y11475/Z28983, Y11478/Z30461, Y11479/Z28986, Y11482/Z28988, Y11488/Z28999, Y11490/Z29001, Y11492/Z28015, Y11495/Z29003, Y11496/Z29004, Y11497/Z29005, Y11502/Z29010, Y11503/Z29011, Y11504/Z29012, Y11506/Z29018, Y11507/Z29019, Y11509/Z29023, Y11588/Z28804, Y11590/Z28823, Y11591/Z28831, Y11592/Z28860, Y11594/Z28963, Y12186/Z9438/Z28922, YP332.2, Z28834, Z28835, Z28837, Z28838, Z28985
   C1a2~ V184
    C1a2a   V182, A701/V3287, S23981, V1997/Z28803, V2267/Z28810, V3589/Z28945, Y10451/Z28794, Y10455/Z28004, Y10459/Z28857, Y10462/Z30221, Y10468/Z28902, Y10475/Z28009, Y10484/Z29328, Y10486/Z29015, Y11348/Z28795, Y11358/Z28816, Y11374/Z28844, Y11380/Z38843, Y11381/Z38844, Y11398/Z28870, Y11407/Z28880, Y11412/Z28884, Y11421/Z28893, Y11454/Z28941, Y11470/Z28972, Y11471/Z28973, Y11476/Z28984, Y11481/Z28987, Y11485/Z28997, Y11487/Z28998, Y11489/Z29000, Y11493/Z29002, Y11498/Z29008, Y11501/Z29009, Y11505/Z29013, Y12184/Z29327, Z28840
     C1a2a1   V222, FGC15334.1/V1970.1, FGC15527/Y12183, V1023/Z28767, V1183/Z28781, V2101/Z28807, V2301/Z28812, V3314/Z28934, V3568/Z28935, V3918/Z28955, V3922/Z28956, V4150/Z30225, Y11681/Z28778, Y11685/Z28787, Y11687/Z28800, Y11689/Z28802, Y11690/Z28819, Y11692/Z28827, Y11697/Z28856, Y11699/Z28882, Y11700/Z30222, Y11701/Z28901, Y11702/Z28905, Y11703/Z28906, Y11704/Z28908, Y11705/Z30223, Y11706/Z28966, Y11710/Z30224, Y11712/Z28980, Y11713/Z29014, Y11714/Z29016, Y11715/Z29017, Y12122/Z28806, Y12124/Z28886, Y12125/Z28916, Y12126/Z28939, Y12127/Z28957, Y12128/Z28971, Y12129/Z28002, Y12132/Z28782, Y12134/Z28841, Y12135/Z28921, Y12136/Z28008, Y12137/Z28952, Y12142/Z28970, Y12144/Z29006, Y12149/Z28775, Y12150/Z28777, Y12151/Z28791, Y12152/Z28813, Y12138/Z28953, Y12139/Z28958, Y12145/Z29021, Y12154/Z28817, Y12155/Z28846, Y12158/Z30220, Y12160/Z28871, Y12161/Z28878, Y12162/Z28879, Y12163/Z28881, Y12164/Z28892, Y12166/Z28895, Y12168/Z28899, Y12169/Z28909, Y12171/Z28923, Y12172/Z28933, Y12175/Z28949, Y12176/Z28981, Y12177/Z28854, Y12178/Z25957.2, Z28839
      C1a2a1a   Z31808, Z31809, Z31810, Z31811, Z31812, Z31813, Z31814
       C1a2a1a1~ Z31798, Z31799, Z31800, Z31801, Z31802
       C1a2a1a2~ Z31815
      C1a2a1b   Y12157/Z30466, Y11695/Z30467, Y11708/Z30468, Y11709/Z30469, Y12146/Z30471
       C1a2a1b1~ A2211/Z30362, A2212/Z30363, A2213/Z30364, A2214/Z30365, A2215/Z30366
       C1a2a1b2~ Z31803, Z31804, Z31805, Z31806, Z31807
      C1a2a1c~ Z31793, Z31794, Z31795, Z31796, Z31797
     C1a2a2   Y11325/Z29329, AMM324/S854, F1628, S21803, Y10490/Z29334, Y10492/Z29335, Y10493/Z29338, Y10494/Z29341, Y10495/Z29342, Y10496/Z29347, Y10498/Z29349, Y10499/Z29350, Y10500/Z32152,Y10502/Z29364, Y10503/Z29365, Y10504/Z29366, Y10505/Z29368, Y10506/Z29370, Y10507/Z29372, Y10509/Z29374, Y10510/Z29377, Y10511/Z29384, Y10512/Z29385, Y10513/Z29386, Y10514/Z29389, Y10515/Z29393, Y10516/Z29395, Y10517/Z29396, Y10518/Z29398, Y10519/Z29403, Y10522/Z29407, Y10523/Z29392, Y11326/Z29330, Y11327/Z29331, Y11331/Z29333, Y11340/Z29336, Y11344/Z29337, Y11345/Z29339, Y11351/Z29340, Y11353/Z29343, Y11354/Z29344, Y11355/Z29345, Y11356/Z29346, Y11357/Z29351, Y11361/Z29352, Y11366/Z29354, Y11376/Z29358, Y11377/Z29359, Y11378/Z29360, Y11379/Z29361, Y11382/Z29362, Y11384/Z29363, Y11388/Z29367, Y11391/Z29369, Y11400/Z29371, Y11404/Z29373, Y11408/Z29375, Y11411/Z29376, Y11415/Z29378, Y11416/Z29379, Y11419/Z29380, Y11423/Z29382, Y11427/Z29383, Y11435/Z29387, Y11439/Z29388, Y11442/Z29390, Y11450/Z29394, Y11455/Z29397, Y11457/Z29399, Y11459/Z29401, Y11461/Z29404, Y11465/Z29405, Y11468/Z29406, Y11486/Z29381, Z29332
      C1a2a2a~ Z31819, Z31820, Z31821, Z31822, Z31823
      C1a2a2b~ Z31824, Z31825, Z31826, Z31827, Z31828
    C1a2b   Z38888
    C1a2b~ Z38886, Z38887, Z38889, Z38890
  C1b  F1370, Z16480
   C1b1   AM00694/K281
    C1b1a   B66/Z16458
     C1b1a1   M356, SK991/Z16459, SK997/Z16451, SK998/Z16467, Z16452, Z16453, Z16454, Z16455, Z16456, Z16457, Z16459, Z16461, Z16462, Z16461, Z16462, Z16463, Z16464, Z16465, Z16466, Z16468, Z16470, Z16471, Z16472, Z16473, Z16475, Z16476, Z16477, Z16478, Z16479, Z16486, Z16487, Z16557, Z16558
     C1ab1a1~ Z16449
      C1b1a1a   P92, K105, K43, K99, K108, K129, K134, K141, K146, K147, K156, K161, K162, K187, K205, K249, K252, K260, K261, K267, K280, K293, K310, K317, K319, K320, K323, K327, K331^, K358, K377, K401, K414, K415, K417, K426, K427, K435, Z12426^, Z12429, Z12437, Z12438, Z12439, Z12440, Z12441, Z12442, Z12443, Z12444^, Z12446, Z12449, Z12450, Z12451, Z12452, Z12453, Z12454, Z12455, Z12456, Z12457, Z12458, Z12459, Z12460, Z12461, Z12462, Z12463, Z12464, Z12465, Z12466, Z12467^, Z12468, Z12469, Z12470, Z12471, Z12472, Z12473, Z12475, Z12476, Z12477^
       C1b1a1a1   Z5895, K40, K41, K102, K104, K113, K119, K136, K138, K195^, K196, K197, K198, K223, K231, K234, K238, K258, K274, K277, K296, K297, K303, K308, K309, K332, K333, K341, K400, K406, K407, K412, K429, K434, Z12485, Z12486, Z12487, Z12488, Z12489, Z12490, Z12492, Z12493, Z12494
        C1b1a1a1a   K159
         C1b1a1a1a1   K96, K107, K131, K163, K233, K272, K283, K425, Z12480, Z12481, Z12497, Z12498, Z12499, Z12500, Z12502, Z12503
          C1b1a1a1a1a   K42, K101, K117, K118, K135, K140, K143, K209, K227, K235, K236, K244, K276, K300, K316, K338, K362, K418/Z12513, Z12505, Z12506, Z12509, Z12510.1/Z15303.1, Z12511, Z12512, Z12514
           C1b1a1a1a1a1   Z5896, K428, Z12515, Z12517, Z12518, Z12519
           C1b1a1a1a1a1~  K225
            C1b1a1a1a1a1a   K193
             C1b1a1a1a1a1a1   Z12522
              C1b1a1a1a1a1a1a   K466, K468
               C1b1a1a1a1a1a1a1   K470
                C1b1a1a1a1a1a1a1a   Z5898
                 C1b1a1a1a1a1a1a1a1~  Z19767.2^, Z31772^, Z31773^, Z31774^
                 C1b1a1a1a1a1a1a1a2~  PF4617.2^, Z31188.2^, Z31775^, Z31777^
                C1b1a1a1a1a1a1a1b~ FGC22190.2^/Y5076.2^, Z12675.2^, Z31763^, Z31764^, Z31765^
                C1b1a1a1a1a1a1a1c~ Z31766^, Z31767^, Z31768^, Z31769^, Z31770^
               C1b1a1a1a1a1a1a2~ Z31758^, Z31760^, Z31761^, Z31762^
              C1b1a1a1a1a1a1b~ Z31743, Z31744, Z31745^, Z31746, Z31747
              C1b1a1a1a1a1a1c~ Z31748^, Z31749, Z31750, Z31751, Z31752^
              C1b1a1a1a1a1a1d~ Z31753^, Z31755, Z31756^
            C1b1a1a1a1a1b~ Z31733^, Z31734, Z31735^, Z31736^
           C1b1a1a1a1a2~ Z31730^, Z31731^, Z31732^
          C1b1a1a1a1b~ Z31725^, Z31726^, Z31727^, Z31728, Z31729
         C1b1a1a1a2~ Z39941^, Z39942^, Z39943^, Z39944, Z39945
       C1b1a1a2~ Z39946, Z39947, Z39948, Z39949, Z39950
      C1b1a1b   Z5899
       C1b1a1b1   Z5900, PF6587/Z12348, Z12333, Z12334, Z12335, Z12336, Z12337, Z12338, Z12340, Z12341, Z12342, Z12343, Z12344^, Z12345^, Z12346^, Z12347^, Z12349^, Z12354, Z12355, Z12357, Z12358, Z12360, Z12361, Z12365, Z12366^, Z12367^, Z12369, Z12370, Z12372^, Z12373, Z12374^, Z12375, Z12376, Z12377, Z12378, Z12379, Z12380, Z12381, Z12382^, Z12383, ZZ12385^, Z12387, Z12388, Z12389^, Z12390, Z12391, Z12392, Z12393^, Z12394, Z12395, Z12396^, Z12397^, Z12398, Z12399, Z12400, Z12401^, Z12402^, Z12403^, Z12404, Z12405, Z12406, Z12407, Z12408, Z12409^, Z12410^, Z12413^, Z12414, Z12416^, Z12417, Z12418, Z12419, Z12420, Z12421, Z12422, Z12423, Z12425^
        C1b1a1b1a~ Z31708, Z31709, Z31710^, Z31712^
        C1b1a1b1b~ MZ101/Z31715^, Z31713^, Z31714, Z31716^, Z31717^
      C1b1a1b2~ Z31778^, Z31779^, Z31780^, Z31781, Z31782
     C1b1a2   AM00847/AMM008/B65
      C1b1a2a   B67, FGC14126.2, FGC21589.2, FGC22450.2, FGC22894.2, FGC24157.2, L93.2, PF5820.2, S3328.2, Y10470.2/Z28194.2, Y15781/Z32763, Z5906/Z32422, Z9900.2, Z20389.2, Z32412, Z32413, Z32414, Z32415, Z32417, Z32419, Z32420, Z32421, Z32423, Z32424, Z32425, Z32426, Z32427, Z32428, Z32429, Z32430, Z32431, Z32432, Z32433, Z32434, Z32435, Z32436, Z32437, Z32438, Z32439, Z32440, Z32441, Z32442, Z32443, Z32444, Z32445, Z32446, Z32447, Z32448, Z32449, Z32450, Z32451, Z32452, Z324533, Z32454, Z32455, Z32456, Z32458, Z32459, Z32462, Z32463, Z32464, Z32465, Z32466, Z32467, Z32468, Z32469, Z32470, Z32471, Z32472, Z32473, Z32474, Z32475, Z32476, Z32477, Z32478, Z32479, Z32480, Z32481, Z32482, Z32483, Z32484, Z32485, Z32486, Z32487, Z32488, Z32489, Z32490, Z32491, Z32493, Z32494, Z32495, Z32496, Z32497, Z32498, Z32499, Z32500, Z32501, Z32502, Z32503, Z32504, Z32505, Z32506, Z32507, Z32508, Z32509, Z32513, Z32514, Z32515, Z32516, Z32517, Z32518, Z32521, Z32522, Z32523, Z32524, Z32526, Z32527, Z32528, Z32529, Z32530, Z32531, Z32532, Z32533, Z32534, Z32536, Z32537, Z32538, Z32539, Z32540, Z32541, Z32542, Z32543, Z32545, Z32546, Z32547, Z32548, Z32549, Z32550, Z32551, Z32552, Z32553, Z32554, Z32555, Z32557, Z32558, Z32559, Z32560, Z32561, Z32562, Z32563, Z32564, Z32565, Z32566, Z32567, Z32568, Z32569, Z32570, Z32571, Z32572, Z32573, Z32574, Z32575, Z32576, Z32577, Z32578, Z32579, Z32580, Z32581, Z32582, Z32583, Z32584, Z32585, Z32586, Z32589, Z32590, Z32591, Z32592, Z32593, Z32594, Z32595, Z32596, Z32597, Z32598, Z32599, Z32601, Z32602, Z32603, Z32604, Z32605, Z32606, Z32607, Z32608, Z32609, Z32610, Z32611, Z32612, Z32613, Z32614, Z32615, Z32617, Z32618, Z32619, Z32620, Z32621, Z32622, Z32623, Z32624, Z32625, Z32626, Z32627, Z32628, Z32629, Z32630, Z32631, Z32632, Z32633, Z32634, Z32635, Z32636, Z32637, Z32638, Z32639, Z32640, Z32641, Z32642, Z32643, Z32644, Z32645, Z32646, Z32647, Z32648, Z32649, Z32651, Z32652, Z32653, Z32654, Z32655, Z32656, Z32657, Z32658, Z32659, Z32660, Z32661, Z32662, Z32663, Z32664, Z32665, Z32666, Z32667, Z32668, Z32669, Z32670, Z32671, Z32672, Z32673, Z32674, Z32675, Z32676, Z32677, Z32678, Z32679, Z32680, Z32681, Z32682, Z32683, Z32684, Z32685, Z32686, Z32687, Z32688, Z32689, Z32690, Z32691, Z32692, Z32693, Z32694, Z32695, Z32696, Z32697, Z32698, Z32699, Z32700, Z32701, Z32702, Z32703, Z32704, Z32705, Z32706, Z32707, Z32708, Z32709, Z32709, Z32710, Z32711, Z32712, Z32713, Z32714, Z32715, Z32716, Z32717, Z32718, Z32719, Z32720, Z32721, Z32722, Z32723, Z32724, Z32725, Z32726, Z32727, Z32728, Z32729, Z32730, Z32731, Z32732, Z32733, Z32734, Z32735, Z32737, Z32738, Z32739, Z32740, Z32741, Z32742, Z32743, Z32744, Z32745, Z32746, Z32747, Z32748, Z32749, Z32750, Z32751, Z32752, Z32753, Z32754, Z32755, Z32756, Z32757, Z32758, Z32759, Z32760, Z32761, Z32762, Z32764, Z32765, Z32766, Z32767, Z32769, Z32770, Z32771, Z32772, Z32773, Z32774, Z32776, Z32777, Z32778, Z32779, Z32780, Z32782, Z32783, Z32785, Z32786, Z32787, Z32788, Z32789
      C1b1a2a1~ B69, Z32790, Z32792, Z32793
      C1b1a2a2~ B70, Z32798, Z32799, Z32800, Z32801
      C1b1a2b   AM00848/AMM009/F725, AM00590/Z33068, AM00592/F1686, AM00593/F1689, AM00594/Z33070, AM00597/Z33072 AM00598/Z33073, AM0599/Z33074, AM00600/Z33075, AM00601/F1716, AM00602/Z33076, AM00603/Z33077, AM00604/Z33078, AM00605/F3915, AM00606/Z33079, AM00607/Z33080 AM00608, AM00609/Z33081, AM00610/F1782, AM00611/Z33082, AM00612/Z33083, AM00613/Z33084, AM00614/Z33085, AM00617/Z33088, AM00618/Z33089, AM00619/F3922, AM00620/Z33091, AM00621/Z33092, AM00622/Z33093, AM00623/Z33094, AM00624/Z33095, AM00625/Z33096, AM00626/Z33097, AM00627/Z33098, AM00628/Z33099, AM00629/Z33100, AM00630/F1914, AM00633/Z33102, AM00634/Z33103, AM00635/Z33104, AM00636/Z33105, AM00637/Z33106, AM00638/Z33107, AM00639.2/Z11583.2, AM00640/Z33108, AM00641/Z33109, AM00642/Z33110, AM00643/F1990, AM00644/Z33111, AM00645/Z33112, AM00646/Z33113, AM00647/F2010, AM00648/F2022, AM00649/Z33116, AM00650/F2031, AM00651/Z33118, AM00652/Z33119, AM00653/SK982, AM00654/Z33120, AM00655/F2085, AM00656/F2098, AM00657/Z33121, AM00658/Z33122, AM00659/Z33123, AM00661/Z33125, AM00662/F2143, AM00663/Z33126, AM00664/SK983, AM00665/Z33127, AM00666/Z33128, AM00668/F2181, AM00669/F2182, AM00670/F2204, AM00671/Z33131, AM00672/Z33132, AM00673/F2248, AM00674/F2286, AM00675/F2298, AM00676/Z33133, AM00677/F2333, AM00678/F2335, AM00679/Z33134, AM00680/Z33135, AM00681/F2351, AM00682/F2364, AM00683/Z33137, AM00684/Z33138, AM00685/Z33139, AM00686/Z33140, AM00687/Z33141, AM00688/F2381, AM00689/Z33142, AM00690/Z33143, AM00692/Z33144, AM00693/Z33145, AM00695/Z33146, AM00696/Z33147, AM00697/Z33148, AM00698/Z33149, AM00699/Z33150, AM00700/Z33151, AM00701/Z33152, AM00702/F2476, AM00703/Z33153, AM00704/Z33154, AM00705/Z33155, AM00706/F2533, AM00707/Z33156, AM00708/Z33157, AM00709/Z33158, AM00710/Z33159, AM00711/F2544, AM00712/F2545, AM00713/F3966, AM00715/F2582, AM00716/Z33161, AM00717/Z33162, AM00718/Z33163, AM00719.1/F2610.1, AM00720/F2611, AM00721/Z33164, AM00722/Z33165, AM00723/Z33166, AM00724/Z33167, AM00725/F2617, AM00726/Z33168, AM00727/F2641, AM00731/Z33170, AM00732/Z33171, AM00733/F2720, AM00735/Z33172, AM00736/Z33173, AM00738/F2738, AM00739/F2776, AM00740/Z33174, AM00741/F4265, AM00742/F2832, AM00743/F2848, AM00744/F2873, AM00745/Z33176, AM00747/Z33178, AM00748/Z33179, AM00749/Z33180, AM00750/F2915, AM00751/Z33181, AM00752/Z33182, AM00753/Z33183, AM00754/M538, AM0755/Z33184, AM00756/Z33185, AM00757/F2946, AM00758/Z33186, AM00759/F2959, AM00760/Z33187, AM00761/Z33188, AM00762/F3007, AM00763/Z33189, AM00764/Z33190, AM00765/Z33191, AM00766/Z33193, AM00767/SK984, AM00768/F3107, AM00769/F3114, AM00770/F3120, AM00771/F3137, AM00772/Z33194, AM0773/Z33195, AM00774/Z33196, AM00775/Z33197, AM00776/Z33198, AM00777/Z33199, AM00778/Z33200, AM00779/Z33201, AM00780/Z33202, AM00781/Z33203, AM00782/Z33204, AM00783/Z33205, AM00784/Z33206, AM00785/Z33207, AM00786/Z33208, AM00787/F3219, AM00788/Z33209, AM00789/F3244, AM00790/Z33210, AM00791/Z33211, AM00792/Z33212, AM00793/Z33213, AM00794/Z33214 AM00795/Z33215, AM00796/Z33216, AM00797/Z33217, AM00798/Z33218, AM00799/Z33219, AM00800/Z33220, AM00801/Z33221, AM00802/Z33222, AM00803/Z33223, AM00804/Z33224, AM00805/Z33225, AM00807/Z33227, AM00808/Z33228, AM00809/Z33229, AM00811/Z33230, AM00812/Z33231, AM00813/F3351, AM00815/Z33232, AM00816/Z33233, AM00817/Z33234, AM00818/F4019, AM00819/Z33235 AM00820/Z33236, AM00821.2/F3378.2, AM00822/F3381, AM00823/F4020, AM00825/Z33238, AM00826/Z33239, AM00827/Z33240, AM00828/Z33241, AM00829/Z33242, AM00830/Z33243, AM00831/Z33244, AM00832/Z33245, AM00835/Z33247, AM00836/Z33248, AM00837/Z33249, AM00838/Z33250, AM00839/Z33251, AM00840/AMM001/Z33252, AM00841/AMM002/Z33253, AM00842/AMM003/Z33254, AM00843/AMM004/Z33255, AM00844/AMM005/Z33256, AM00845/AMM006/Z33257, AM00849/AMM010/Z33005, AM00850/AMM011/F736, AM00851/AMM012/Z33259, AM00852/AMM013, AM00853/AMM014/Z33260, AM00855/AMM016/Z33262, AM00857/AM0018/Z33264, AM00859/AM0020/Z33268, AM00860/AMM021/Z33006, AM00861/AMM022/Z33007, AM00862/AMM023/Z33008, AM00863/AMM024/F796, AM00864/AMM025/F808, AM00866/AMM027/F821, AM00867/AMM028/Z33010, AM00868/AMM029/F870, AM00869/AMM030/F873, AM00870/AMM031/F4067, AM00872/AMM033/F884, AM00873/AMM034/Z33011, AM00874/AMM035/Z33012, AM00876/AMM037/Z33013, AM00877/AMM038/Z33014, AM00878/AMM039/Z33015, AM00879/AMM040/Z33016, AM00880/AMM041/Z33017, F973, F988, F1033, F1109, F1220, F1259, F1331, F2642.2/S2169.2, F3859, F3860, F3863, F3882, F4111, F4116, Z33018, Z33019, Z33020, Z33021, Z33022, Z33023, Z33024, Z33025, Z33026, Z33027, Z33028, Z33029, Z33031, Z33032, Z33033, Z33034, Z33035, Z33036, Z33037, Z33038, Z33039, Z33040, Z33041, Z33042, Z33043, Z33044, Z33045, Z33046, Z33047, Z33048, Z33049, Z33050, Z33051, Z33052, Z33053, Z33054, Z33055, Z33058, Z33059, Z33061, Z33062, Z33063, Z33064, Z33114, Z33115, Z33136, Z33192, Z33265
       C1b1a2b1   B465
        C1b1a2b1a~ B71, Z32806, Z32807, Z32808, Z32810, Z32812, Z32813, Z32814, Z32815, Z32816, Z32817, Z32818, Z32819, Z32820, Z32821, Z32823, Z32824, Z32825, Z32826, Z32827, Z32828, Z32829, Z32830, Z32831
         C1b1a2b1a1~ B74
        C1b1a2b1b~ B467, Z32216, Z32217, Z32218, Z32219
         C1b1a2b1b1~ B468, Z32185, Z32187, Z32188
       C1b1a2b2~ B72, Z32802, Z32803, Z32804, Z32805
     C1b1a3   Z16582, Z16583, Z16584, Z16585, Z16586, Z16587, Z16588, Z16589, Z16590, Z16591, Z16592, Z16593, Z16594, Z16595, Z16596, Z16597, Z16598, Z16599, Z16600, Z16602, Z16604, Z16605, Z16606, Z16607, Z16608, Z16609, Z16610, Z16611, Z16612, Z16613, Z16614, Z16615, Z16616, Z16617, Z16618, Z16619, Z16620, Z16621, Z16622, Z16623, Z16624, Z16625, Z16626, Z16627, Z16628, Z16629, Z16630, Z16631, Z16634, Z16635, Z16636, Z16637, Z16638, Z16639, Z16640, Z16641, Z16642, Z16643, Z16647, Z16648, Z16649, Z16650, Z16651, Z16652, Z16653
      C1b1a3a~ Z31783, Z31784, Z31785, Z31786, Z31787
      C1b1a3b~ Z31788, Z31789, Z31790, Z31791, Z31792
    C1b1b~ B68, Z32794, Z32795, Z32796, Z32797
   C1b2  B477/Z31885, FGC10375.2, PH255, PH1321, PH1421, PH3092, PH3244, PH3409, PH4087, PH4346, PH5328, PH5401/Z31883, SK1010, SK1013, Z31877, Z31878, Z31879, Z31880, Z31881, Z31882, Z31884, Z31886, Z31888, Z31889, Z31890, Z31891
    C1b2a  M38, S22946, SK1002, SK1003, SK1004, SK1005, SK1006, SK1007, SK1008, SK1009, SK1011, SK1012, SK1014, Z23304.2, Z31892, Z31893, Z31894, Z31895, Z31896, Z31897, Z31898, Z31899, Z31900, Z31901, Z31902, Z31903, Z31904, Z31905, Z31907, Z31908, Z31909, Z31910, Z31911, Z31912, Z31913, Z31914, Z31915, Z31916, Z31917, Z31918, Z31919, Z31920, Z31921, Z31922, Z31923, Z31924, Z31925, Z31926, Z31927, Z31929, Z31930, Z31931, Z31936, Z31939, Z31940, Z31941, Z31942, Z31943, Z31944, Z31945, Z31948, Z31949, Z31950, Z31951, Z31952, Z31953, Z31954, Z31955, Z31956, Z31957, Z31958, Z31959, Z31960, Z31961, Z31962, Z31963, Z31964, Z31965, Z31968, Z31969, Z31970, Z31971, Z31972, Z31973, Z31974, Z31975, Z31976, Z31977, Z31978, Z31979, Z31980, Z31981, Z31982, Z31983, Z31984, Z31985, Z31986, Z31987, Z31988, Z31989, Z31990, Z31991, Z31992, Z31993, Z31994, Z31995, Z31996, Z31997, Z31998, Z31999, Z32000, Z32001, Z32002, Z32003, Z32005, Z32006, Z32007, Z32008, Z32009, Z32010, Z32011, Z32012, Z32013, Z32014, Z32015, Z32016, Z32017, Z32018, Z32019, Z32020, Z32021, Z32022, Z32023, Z32024, Z32025, Z32026, Z32027, Z32028, Z32029, Z32030, Z32031, Z32033, Z32034, Z32036, Z32037, Z32038, Z32040, Z32041, Z32042, Z32043, Z32048, Z32052, Z39054
    C1b2a~  V248
     C1b2a1  M208
      C1b2a1a~ P33_1, P33_2, P33_3
      C1b2a1b~ PF1200
       C1b2a1b1   P54
      C1b2a1c   B460, CTS1286.2, M3238, Z32308, Z32309, Z32310, Z32311, Z32312, Z32313, Z32314, Z32315, Z32320, Z32322, Z32323, Z32324, Z32325,Z32326, Z32328, Z32329, Z32330, Z32332, Z32333. Z32334, Z32335, Z32336, Z32337, Z32338, Z32339, Z32340, Z32342, Z32343, Z32344, Z32345, Z32347, Z32348, Z32349, Z32350, Z32351, Z32352, Z32353, Z32354, Z32355, Z32356, Z32358, Z32359, Z32360, Z32361, Z32363, Z32365, Z32366, Z32367, Z32368, Z32369, Z32370, Z32371, Z32372, Z32373, Z32374, Z32375, Z32376, Z32377, Z32378, Z32379, Z32380, Z32382, Z32383, Z32384, Z32385, Z32386, Z32387, Z32388, Z32389, Z32390, Z32391, Z32392, Z32393
       C1b2a1c1~ B462, Z32395, Z32396
       C1b2a1c2   B461, Z32397, Z32398
        C1b2a1c2a~ B463
        C1b2a1c2b~  B464, Z32402, Z32403, Z32404
      C1b2a1d~ Z32295
       C1b2a1d1   B459, FGC26771.2/YP3147.2, Z32220, Z32221, Z32222, Z32223, Z32224, Z32225, Z32227, Z32228, Z32229, Z32230, Z32231, Z32232, Z32233, Z32234, Z32235, Z32236, Z32237, Z32238, Z32239, Z32240, Z32241, Z32243, Z32244, Z32246, Z32247, Z32248, Z32249, Z32250, Z32251, Z32252, Z32253, Z32254, Z32255, Z32256, Z32257, Z32258, Z32259, Z32260, Z32261, Z32262, Z32263, Z32264, Z32265, Z32266, Z32267, Z32269, Z32270, Z32271, Z32272, Z32273, Z32274, Z32275, Z32276, Z32277, Z32278, Z32279, Z32280, Z32281, Z32282, Z32283, Z32284, Z32285, Z32286, Z32288, Z32289, Z32291, Z32292, Z32293, Z32294, Z32297, Z32298, Z32299, Z32300, Z32301, Z32302, Z32303, Z32304, Z32305, Z32306, Z32307
        C1b2a1d1a~ B75, Z32832, Z32833, Z32834, Z32835
     C1b2a2~ F2642/S2169
     C1b2a3~ B76, Z32836, Z32837, Z32838, Z32839
    C1b2b  M347, P309, FGC17629/Y13548, PH251, PH1523, PH2398, PH4534, PH4665, PH5224, Z40223, Z40224, Z40225, Z40226, Z40227, Z40228, Z40229, Z40230, Z40231, Z40232, Z40233, Z40234, Z40235, Z40236, Z40237, Z40238, Z40239, Z40240, Z40241, Z40242, Z40243, Z40244, Z40245
     C1b2b1  M210
     C1b2b1~ CTS853, Z40419, Z40420, Z40421, Z40422
     C1b2b2~ Z40247, Z40248, Z40249, Z40250, Z40251
     C1b2b3~ Z40252, Z40253, Z40254, Z40255, Z40256
     C1b2b4~ Z40414, Z40415, Z40416. Z40417, Z40418
    C1b2c~ Z40423, Z40424, Z40425, Z40426, Z40427
   C1b3~ P55
 C2  M217, CTS93, CTS244, CTS284/Z1433, CTS545^, CTS719, CTS914, CTS1669/S3184, CTS1943, CTS2038, CTS2095, CTS2108, CTS2709/Z1442, CTS3125, CTS3430, CTS3950, CTS4339^, CTS5322, CTS5410, CTS5522, CTS5843, CTS5874, CTS6124, CTS6285/Z1446, CTS6551, CTS6723, CTS6865, CTS7120, CTS7345, CTS7355, CTS8117^/Z1449^, CTS8216, CTS8301/Z1450, CTS8325/Z1451, CTS8643, CTS8714/Z1340, CTS8886, CTS9677/Z1453, CTS9757^, CTS10144, CTS10589, CTS10628, CTS11354, CTS12051, CTS12888^, F734/Z1432, F791, F882, F894, F936, F1090, F1140, F1191, F1219/Z1437, F1245, F1415, F1597, F1622, F1646, F1677/Z1439, F1678/Z1440, F1688, F1717/Z1441, F1963, F1996, F2111/Z1444, F2146/Z1445, F2166, F2282, F2327/Z1447, F2379, F2512/Z1448, F2620, F2632, F2649, F2664, F2670/Z1452, F2673, F2695, F2718, F2808, F2951, F2992, F3068, F3122, F3174, F3324, F3333, F3396, F3410, F3411/Z1458, F3553/Z1460, F3581, F3643, F3702, F3718/Z1457, F3862/Z1436, FGC16186/Z4015, FGC16189/Z1435, FGC16191, FGC16192/Y4462/Z16217, P44, V87, Y4478/Z8463, Y4480/Z3954, Y4482/Z12144, Y4483/Z12146, Y4485/Z4001, Y4486/Z4016, Y4488/Z4051, Y4489^/Z4086^, Y4493/Z4133, Y4494^/Z4142^, Y6674/Z3968, Y6681/Z3979, Y6686/Z3951, Y6687/Z12162, Y6694/Z4141, Y8823/Z16215, Y8800^/Z12201^, Y11115/Z12172, Y11929/Z12200, Z1454, Z1455, Z1456, Z1459, Z3999, Z4027^, Z4077.1, Z4088^, Z4094, Z4151, Z12143^, Z12163, Z12167, Z12169
 C2~ IMS-JST645622+13
  C2a~ M93
  C2b   L1373, F1396, F1906, F2386, F2661, F3348, F3447, F3738, F3752, F3769, F3776, F3783, F3787, F3805, F3831, F3847, F3851, F3914, F3923, F3929, F3954, F3972, F3977, F3980, F3981, F3982, F3986, F4012, F6273/FGC16321/Y4554/Z16745, F6304/FGC16325/Y6698/Z16746, F6428/FGC16338/Y4546/Z16747, F6430/FGC16340/Y4548/Z16749, F6729/FGC16229/Y4547/Z16748, F6759/FGC28874/Z18168, F6871/FGC16376/Y4557/Z16751, F6967/FGC16388/Y6701/Z16752, F6970/FGC16389/Y4566/Z16753, F6987/FGC16390/Y4567/Z16731, F7237/FGC16433/Y4593/Z16755, F7264/FGC16442/Y4609/Z16756, F7441/FGC16473/Y4618/Z16740, F7445/FGC16474/Y4619/Z16741, F7490/FGC16478/Y4623/Z16759, F7514/FGC16480/Y4625/Z16743, F7526/FGC16483/Y4628/Z16761, F7561/FGC16491/Y4635/Z16762, F7571/FGC16494/Y4638/Z16763, F7972/FGC16515/Y6680/Z16766, F7975/FGC16516/Y4651/Z16767, F10172/FGC16331/Y4543, F11315/FGC16373/Y6699/Z16750, F11643/FGC16395/Y6702/Z16732, F11930/FGC16413/Y4582/Z16769, F12453/FGC16336/Y6708/Z16758, F12980/FGC16479/Y4624/Z16742, F13026/FGC16482/Y4627/Z16760, FGC16218/Y4498/Z16720, FGC16314/Y4533/Z16721, FGC16320/Y4539/Z16722, FGC16322/Y4555/Z16723, FGC16327/Y4540/Z16724, FGC16333/Y6706/Z16725, FGC16341/Y4549/Z18167, FGC16366/Y8799/Z16729, FGC16380/Y4560/Z16730, FGC16392/Y4568/Z18169, FGC16404/Y4577/Z16733, FGC16408/Y6712/Z16734, FGC16420/Y4587/Z18152, FGC16425/Y6704/Z18153, FGC16430/Y4592, FGC16458/Y4616/Z18166, FGC16478/Y4623/Z16759, FGC16505/Y6709/Z16744, FGC16511/Y4648/Z18156, FGC16520/Y4653/Z18157, FGC16523/Y4656/Z18159, FGC16458/Y4616/Z18166, FGC16738^/Y6700^
   C2b1   F4032, FGC16362/Z18162
    C2b1a  F1699, F1788, F3927, FGC16324/Y6697, Y4583/Z22209
     C2b1a1  F3918, B473/SK1079/Y10421/Z18161, F4015, FGC28955/Y10441/Z18155, FGC28925/Y10435/Z18160, FGC28905/Y11623/Z18163
      C2b1a1a  P39^^, BY728/Z30532, BY738/Z30533, BY751/Z30539, BY754/Z30540, BY762/Z30541, BY778/Z30542, BY783/Z30543, BY800/Z30545, BY822/Z30546, BY849/Z30548, BY857/Z30549, BY969/Z30554, BY1050/Z30555, BY1114/Z30556, BY1148/Z30558, BY1150/Z30580, BY1190/Z30559, BY1192/Z30560, BY1204/Z30561, BY1271/Z30562, BY1345/Z30566, BY1352/Z30567, BY1361/Z30569, BY1363/Z30570, BY1370/Z30571, BY1404/Z30572, BY1406/Z30573, BY1409/Z30575, BY1458/Z30576, BY1464/Z30751, BY1468/Z30577, BY1501/Z30578, BY1710/Z30581, BY1724/Z30582, BY1739/Z30584, BY2078/Z30588, BY2113/Z30590, BY2121/Z30592, BY2144/Z30594, BY2270/Z30770, Y4206/Z30579, Z12681.2, Z21455.2, Z30535, Z30536, Z30537, Z30544, Z30550, Z30557, Z30564, Z30574, Z30587, Z30593
       C2b1a1a1   BY1360/Z30568, BY2080/Z30589, BY2117/Z30591, BY2192/Z30595, Z30583, Z30586, Z30752
        C2b1a1a1a  Z30538, BY825/Z30547, BY1276/Z30563, BY1300/Z30565, Z30585
         C2b1a1a1a1   Z30750, Z30747, Z30748, Z30749, Z30753
          C2b1a1a1a1a~ Z30754, Z30755, Z30756, Z30757, Z30758
          C2b1a1a1a1b~ Z30760, Z30761, Z30763
         C2b1a1a1a2  BY736/Z30764, BY1076/Z30817, BY2092/Z30821, BY2118/Z30822, Z30768, Z30819, Z30820
          C2b1a1a1a2a~ Z30765, Z30766
          C2b1a1a1a2b~ S17446/Z30824, Z30825, Z30826
        C2b1a1a1b~ Z38940, Z38941, Z38942, Z38943, Z38944
       C2b1a1a2~ Z38870, Z38871, Z38872, Z38873, Z38874
      C2b1a1b  FGC28881.2
       C2b1a1b1  F1756, F3985, F3825, F3844, F3868, F3896, F3937, F3955, F3971, F4006, F4017, FGC28843/Y10419/Z30395, FGC28844/Y11618/Z30396, FGC28848/Y11620/Z30397, FGC28851/Y11621/Z30398, FGC28854/Y11601/Z30400, FGC28856/Y11603/Z30401, FGC28858/Y11604/Z30403, FGC28859/Y10422/Z30404, FGC28861/Y11602/Z30405, FGC28862/Y11627/Z30406, FGC28864/Y11607/Z30409, FGC28873/Z30411, FGC28878/Y11610/Z30412, FGC28890/Y11614/Z30413, FGC28891/Y10426/Z30414, FGC28901/Y11612/Z30416, FGC28904/Y11613/Z30417, FGC28909/Y10430/Z30418, FGC28910/Y10431/Z30419, FGC28917/Y11626/Z30420, FGC28924/Y10434/Z30423, FGC28929/Y11629/Z30424, FGC28934/Y10437/Z30427, FGC28942/Y11608/Z30428, FGC28945/Y10439/Z30429, SK1080/Y11615
        C2b1a1b1a   F3830
        C2b1a1b1a~ Z32844, Z32845, Z32846, Z32847, Z32848
        C2b1a1b1b   Y10402/Z30402, Y10428/Z30415, Y10442/Z30430, Y11599/Z30431, Y11600/Z30434, Y11605/Z30407, Y11606/Z30408, Y11622/Z30399, Y11630/Z30425
         C2b1a1b1b1~ Z31688, Z31689, Z31690, Z31691, Z31692
         C2b1a1b1b2~ Z31693, Z31694, Z31695, Z31696
       C2b1a1b2~ B77, Z32840, Z32841, Z32842, Z32843
     C2b1a2  M48
     C2b1a2a  M86, FGC29090/Y6042/Z19934, L1372, M77, PH339/Y12224, PH371/Y12824, PH468/Y12835, PH966, PH1223/Y12789, PH1790/Y12812, PH2140/Y12235, PF3158/Y12813, PH3175/Y12236, PH3945/Y12787, PH4064/Y12810, PH4189/Y12799, PH4268/Y12802, PH4316/Y12809, PH4367/Y12819, PH4745/Y12822, PH5038/Y12817, SK1058/Y12231, SK1059/Y12807, SK1060/Y12837, SK1061, Y12223, Y12225, Y12226, Y12227, Y12233, Y12239, Y12240, Y12242, Y12788, Y12791, Y12793, Y12795, Y12796, Y12800, Y12803, Y12804, Y12806, Y12808, Y12814, Y12815, Y12820, Y12823, Y12826, Y12831, Y12832, Y12833, Y12834, Y12836, Y14845, Y15551, Y15838, Z40438, Z40439, Z40440, Z40441, Z40442, Z40443, Z40444, Z40445, Z40446, Z40447, Z40448, Z40449, Z40450, Z40451, Z40452, Z40453, Z40454, Z40455, Z40456, Z40457
     C2b1a2a1  B469
     C2b1a2a1a   B87, Z32853, Z32854, Z32855, Z32857, Z32858, Z32859
     C2b1a2a1a1   B89
      C2b1a2a1a1~ Z32860, Z32861, Z32862
      C2b1a2a1a2~ B88, Z32863
      C2b1a2a1b~ B470, Z32405, Z32406, Z32407, Z32408
     C2b1a2a2  B80, Z32868, Z32869, Z32870, Z32871, Z32872
     C2b1a2a2a  B471, Z32409, Z32410
      C2b1a2a2a1~ B472, Z32411
      C2b1a2a2a2~ B86, Z32867, Z32873, Z32874, Z32875
     C2b1a2a2b   B81, Z32876, Z32878, Z32879, Z32880, Z32881
      C2b1a2a2b1~ B83, Z32882, Z32883, Z32884, Z32885
     C2b1a2a2b2   B82, Z32886
       C2b1a2a2b2a~ B84, Z32887, Z32888, Z32889, Z32890
       C2b1a2a2b2b~ B85, Z32891, Z32893, Z32894
     C2b1a2b  B90, FGC16114.2, Z32895, Z32896, Z32897, Z32899, Z32900, Z32901, Z32902, Z32903, Z32904, Z32905, Z32907, Z32909, Z32910, Z32912, Z32913, Z32914, Z32915, Z32916, Z32917, Z32918, Z32919, Z32920, Z32921, Z32922, Z32923, Z32924, Z32925, Z32926, Z32927, Z32928, Z32929, Z32930, Z32931, Z32932, Z32933, Z32935, Z32936, Z32937, Z32939, Z32940, Z32941, Z32942, Z32943, Z32944, Z32945, Z32946, Z32947
     C2b1a2b1   B91, Z32949, Z32950, Z32951, Z32955, Z32956, Z32957, Z32958, Z32959
     C2b1a2b1a~ B94, Z32960, Z32961, Z32963
      C2b1a2b1b   B92, M4620, Z32965, Z32966, Z32967, Z32968, Z32969, Z32973, Z32974, Z32975, Z32976, Z32977, Z32978, Z32979, Z32980, Z32981, Z32982, Z32983, Z32984, Z32985, Z32987, Z32988, Z32989
      C2b1a2b1b1~ B96, Z32990, Z32991, Z32992
      C2b1a2b1b2~ B95, Z32994
      C2b1a2b2~ B93, Z32995, Z32996, Z32997
     C2b1a2c~ F12970/Y15849
     C2b1a2c1~ Y15552, Y15840, Y15841, Y15842, Y15843, Y15844, Y15846, Y15847
     C2b1a2c1a~ Y17342
     C2b1a3   M504
     C2b1a3~ AM01318/CTS5559/PF4730/Z1866, F966, F1918, F2007, F2914, F3747, F3770, F3779, F3791, F3795, F3810, F3827, F3897, F3919, F3932, F3939, F3945, F3991, F4023, F4031, F4141, F4002, FGC16301/Y4523, FGC16306/SK1068/Y4527, FGC16313/Y4532, FGC16318/Y4536, FGC16319/Y4537, FGC16326, FGC16328/SK1075/Y4541, FGC16329/Y4542, FGC16330, FGC16332/Y4544, FGC16335, FGC16336, FGC16342, FGC16349, FGC16361, FGC16365, FGC16377/Y4558, FGC16381, FGC16394, FC16397/Y4570, FGC16402, FGC16403/Y4576, FGC16411/Y4580, FGC16412/Y4581, FGC16424/Y4589, FGC16437/Y4597, FGC16440/SK1067/Y6719, FGC16447, FGC16448/Y4602, FGC16450/Y4605, FGC16453/Y4606, FGC16456/Y4608, FGC16460/Y4611, FGC16467/Y4614, FGC16469, FGC16470, FGC16471, FGC16472/Y4617, FGC16475/Y4620, FGC16476/Y4621, FGC16481/Y4626, FGC16486/Y4630, FGC16489/Y4633, FGC16492/Y4636, FGC16496/Y4639, FGC16502, FGC16508/Y4635, FGC16509/Y4646, FGC16512/Y4649, FGC16513, FGC16596, Y4601, Y8789, Z31707
      C2b1a3a  M401
       C2b1a3a1~ Z31703, Z31704, Z31705, Z31706
       C2b1a3a2  F5483/SK1074
      C2b1a3b~ F5481/FGC16328/SK1075/Y4541, F10216/FGC16336/Y8818, F10312/FGC16342/Y8792, F11134/Y8798, F11271/FGC16596/Y8808, F11508/FGC16387/Y4565, F11899/FGC16411/Y4580, F12521/FGC16447/Y8784, F12844/FGC16470/Y8821, F13055/FGC16486/Y4630, F13100/FGC16489/Y4633, F13923/FGC16526/Y8791, FGC16467/Y4614, FGC16509/Y4646, FGC16595/Y11097
       C2b1a3b1~ FGC16594/Y11137
        C2b1a3b1a~ Y20085
         C2b1a3b1a1~ Y20087
     C2b1a4   Y12018/Z30601, Y11997/Z30622, Y11998/Z30623, Y11999/Z30624, Y11990/Z30614, Y11991/Z30619, Y11992/Z30620, Y11993/Z30604, Y11994/Z30607, Y11995/Z30609, Y11996/Z30615, Y12009/Z30629, Y12010/Z30630, Y12011/Z30616, Y12012/Z30617, Y12013/Z30621, Y12014/Z30602, Y12015/Z30603, Y12016/Z30606, Y12019/Z30610, Y12020/Z30611, Y12021/Z30612, Y12023/Z30627, Y12024/Z30625, Y12025/Z30626, Y12027/Z30631, Y12028/Z30613, Y12030/Z30618, Y12031/Z30628, Z30608
      C2b1a4a~ Z22424, Z22425, Z22426, Z22427, Z22428
      C2b1a4b~ Z30633, Z30634, Z30635, Z30636, Z30637
     C2b1a5~ B79, Z32849, B32850, Z32851, Z32852
   C2b2~ Z31698, Z31699, Z31700, Z31701, Z31702
  C2c   F1067, F1668/P323, F2497, F2645, F3611^, F3809, F4013, Y12939/Z4063
  C2c~ CTS117/M386
   C2c1  F2613/Z1338, CTS2, CTS208, CTS336/Z1306, CTS339^/Z1307^, CTS626, CTS790^, CTS821^, CTS948, CTS1407/Z1311, CTS1694^, CTS1781/S3186, CTS1854/Z1320, CTS2137^/Z1322^, CTS2428^, CTS2436, CTS2491/Z1323, CTS2848, CTS3121, CTS3129/Z1324^, CTS3156/Z1325, CTS3166, CTS3297, CTS3440, CTS3639, CTS3957/Z1327^, CTS4009, CTS4064/Z1328, CTS4140/Z1329^, CTS4222, CTS4951^,CTS5004, CTS5621, CTS6030^, CTS6145, CTS6374, CTS6582, CTS6628, CTS6675, CTS6770, CTS6934, CTS7167/Z1335, CTS7414, CTS7588^, CTS7798^/Z1337^, CTS8080^, CTS8081^, CTS8395, CTS8889^, CTS9395/Z1341, CTS9537, CTS10175/Z1342, CTS10220/Z1344, CTS10621, CTS10762/Z1349, CTS10860^, CTS10986/Z1350^, CTS11144, CTS11292, CTS11378^, CTS11489, CTS11833, CTS12591^, CTS12842^, F907, F958, F978/IMS-JST002613-27, F1012, F1093/Z1314, F1102, F1144, F1165, F1223, F1243, F1271, F1323, F1382, F1420/Z1316, F1619, F1641, F1668/P323, F1740, F1847/Z1326, F1938, F1970, F2057, F2074/Z1330, F2115, F2129, F2140, F2226, F2232/Z1332, F2259, F2262/Z1333, F2331, F2377, F2385, F2391, F2442, F2479/YSC0001307, F2539, F2674, F2681/Z1339, F2689, F2736, F2849, F2884, F2987, F2988, F3014/Z1343, F3061, F3071, F3076, F3178/Z1347, F3183, F3301, F3313, F3320, F3399, F3454, F3487/Z1351, F3497, F3587, F3688/Z1308, F3744, F3754, F3758, F3788, F3789, F3790, F3854, F3911, F3934, F4005/Z1345, F4011, K490, K491, K493, K495^, K496, K497, K498, M255^, Page12, Y12949/Z4054, Y12951/Z12207, Z1312, Z1313, Z1315, Z1317, Z1319, Z1348, Z3941, Z3947, Z3948, Z3959, Z3966^, Z3967, Z3970, Z3980, Z3991^, Z4005, Z4006, Z4037^, Z4038^, Z4041, Z4042, Z4062, Z4067, Z4074^, Z4131, Z4132, Z4149, Z12158, Z12184, Z12206
   C2c1~ CTS4338, CTS4419^, CTS4763, CTS5399, CTS5703, CTS6720, CTS6866, CTS7137, CTS8732, CTS10238, CTS10873, CTS12881, CTS12964, F1143, F1240, F1248, F1330, F1453, F1801, F2053, F2372, F3879, F3903, F4007^, Y12940, Z3956^, Z12155, Z12170^
    C2c1a   Z1300, CTS4021/Z1301, CTS4590, F2982, F3895, Z4040
    C2c1a~ CTS1019, CTS2457.1
     C2c1a1   CTS2657, CTS11990, F3755, F3921, F3949, F3967, F4027, F4035, F7189/Y12944/Z18178, F7926/Y13684/Z16233, Y12643/Z16231, Y12945/Z16232
     C2c1a1~ Z18177
      C2c1a1a   CTS8579, CTS5718^, F3739, F3836, F3883, F4040^, F6346/Y13862/Z18174, F6523/Y13860/Z18172, Y13858^/Z18179^
       C2c1a1a1   M407, F3737, F3784, F3785, F3850, F3853, F3864, F6288/Y13861/Z31649, F6969/Y12954/Z31654, F7181/Y12957/Z31655, F7221/Y13868/Z31656, F7227/Y13869/Z31657, F7462/Y13870/Z31659, F7942/Y12958/Z31661, F7945/Y12959/Z31662, Y12946/Z31660, Y12953/Z31653, Z31650
        C2c1a1a1a   B97, Z33003
         C2c1a1a1a1~ B102, Z31857
         C2c1a1a1a2~ B103, Z31858, Z31859, Z31860
         C2c1a1a1a3~ B104, Z31862, Z31863, Z31864
         C2c1a1a1a4~ B105, Z31865, Z31866, Z31867, Z31868
         C2c1a1a1a5  B98
          C2c1a1a1a5a~ Z31870, Z31871, Z31872
          C2c1a1a1a5b~ B107, Z31873, Z31874, Z31876
        C2c1a1a1b~ B100, FGC12541.2, Z31851, Z31852, Z31853
        C2c1a1a1c~ B99, Z32999, Z33000, Z33001, Z33002
        C2c1a1a1d~ F3916, Z31644, Z31645, Z31646, Z31647
       C2c1a1a2~ CTS1003^, CTS3550, CTS3952, CTS4449
       C2c1a1a3~ CTS8629
      C2c1a1b~ Z31664, Z31665, Z31666, Z31667, Z40537
     C2c1a2   Z12209, F3880
      C2c1a2a  F1319, F1673, F3799.1, Z12177, Z12202, Z12205^, Z12254^, Z12255, Z12256
       C2c1a2a1  F3777^, F3797/Z2201.2
        C2c1a2a1a   F3748, F3750/M4236, F3806
        C2c1a2a1b~ CTS7310.2^/Z1269.2^, F1389.2^, Z31641^, Z31642^, Z31643^
       C2c1a2a2~ F9709/Z36837, F10056/Z36838, Z36835, Z36836, Z36839
      C2c1a2b  CTS3385^, CTS2457.1, CTS10989, F9951/Z31674, F10004/Z31675, F10136/Z31676, F12408/Z31678, F12415/PH3692, F12528/PH3947, F12573/Z31679, F12881^/PH4779^, F13062/PH5006, F13141/Z31680, Z31677
       C2c1a2b1~ FGC15464/Z31687, Z31684, Z31685, Z31686
       C2c1a2b2~ PH404^, Z31669, Z31671^, Z31672^
    C2c1b  F845, AM01321/CTS6704/M8145, CTS3958, CTS10923, CTS11522^, CTS12931, F5479/Z12270, F5480/Z12273, K500, K507, K508, K546, K547, K548, K549, K550, K551, K553, K554, Z12262, Z12263, Z12264, Z12265, Z12266, Z12267, Z12268, Z12271, Z12272, Z12275
     C2c1b1  K511
      C2c1b1a  K516, K512, K517^, K518^, K519^, K520^, K521^, K522^/K543^, K523.1^, K526^, K527^, K528^, K529, K530^, K532^, K533^, K534^, K536, K537^, K538, K539^, K545^, Z12279^, Z12280^, Z12283^, Z12284^, Z12287^, Z12289^, Z12290^, Z12291^, Z12293^, Z12294^, Z12295^, Z12298, Z12299^, Z12300^, Z12301^, Z12302^, Z12307, Z12308^, Z12310^, Z12311^, Z12312^, Z12313^, Z12314^
      C2c1b1a~ K531^, K544^, Z12285, Z12288^, Z12292^, Z12296^, Z12297^, Z12309, Z12317^
       C2c1b1a1~ Z31631^, Z40543^
       C2c1b1a2~ F12814/Z31633, Z31635^, Z31636^
     C2c1b2~ CTS2818, CTS1119, CTS8000, Z665^, Z2281
     C2c1b3~ CTS4187, F12752/Z31638, F12852^/Z31640^, F12930^/Z31639^, F13694^/Z31637^
     C2c1b4~  FGC39580/Z38900, FGC39581/Z38901, FGC39582/Z38902, FGC39583/Z38904, Z38903
     C2c1b5~ CTS2123/S4350
   C2c2  CTS4660^, CTS8593^, CTS8866^
   C2c2~ CTS11037^, CTS4526, CTS7159, CTS11568, Z4012^