Y-DNA Haplogroup D and its Subclades - 2016

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FONT COLORS:  Newly confirmed in 2016 within subclade  Confirmed within subclade  Investigational items 

^ Indicates a next-generation sequencing entry which does not yet meet quality guidelines for minimum number of reads.
^^ Indicates an entry which does not meet quality guidelines but may be helpful.
~ Indicates only an approximate location on the tree.

The criteria for a representative SNP printed in bold for a subclade is: traditional usage, testing one in multiple labs, and/or being found in the area of the chromosome used in recent research studies.

SNPs listed below in italics (colored black or red) are quality variants from next-generation sequencing reports consistently showing as representing that subgroup.

Contact Person for Haplogroup D: Ray Banks

D   M174/Page30, A743.2/FGC1224.2, CTS94, CTS1014.2, CTS1171, CTS1269, CTS1453, CTS1869, CTS2671, CTS2682^, CTS2741, CTS2985, CTS3942/Z1604, CTS4030/V2897/Z1605, CTS4217, CTS5001, CTS5085^/Z1607^, CTS5704, CTS5725^, CTS7082, CTS7660/F3709, CTS9290, CTS9434^, CTS10128,  CTS11261, F887, F975, F1034/V1320, F1066/V1437, F1137/V1774/Z1591, F1163/Z1592, F1264/V2153, F1278/V2177, F1306/V2256, F1344/V2338, F1379/V2446, F1439, F1447, F1533, F1612, F1620.1, F1539, F1540, F1548/Z1594, F1642, F1919/V2849, F1927/V2885, F2062, F2147/Z1608, F2157, F2161/Z1610, F2285, F2318, F2325, F2455, F2473, F2662/Z1612, F2765, F2831/V3465, F2923/V3694, F2956, F3289, F3321, F3328/Z1620, F3370, F3519, F3615, F3666, F3835, F3845/Z1588, F3920, F3976, F4030, FGC6233/Y11929,  FGC6254/V1375/Y11253, FGC6260/Y12042, FGC6275/Y11254, FGC6292/Y11256, IMS-JST021355, V1288/Z3711,  V1852/Z3720,  Z1590, Z1618, Z1619, Z3703, Z3704, Z3705, Z3707, Z3715, Z3727, Z3728^, Z3731^, Z3760, Z3762, Z3765, Z3767, Z3771, Z3787, Z3794, Z3795, Z3796, Z17157
D~ CTS260/Z1580, CTS3946, CTS8801, CTS9128, CTS9564, CTS10169, CTS11608, CTS11804, CTS12500, F1690, F3704, Z3701, Z3718, Z3733, Z3772, Z3806
 D1   CTS11577, CTS9290, F2285
  D1a   F6251/Z27276, Z27283
   D1a1   M15
    D1a1a F849, F901, F941, F1182, F1231, F1400, F1709, F1868, F1943, F2025, F2160, F2238, F2460, F2586, F2715, F2762, F3077, F3097, F3306, SK539, Y19636, Y19641, Z27272, Z27274, Z27277, Z27281, Z27282, Z27293, Z27295, Z27298, Z27299,  Z27301, Z27305, Z27306, Z27307, Z27308, Z27309, Z27311, Z27312, Z27316, Z27320, Z27321, Z27323, Z27324, Z27335, Z27341, Z27344, Z27346, Z27349, Z27350, Z27351, Z27353,  Z29449
     D1a1a1   N1
      D1a1a1a  Z27269, PH4/Z29448, YP4237/Z27338, Z27270, Z27273, Z27275, Z27278, Z27279, Z27280, Z27285, Z27286, Z27287, Z27289, Z27290, Z27292, Z27294, Z27296, Z27297, Z27302, Z27303, Z27304, Z27310, Z27314, Z27315, Z27317, Z27318, Z27319, Z27322, Z27325, Z27326, Z27327, Z27328, Z27329, Z27330, Z27332, Z27333, Z27334, Z27337, Z27339, Z27340, Z27343, Z27345, Z27347, Z27348, Z29450, Z29451, Z29452, Z29453
       D1a1a1a1  PH4979, PH344, PH1366, PH2207, PH2452, PH3173, Z29426, Z29427, Z29430, Z29433, Z29436, Z29438, Z29439, Z29441, Z29445, Z29446, Z29447
       D1a1a1a1a~ PH1991, Z29428, Z29429, Z29431, Z29432, Z29434, Z29435, Z29437, Z29440
       D1a1a1a1a1~ Z31585, Z31586, Z31587
       D1a1a1a1a2~ F729, F737, F738, F3828
       D1a1a1a1b~ Y7820, Z40573, Z40574, Z40575, Z40576
       D1a1a1a2  Z31591, FGC5437.2, SK541, SK2296, YP1043.2, Z31581, Z31582, Z31583, Z31594, Z31595, Z31596, Z31597, Z31598, Z31599, Z31601, Z31602, Z31603, Z31604, Z31605, Z31606, Z31607, Z31608, Z31609, Z31610, Z31611, Z31612, Z31614, Z31615, Z31616, Z31618, Z31620, Z31621, Z31622, Z31623, Z31627, Z31628
       D1a1a1a2a~ Z31625, Z31626
Z31584, Z31590, Z31592, Z31593

       D1a1a1a3~  Z40603, Z40604, Z40605, Z40606, Z40607 
     D1a1a2  F1070, F1531.2, F3857, M5839, Z31624, Z40580, Z40581, Z40582, Z40583, Z40584, Z40585, Z40586, Z40587, Z40588, Z40589, Z40590, Z40591, Z40592, Z40593, Z40594, Z40595, Z40596, Z40597, Z40950, Z40951
      D1a1a2a~ A6345, Z40602, Z40952, Z40953, Z40954, Z40955, Z40956, Z40957, Z40958, Z40959, Z40960, Z40961, Z40962, Z40963, Z40964, Z40965, Z40966, Z40967, Z40968, Z40969, Z40970, Z40971, Z40972., Z40973, Z40974, Z40975, Z40976, Z40977, Z40978, Z40979, Z40980, Z40981, Z40982, Z40983, Z40984, Z40985, Z40986, Z40987, Z40988, Z40989, Z40990, Z40991, Z40992, Z40993, Z40994, Z40995, Z40996, Z40997, Z40998, Z40999, Z41000, Z41001, Z41002, Z41003, Z41004, Z41005, Z41006, Z41007, Z41008, Z41009, Z41010, Z41012, Z41013, Z41014, Z41015, Z41016, Z41017, Z41018, Z41019, Z41020, Z41021, Z41022, Z41023, Z41024, Z41025, Z41026, Z41027, Z41028, Z41029, Z41030, Z41031, Z41032, Z41033, Z41034, Z41035, Z41036, Z41038, Z41039, Z41040, Z41041, Z41042, Z41043, Z41044, Z41045, Z41046, Z41047, Z41048, Z41049, Z41050, Z41051, Z41052, Z41053, Z41054, Z41055, Z41056, Z41057, Z41058. Z41059, Z41060, Z41061, Z41062, Z41063, Z41064, Z41065, Z41066, Z41067, Z41258, Z41259, Z41260, Z41261
       D1a1a2a1 Z40598, Z40599, Z41207, Z41208, Z41209, Z41210, Z41211. Z41212. Z41213, Z41214, Z41215, Z41216, Z41217, Z41218, Z41219, Z41220, Z41221. Z41222, Z41223, Z41224, Z41225, Z41226, Z41227, Z41228, Z41229, Z41230, Z41231, Z41232, Z41233, Z41234, Z41235, Z41236, Z41237, Z41239, Z41240, Z41241, Z41242, Z41243, Z41244, Z41245
        D1a1a2a1a~ Z40600, Z40601
        D1a1a2a1b~ Z41246, Z41247, Z41248, Z41249, Z41250
       D1a1a2a2~ Z41068, Z41069, Z41070, Z41071, Z41072
      D1a1a2b~ CTS5502, CTS6519.2/S4247.2, Z40608
   D1a2   P99
    D1a2a   P47
     D1a2a1   M533
     D1a2a1~  CTS852.2/PF4504.2, F1287, F1317, F1335, F1412.2, F1771, F1852, F1861.2, F2465, F2835, F2886, F2904, F2967, F3030, M3786, F4339/Y15405/Z34352, PH116/Y14736, PH153, PH232/Y14738, PH396, PH402, PH504/Y14740, PH460, PH648/Y14745, PH824/Y14777, PH893/Y14778, PH906/Y14779, PH937/Y14780, PH1154/Y14783, PH1245, PH1251, PH1281/Y14785, PH1384, PH1394/Y14787, PH1406/Y14788, PH1433/Y14790, PH1451, PH1587, PH1649/Y14797, PH1683, PH1922/Y14805, PH2008/Y14806, PH2062, PH2066, PH2151/Y14807, PH2427, PH2447/Y14810, PH2468/Y14811, PH2607, PH2661, PH2788, PH2795/Y14818, PH2803/Y14819, PH2951/Y14822, PH2974/Y14823, PH3088, PH3166/Y14824, PH3187/Y14825, PH3471, PH3475/Y14829, PH3517, PH3518, PH3654/Y14831, PH3737/Y14833, PH3762/Y14834, PH3831, PH3836/Y14836, PH3858, PH3915/Y14839, PH3936/Y14840, PH3955, PH3998, PH4001/Y14842, PH4246, PH4327, PH4337/Y14847, PH4528/Y14848, PH4533, PH4547/Y14849, PH4717/Y14850, PH4791/Y14852, PH4792, PH4860, PH4866/Y14857, PH4923, PH5000/Y14861, PH5123, PH5131/Y14868, PH5258, PH5290, PH5301, PH5403/Y14876, PH5446, S17259, SK553/Y14732, SK554/Y14761, SK556/Y14760, SK557/Y14759, SK558, SK559/Y14773, SK560/Y14772, SK561, Y14729/Z34142, Y14733/Z34145, Y14734/Z34147, Y14739/Z34156, Y14741/Z34158, Y14742/Z34159, Y14746/Z34161, Y14747/Z34166, Y14748/Z34168, Y14749/Z34169, Y14750/Z34171, Y14751/Z34172, Y14752/Z34174, Y14753/Z34175, Y14754/Z34176, Y14755/Z34177, Y14756/Z34178, Y14757/Z34181, Y14758/Z34184, Y14762/Z34185, Y14763/Z34186, Y14764/Z34187, Y14765/Z34189, Y14766/Z34190, Y14767/Z34191, Y14769/Z34197, Y14770/Z34198, Y14771/Z34201, Y14774/Z34209, Y14775/Z34210, Y14781/Z34221, Y14782/Z34222, Y14789/Z34225, Y14792/Z34228, Y14794/Z34229, Y14795/Z34230, Y14796/Z34232, Y14798/Z34234, Y14800/Z34237, Y14802/Z34242, Y14803/Z34243, Y14804/Z34244, Y14808/Z34247, Y14809/Z34252, Y14813/Z34253, Y14814/Z34255, Y14815/Z34256, Y14816/Z34259, Y14817/Z34260, Y14820/Z34261, Y14821/Z34263, Y14827/Z34268, Y14832/Z34270, Y14837/Z34273, Y14838/Z34274, Y14843/Z34278, Y14844/Z34279, Y14845/Z34280, Y14853/Z34296, Y14854/Z34297, Y14855/Z34301, Y14858/Z34304, Y14859/Z34306, Y14863/Z34308, Y14864/Z34310, Y14865/Z34311, Y14866/Z34314, Y14869/Z34325, Y14870/Z34326, Y14871/Z34327, Y14872/Z34328, Y14873/Z34329, Y14874/Z34331, Y14877/Z34334, Y14878/Z34340, Y14879/Z34341, Y14880/Z34343, Y14882/Z34345, Y14883/Z34347, Y14884/Z34348, Y14885/Z34349, Y14886/Z34354, Y14887/Z34355, Y14888/Z34357, Y15306/Z34309, Y15307/Z34337, Y15309/Z34199, Y15310/Z34200, Y15311/Z34254, Y15312/Z34276, Y15313/Z34277, Y15314/Z34295, Y15315/Z34298, Y15316/Z34299, Y15317/Z34300, Y15318/Z34307, Y15319/Z34335, Y15320/Z34339, Y15321/Z34353, Y15322/Z34275, Y15323/Z34146, Y15324/Z34148, Y15328/Z34195, Y15330/Z34155, Y15331/Z34157, Y15332/Z34162, Y15333/Z34163, Y15334/Z34164, Y15335/Z34165, Y15336/Z34167, Y15338/Z34170, Y15339/Z34173, Y15340/Z34179, Y15341/Z34180, Y15342/Z34182, Y15343/Z34183, Y15344/Z34192, Y15345/Z34193, Y15346/Z34194, Y15347/Z34202, Y15348/Z34204, Y15349/Z34211, Y15350/Z34212, Y15351/Z34219, Y15352/Z34220, Y15355/Z34224, Y15356/Z34226, Y15357/Z34227, Y15359/Z34231, Y15360/Z34233, Y15361/Z34235, Y15362/Z34236, Y15363/Z34238, Y15364/Z34239, Y15365/Z34240, Y15366/Z34246, Y15367/Z34250, Y15368/Z34251, Y15369/Z34257, Y15370/Z34258, Y15371/Z34262, Y15372/Z34264, Y15373/Z34265, Y15375/Z34266, Y15376/Z34267, Y15377/Z34269, Y15378/Z34271, Y15379/Z34272, Y15381/Z34282, Y15385/Z34292, Y15386/Z34293, Y15387/Z34294, Y15389/Z34302, Y15390/Z34303, Y15391/Z34312, Y15392/Z34313, Y15393/Z34315, Y15395/Z34316, Y15398/Z34330, Y15399/Z34332, Y15400/Z34333, Y15401/Z34338, Y15402/Z34342, Y15403/Z34344, Y15404/Z34350, Y15406/Z34356, Y15409/Z34160, Y15412/Z34241, Y15414/Z34305, Y15420/Z34188, Z34217, Z34218, Z34223, Z34248, Z34324, Z34346
     D1a2a1a~  Z34358, Z34359, Z34360, Z34361, Z34362
     D1a2a1b~  PH97, Z34364, Z34365 
     D1a2a1c~  Z42599, Z42600, Z42601, Z42602, Z42603
  D1b   M64.1/Page44.1, CTS69, CTS134/V1058, CTS323,CTS625/Z1587, CTS862, CTS865, CTS1158/Z3706, CTS1827, CTS1828, CTS1841, CTS1877, CTS1904, CTS1910, CTS2061/Z1586, CTS2109, CTS2191/Z1598, CTS2478, CTS2573, CTS2739, CTS2890/Z1600, CTS2960, CTS3177/V2557, CTS3371, CTS3621/V2806, CTS3651, CTS3715^, CTS3823/Z1602, CTS3940/Z1603, CTS4134, CTS4578, CTS4597, CTS4705^, CTS5281^/Z3741^, CTS5828, CTS5829, CTS6051, CTS6157, CTS6220, CTS6242, CTS6248, CTS6277, CTS6332, CTS6448/Z1611, CTS6494, CTS6594, CTS6655, CTS7089, CTS7093, CTS7106, CTS7165, CTS7214, CTS7317,  CTS7508, CTS7626, CTS8060, CTS8210, CTS8337, CTS8348, CTS8435, CTS8505^, CTS8581, CTS8744, CTS8922, CTS9097/Z1614,  CTS9134, CTS9203, CTS9246/V3485, CTS9525, CTS9627, CTS10087^, CTS10197, CTS10502/V4176/Z3820, CTS10703^, CTS10750, CTS10809, CTS10908, CTS10961^, CTS11124, CTS11125, CTS11308,  CTS11834, CTS11915, CTS12007, CTS13016, FGC6245/Y12560, FGC6246/Y12563, FGC6247/Y11725, FGC6251/Y11727, FGC6255/Y11179, FGC6276/Y12545, FGC6278/Y12564, FGC6289/SK543/V1917/Y11720, FGC6299/Y11722, FGC6326/V2498/Y11721, FGC8045/Y12550, L1377, M55, M57, M179/Page31, M359.1/P41.1, M9313^,  P37.1, P190, PF7315/Z1621, V1324/Z3713, V1474/Z3716, V2053/Z1593, V2233/Z3723, Z1589, Z1596, Z1615, Z1616, Z1617, Z3660^,  Z3708, Z3709, Z3710, Z3712, Z3714, Z3722.1/V2156.1, Z3724, Z3725, Z3726^, Z3729, Z3730^, Z3732,  Z3744, Z3749, Z3750, Z3751, Z3752, Z3753, Z3755, Z3756, Z3757, Z3759, Z3761, Z3763, Z3764, Z3766, Z3769, Z3770, Z3797, Z3798, Z3799, Z3783, Z3809
  D1b~  CTS12896, Z3738
   D1b1   M116.1, CTS2728, CTS3978, CTS5304/Z1461, CTS5674/Z1462, CTS5739, CTS6055/Z1463, CTS6238, CTS6485/Z1464, CTS6945, CTS8341, CTS8484, CTS8517, CTS8613, CTS8984, CTS9896/V3805, CTS9988/PF4859/Z1871, CTS10441, CTS10619, Z1465, Z1622, Z1624, Z1625, Z1626/V2126, Z2808/V1860, Z3830
� � �  D1b1a   M125, CTS932, CTS1817, CTS1821, CTS4913, CTS9508/Z1627, CTS10445^, CTS10450/Z1628, CTS10536/Z1629, CTS11312, Z3657, Z3658, Z3659
� � �  D1b1a~ IMS-JST75888-GC
      D1b1a1~ P42
     D1b1a1a   P12_1, P12_2, P12_3
      D1b1a2   IMS-JST022457, CTS107/IMS-JST055457
      D1b1a2~ CTS406/Z1474, CTS642. CTS1069/Z1475, CTS1107, CTS2112, CTS2337/Z3624, CTS2602/Z3627, CTS2902/Z1484, CTS3099/Z3628, CTS3768, CTS3791, CTS4461, CTS4827,  CTS4888,  CTS4996, CTS5041/Z1486, CTS5086/Z1487,CTS5355, CTS6394, CTS6625, CTS6886,  CTS7044/Z1488, CTS7471, CTS7889, CTS7899,  CTS7935/Z1489, CTS7962, CTS8540, CTS8583, CTS9051, CTS9061, CTS9120, CTS9149, CTS10074, CTS10103/Z1490, CTS10159/Z1491, CTS10417/S3421/Z1492, CTS10646/Z1493, CTS10919, CTS10933, CTS11186/Z1494, CTS11264, CTS11917/Z1495, CTS11928/Z1496, FGC6340, Z1476, Z1477, Z1478, Z1479, Z1480, Z1481, Z1483, Z3604, Z3609, Z3611, Z3612, Z3613, Z3614, Z3617, Z3618, Z3619, Z3620^, Z3633, Z3640, Z3641, Z3645, Z3653, Z3654, Z1485, ZS4109.2,
      D1b1a2a~  P53.2
     D1b1a2b   IMS-JST006841/Page3
       D1b1a2b1   CTS3397, CTS1982/Z1498, CTS3197, CTS4606/Z1499, Z3611, Z3642
      D1b1a2b1~  Z3643
       D1b1a2b1a  Z1500, CTS8181, CTS9242/Z1502, CTS10268, CTS10511/Z1503, Z1501, Z3603, Z3605, Z3607, Z3610, Z3617, Z3636, Z3651, Z14780
         D1b1a2b1a1  Z1504, CTS8093
         D1b1a2b1a1~ FGC6334.2/Y12565.2
        �  D1b1a2b1a1a  FGC6373
        �  D1b1a2b1a1a1   L137.3
        �  D1b1a2b1a1a1a~ Z40625, Z40626, Z40627, Z40628, Z40629
        �  D1b1a2b1a1a1b~ CTS217, CTS1236, CTS2121, CTS2897, CTS6611
        �  D1b1a2b1a1a1c~ Z38475, Z38477, Z38478, Z38379
        �  D1b1a2b1a1a2~ FGC6372, FGC6382, FGC6383, FGC6384, FGC6385
        �  D1b1a2b1a1a3~ CTS10649, Z31574, Z31575, Z31576, Z31577
          D1b1a2b1a1a4~ Z40609, Z40610, Z40611, Z40612, Z40613
         D1b1a2b1a1b~ Z40614, Z40615, Z40616, Z40617, Z40618 
         D1b1a2b1a1c~ Z31543, Z31544, Z31545, Z31546, Z31547
         D1b1a2b1a1d~ FGC30021, FGC30026, FGC30027, FGC30028, FGC30030
         D1b1a2b1a1e~ Z31548, Z31549, Z31550, Z31551, Z31552
         D1b1a2b1a1f~ Z31553, Z31554, Z31555, Z31556, Z31557
         D1b1a2b1a1g~ CTS6223, PH182, Z31558, Z31559, Z31560
         D1b1a2b1a1h~ CTS4093, CTS5107, Z31578, Z31579, Z31580 
        �  D1b1a2b1a1i Z40687
           D1b1a2b1a1i1~ Z35641, Z35642, Z35643, Z35644, Z35645
           D1b1a2b1a1i2~ Z40688, Z40689, Z40690, Z40691, Z43244 
         D1b1a2b1a1j~ CTS5058, CTS3327, CTS5592, CTS5659, V2058/Z886
         D1b1a2b1a2~ CTS266, CTS715, CTS3182, CTS7010
         D1b1a2b1a3~ Z40672, Z40673, Z40674, Z40675, Z40676
       � D1b1a2b1b~ CTS1372, CTS4307, CTS6341, CTS6436, CTS8302
      D1b1a2b2~  CTS5581, CTS6432, CTS8532, CTS8400, CTS10131
      D1b1a3  CTS10972, CTS291, CTS619, CTS1708, CTS1976, CTS2010, CTS2470, CTS4480, CTS4959, CTS6103, CTS6274, CTS7274, CTS7608, CTS8530, CTS9804, CTS10248, CTS11528, F3598, Z18499, Z18500, Z18517, Z18518, Z18519, Z18520, Z18522, Z18523, Z18524, Z18525, Z18526, Z18528, Z18529, Z18530, Z18531, Z18532, Z18533, Z18534, Z18535, Z18537, Z18538, Z18539, Z18540, Z18541, Z18547, Z18549, Z18550, Z18552, Z18554, Z18555, Z18556, Z18557, Z18558, Z18559, Z18560, Z18561, Z18562, Z18563, Z18564, Z18565, Z18566, Z18567, Z18568, Z18569, Z18570, Z18571, Z18572, Z18574, Z18575, Z18576, Z18577, Z18578, Z18588, Z18589, Z18590, Z18591, Z18592, Z18594, Z18595 
      D1b1a3a~  Z31538, Z31539, Z31540, Z31541, Z31542
      D1b1a3b~  CTS232, CTS1092, CTS2533, CTS3915, CTS4417
� �  D1b1b~ P120
� � �  D1b1c  CTS6609^^
� � �   D1b1c1  CTS1897/Z1574, CTS504/Z1569, CTS741, CTS906/Z1570, CTS2296/Y4234, CTS2798, CTS3097/V2547/Z1575, CTS3906, CTS4219, CTS4305, CTS4517/V3090, CTS6090, CTS7590/Z1576, CTS8368, CTS8666, CTS10807, V2017/Z1572, Y11736/Z14870,  Y11738/Z14878, Y12446/Z14874, Y12551/Z14880, Z1571, Z1578, Z1579, Z3838, Z3840, Z3844, Z3851,  Z14872, Z14877, Z14879
� � �   D1b1c1a  CTS11032, CTS321/V1162/Z1528, CTS356/Z1532, CTS1228/Z1533, CTS2078/Z1547, CTS4617, CTS5862/Z1552, CTS6572/Z1554, CTS7398, CTS7999/Z1557, CTS8230, CTS9335, CTS9902, IMS-JST022456, PF7228, V1665/Y11742/Z14865, Y11744/Z14855, Y11745/Z14854, Y12548/Z14844, Y12552/Z14852, Y12559/Z14826,  Z1535, Z1539, Z1542,  Z1562, Z1564, Z14828, Z14848
      D1b1c1a~ CTS1670/Z1546, CTS6859, CTS9028, CTS10793/Z1566, Z1565, Z14823, Z14833, Z14831, Z14839, Z14846, Z14850, Z14851, Z14864
� � �    D1b1c1a1  CTS218/V1105/Z1527, CTS321/V1162/Z1528, CTS621, CTS2378/Z1548, CTS2482, CTS3489/Z1549,  CTS3636/Z1550, CTS5307, CTS6303/Z1553, CTS6392, CTS7234/Z1555, CTS7543, CTS7615/Z1556, CTS8960/Z1558, CTS11048, CTS11071/Z1567, V1889/Z14824, V1958/Z14825, Z1534, Z1538, Z1540, Z1541, Z1560, Z1561, Z3834, Z3839, Z3841, Z3847, Z3849, Z3850, Z3854, Z3855, Z3856, Z14820, Z14829, Z14835, Z14836, Z14840, Z14841, Z14843, Z14845, Z14866
� � �      D1b1c1a1a  CTS6909, CTS1614/Z1545, V1017/Z14802, V2396/Z14809, V3207/Z14812, Z14804, Z14805, Z14806, Z14807, Z14811, Z14814, Z14818
        D1b1c1a1a1~ CTS6969, CTS7163, CTS9289/V3503, CTS9991/V3882, CTS11484
        D1b1c1a1a2~ CTS9770, Z31525, Z31526, Z31527
� � �      D1b1c1a1b  CTS3033, Z40671
         D1b1c1a1b1~ M2176, Z40683, Z40684, Z40685, Z40686
         D1b1c1a1b2~ CTS2472, CTS5748, CTS8217, Z5239.2
� � �      D1b1c1a1c~  M151
� �    D1b1c1a2~  F8521.3/FGC12729.3/Z17920.3, Z31522, Z31523, Z31524
� � �    D1b1c1b   CTS1964, CTS6511, M6525, Z14885, Z14886, Z14887, Z14888
� � �    D1b1c1b1~  CTS974, CTS1403, CTS5944, CTS6451, CTS8619
� � �    D1b1c1b2~  CTS722, Z31529, Z31530, Z31531, Z31532
� � �    D1b1c1c   Z30644, BZ80.2/Z30654.2, Z30643, Z30645, Z30646, Z30647, Z30648, Z30649, Z30650, Z30651, Z30652, Z30653, Z30655, Z30656. Z30657, Z30658 
� �    D1b1c1c1~  CTS4292, CTS4572, CTS4799, CTS6500, CTS6569, CTS7059, CTS9263, Z30659, Z30660, Z30661, Z30662, Z30663, Z30664, Z30665, Z30666, Z30667, Z30668, Z30669, Z30670, Z30671, Z30672, Z30673
� � �    D1b1c1c1a~  Z31517, Z31518, Z31519, Z31520, Z31521
� �    D1b1c1c1b~  CTS1798, CTS2826, CTS4331, CTS5894, CTS6005
� �    D1b1c1c2~  Z31512, Z31513, Z31514, Z31515
� �    D1b1c1d~  CTS5641, CTS5972
� � �    D1b1c1e~  CTS429, CTS856/M826
� �   D1b1c2  CTS103, CTS166, CTS703, CTS2493, CTS3335, CTS5028, CTS6062, CTS6066, CTS7617, CTS8352, CTS9327, CTS10304, Z42421, Z42422, Z42423, Z42424, Z42425, Z42426, Z42427, Z42428, Z42429, Z42430, Z42431, Z42432, Z42433, Z42434, Z42435, Z42436, Z42437, Z42438, Z42439, Z42440, Z42441, Z42442, Z42443, Z42444, Z42445, Z42446, Z42447, Z42448, Z42449, Z42450, Z42451, Z42452, Z42453, Z42454, Z42455, Z42456, Z42457, Z42458, Z42459, Z42460, Z42461
� � �    D1b1c2a~  Z42462, Z42463, Z42464, Z42465, Z42466
      D1b2  CTS131, CTS881/Z1517, CTS1352, CTS1592, CTS2098/Z1520, CTS2712, CTS2820, CTS3798, CTS3808, CTS3879, CTS4645/Z1521, CTS6144, CTS6908, CTS7467, CTS8057/Z1523, CTS8075, CTS8327, CTS8635, CTS9143, CTS11368,  Z1518, Z1519, Z1524, Z1526,  Z3810, Z3811, Z3823, Z3824, Z3832, Z3833, Z14794, Z14796, Z14797, Z17170
     D1b2a  CTS220, CTS709, CTS1333, CTS1439/Z1505, CTS3320/Z1508, CTS4158/Z1509, CTS5941, CTS6287/Z1510, CTS6342/Z1511, CTS10054,  L495.2/Z2788.2, Z1506, Z1514, Z3807, Z3814, Z3819, Z14782, Z14785, Z14786, Z14787, Z14789, Z14790,  Z14792, Z17172, Z17174
     D1b2a~  CTS5302, CTS10126, CTS11474, Z17175, Z38247, Z38248
     D1b2a1  CTS10495, Z17173, Z17176 
      D1b2a1a~ Z31507, Z31508, Z31509, Z31510, Z31511
      D1b2a1b~ CTS624, CTS2568, CTS3391, CTS3408, CTS4063
     D1b2a2  CTS11285, CTS2963. Z17254, Z17255, Z17256, Z17257, Z17258
     D1b2a2~ Z38252, Z38253, Z38257, Z38282, Z38283
     D1b2a2a  PH2316, SK545, SK546, Z38250, Z38251, Z38254, Z38255, Z38256, Z38258, Z38259, Z38260, Z38261, Z38262, Z38263, Z38264, Z38265, Z38266, Z38267, Z38268, Z38269, Z38270, Z38271, Z38272, Z38273, Z38274, Z38275, Z38276, Z38277, Z38278, Z38279, Z38280, Z38281 
     � D1b2a2a1 Z38287
      D1b2a2a1a~ Z38284, Z38285, Z38286, Z38288
     D1b2a2a2~ Z38289, Z38290, Z38291, Z38292, Z38293
     D1b2a2b  CTS288, CTS794, CTS1442, CTS3206, CTS3366, CTS4282, CTS4375, CTS5003, CTS5654, CTS5771, CTS5876, CTS5960, CTS6468, CTS8207, CTS8416, CTS9858, CTS10102, CTS11887, L972.2/M228.2, Z40646, Z40647, Z40648, Z40649, Z40650, Z40651, Z40652, Z40653, Z40654, Z40655, Z40656, Z40657, Z40658, Z40659, Z40660, Z40661, Z40662, Z40663, Z40664 
     D1b2a2b1~ CTS1815, CTS2247, CTS10898, CTS11780 
     D1b2a2b2~ Z40665, Z40666, Z40667, Z40668, Z40669
     D1b2b~ CTS68, CTS243, CTS318, CTS353, CTS580
  D2  L1378, FGC8832, FGC8833, FGC8834, FGC8835, FGC8837, FGC8842, FGC8845, FGC8846, FGC8847, FGC8930, FGC8932, FGC8936, FGC8939, FGC8941, FGC8943, FGC8948, FGC8951, FGC8953, FGC8954, FGC8955, FGC8956, FGC8957, FGC8958, FGC8959, FGC8960, FGC8962, FGC8963, FGC8964. FGC8965, FGC8966, FGC8967, FGC8969, FGC8971, FGC8972, FGC8973, FGC8975, FGC8977, FGC8978, FGC8979, FGC8980, FGC8986, FGC8988, FGC8989, FGC8990, FGC8991, FGC8992, FGC8997, FGC8998, FGC9000, FGC9004, FGC9007, FGC9010, FGC9011, FGC9018, FGC9019, FGC9020, FGC9021, FGC9022, FGC9023, FGC9044, FGC9046, FGC9047, FGC9059, FGC9062, FGC9066, FGC9069/YP3970, FGC9071, FGC9072, FGC9075, FGC9078, FGC9079, FGC9080, FGC9083, FGC9084, FGC9085, FGC9086, FGC9089, FGC9091, FGC9093, FGC9094, FGC9095, FGC9096, FGC9099, FGC9102, FGC9105, FGC9106, FGC9109, FGC9112, FGC9113, FGC9114, FGC9116, FGC9117, FGC9119, FGC9121.1/SK1924.1, FGC9124, FGC9125, FGC9128, FGC9129, FGC9130, FGC9131, FGC9132, FGC9138, FGC9139, FGC9140, FGC9142, FGC9144, FGC9145, FGC9146, FGC9147, FGC9150, FGC9152, FGC9153, FGC9154, FGC9155, FGC9158, FGC9159, FGC9160, FGC9161, FGC9162, FGC9163, FGC9166, FGC9167, FGC9168, FGC9170, FGC9172, FGC9175, FGC9180, FGC9181, FGC9184, FGC9187, FGC9189, FGC9190, FGC9195, FGC9200, FGC9202, FGC9203, FGC9206, FGC9207, FGC9209, FGC9210, FGC9211, FGC9212, FGC9216, FGC9217, FGC9221, FGC9222, FGC9223, FGC9224, FGC9226, FGC9230, FGC9231, FGC9232, FGC9234.2/ZS4873.2, FGC9238, FGC9239, FGC9242, FGC9243, FGC9244, FGC9246, FGC9247, FGC9248, FGC9249, FGC9253, FGC9254, FGC9257, FGC9260, FGC9261, FGC9265, FGC9266, FGC9268, FGC9269, FGC9270, FGC9274, FGC9277, FGC9278, FGC9279, FGC9281, FGC9286, FGC9289, FGC9290. FGC9291, FGC9292, FGC9293, FGC9294, FGC9295, FGC9297, FGC9301, FGC9306, FGC9307, FGC9308, FGC9310, FGC9341, FGC9344, FGC9345, FGC9346, FGC9352, FGC9353, FGC9356, FGC9357, FGC9358, FGC9359, FGC9360, FGC9361, FGC9362, FGC9362, FGC9369, FGC9370, FGC9371, FGC9372, FGC9373, FGC9375, FGC9376, FGC9378, FGC9379, FGC9380, FGC9381, FGC9382, FGC9383, FGC9385, FGC9387, FGC9390, FGC9392, FGC9393, FGC9394, FGC9395, FGC9396, FGC9397, FGC9417, M226.2, S21013, Z29921, Z29922, Z29923, Z29924, Z29925, Z29926, Z29927, Z29929, Z29931, Z29932, Z29934, Z29935, Z29936, Z29943, Z29943, Z29944, Z29951
   D2a~ FGC8848, FGC9082, FGC9087, FGC9122, FGC9151
   D2b~ FGC8940, FGC8961


Y-DNA haplogroup D is seen primarily in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and in Japan and was established approximately 50,000 years ago.  The high frequency of haplogroup D in Tibet (about 50%) and in Japan (about 35%) implies some early migratory connection between these areas. Examination of the genetic diversity seen in subgroup D1b-M64.1 in Japan implies that this group has been isolated in Japan for between 12,000-20,000 years. The highest frequencies of D1b-M64.1 in Japan are seen among the Ainu and the Ryukyuans. 

Geographic distribution so far of ancestry of modern-day haplogroup D subgroup men (not complete):

D1a1 - M15 
       PH4979   Russia, China
       Z31591    Nepal (Tamangs), Kazakhstan, China (Yi)
       F1070      China
D1a2 - P99
                        Kazakhstan, Mongolia
D1b- M64.1
                       Japan, Korea
D2 - L1366
Studies have also reported samples from unspecificed D subgroups in southeastern Asia.


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