Y-DNA Haplogroup E and its Subclades - 2016

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FONT COLORS:  Newly confirmed in 2016 within subclade  Confirmed within subclade  Investigational items 

^ Indicates a next-generation sequencing entry which does not yet meet quality guidelines for minimum number of reads.
^^ Indicates an entry which does not meet quality guidelines but may be helpful.
~ Indicates only an approximate location on the tree.

The criteria for a representative SNP printed in bold for a subclade is: traditional usage, testing one in multiple labs, and/or being found in the area of the chromosome used in recent research studies.

SNPs listed below in italics (colored black or red) are quality variants from next-generation sequencing reports consistently showing as representing that subgroup.

Contact Person for Haplogroup E: Aaron Brown

E  M96/PF1823, A10822/M5550/PF1873, CTS433/M5384/PF1504, CTS860/M5388/PF1511, CTS939/M5389, CTS1008/M5391/PF1516, CTS1105/M5397, CTS2401/M5448/PF1633, CTS2496/M5449/PF1636, CTS2893/M5453, CTS3199/M5455/PF1649, CTS3337/PF1653, CTS3749/M5461/PF1660, CTS3774/M5462/PF1661, CTS4373/M5466/PF1669, CTS4685/M5467/PF1671, CTS4994/M5468, CTS5316/M5470/PF1683, CTS6048/M5475/PF1697, CTS6513/M5483/PF1710, CTS6755/M5485/PF1713, CTS6818/M5487, CTS7138/M5492/PF1723, CTS7824/M5495/PF1732, CTS8053/M5497/PF1738, CTS8189/M5500, CTS8269/M5501/PF1743, CTS8631/L794/M5505/PF1751, CTS8754/M5506/PF1752, CTS9440/M5510/PF1769, CTS9799/M5516/PF1777, CTS10296/M5519/PF1780/V4064, CTS10330/M5520/PF1781/V4089, CTS10344/M5521/PF1783, CTS10894/M5552, CTS11216/M5556/PF1882, CTS11504/M5559/PF1892, CTS11599/PF1893, CTS11622/PF1894, CTS11644/PF1895, CTS11811/M5560/PF1899, CTS11916/M5562/PF1901, FGC2058/S14723/YFS32979/Z15673, FGC2060/Z15671, FGC2079, FGC2647/S7472/Z15672, FGC6230, L339, L504/PF1803, L507/PF1874, L511/PF1888, L537/PF1507, L614/PF1898/YSC0000032, L856/PF1553, M40/PF1445/SRY4064/SRY8299, M5382/PF1502, M5396, M5403/PF1530/V1254, M5406/PF1539, M5410/PF1545/V1692, M5416/PF1552, M5417/PF1554/V2187, M5418/PF1555/V2350, M5422/PF1561/V2471, M5424/PF1563, M5425/PF2323, M5426/PF1564, M5428, M5431/PF1576, M5436/PF1583, M5438, M5439/PF1590, M5440/PF1591, M5452/PF1642, M5525/PF1795, M5527/PF1796, M5529/PF1798, M5533, M5539, M5540/PF1816, M5543/PF1819, M5545/PF1822, M5548/PF1834, M5549/PF1837, M5564/PF1904, M5566/PF1906, M5569/PF1919, M5571/S7474, M5572/PF1923, M9051, M9052, P29/PF1643, P150/PF1704, P152/PF1646, P155/PF1687, P156/PF1725, P168, P169/Page54/PF1878, P170/PF1656, P171/PF1903, P172/PF1510, P173, P174/PF1674, P175, P176/PF1678, PF1567, PF1618, PF1788, PF1868, PF1917
E1   P147/PF1938, CTS955/M5390/PF1514, CTS5913/M5474/PF1694, CTS6355/M5479/PF1703, CTS8432/PF1745, CTS9083/M5509/PF1764, CTS9753/M5515/PF1776, M5413/PF1549/V1844, M5421/PF1559, M5534/PF1809, PF1593
  E1a   M132, CTS21, CTS140, CTS245/V1118, CTS340, CTS443, CTS520, CTS548, CTS600, CTS685, CTS895, CTS1059, CTS1076, CTS1134, CTS1172, CTS1364, CTS1374, CTS1404, CTS1671/Z924, CTS1686/Z925, CTS1720, CTS1876, CTS1923, CTS1931, CTS1937/Z926, CTS1987, CTS2002, CTS2031, CTS2131/Z927, CTS2166/Z928, CTS2186, CTS2255, CTS2280, CTS2362, CTS2384/Z929, CTS2743, CTS2751, CTS2808/L633, CTS3045/V2509/Z930, CTS3173, CTS3309/V2623, CTS3342, CTS3459, CTS3507/V2736, CTS3581/V2785, CTS3698, CTS3716, CTS4034, CTS4268, CTS4467/V3085, CTS4477, CTS4591/V3104/Z933, CTS4946, CTS5009/V3271, CTS5033, CTS5194, CTS5283, CTS5313/Z935, CTS5393/Z936, CTS5503/Z937, CTS5589, CTS5701, CTS5734, CTS5775, CTS5793, CTS5905, CTS6063, CTS6213, CTS6230, CTS6245, CTS6288, CTS6370, CTS6410, CTS6476, CTS6486, CTS6516, CTS6608/Z939, CTS6614/Z940, CTS7156, CTS7190, CTS7296, CTS7584, CTS7651, CTS7654, CTS7830, CTS8185, CTS8383, CTS8433, CTS8482, CTS8538, CTS8632, CTS8663, CTS8720, CTS8835, CTS8867, CTS8953, CTS9003/V3320, CTS9074/V3362, CTS9110/V3403, CTS9114/Z942, CTS9155, CTS9198/V3464, CTS9439,  CTS9505/Z943, CTS9520, CTS9714, CTS9927, CTS10067, CTS10147, CTS10182/V4005, CTS10475, CTS10497/V4170, CTS10567/V4219, CTS10644/Z957, CTS10752, CTS10964, CTS11187, CTS11248, CTS11276/Z960, CTS11300/Z961, CTS11329, CTS11444, CTS11860, CTS12046/Z962, L481, M10372.1/ZS6696.1, M33, V1277/Z15456, V1341/Z904, V1374/Z15469, V1563/Z15461, V1668/Z15462, V1676/Z15463, V1698/Z15464, V1733/Z15465/Z17396, V1751/Z907, V2008/Z910, V2052/Z15467, V2079/Y21979/Z911, V2108/Z15468, V2125/Z912, V2310/Z916, Y1193.2, Z913,  Z917, Z920, Z921, Z922, Z931, Z938, Z944, Z945, Z946, Z948, Z949, Z950, Z951, Z953, Z963, Z964, Z965, Z966, Z15135, Z15142, Z15454, Z15455, Z15457, Z15458, Z15459, Z15460, Z15466, Z15470, Z15472, Z15473, Z15474, Z15476, Z15478, Z15479, Z15480, Z15481, Z15482, Z15485, Z15486, Z15492, Z15493, Z15494, Z15495, Z15496, Z15499, Z15500/Z17398, Z15501, Z15502, Z15503, Z15504, Z15505, Z15506, Z15507, Z15510, Z15511, Z15512, Z15513, Z15515, Z15516, Z15517/Z17400, Z15518, Z15519, Z15520, Z15521, Z15522, Z15523, Z15524, Z15525, Z15526, Z15527, Z15528, Z15541, Z15542, Z15543, Z15544, Z15545, Z15547, Z15550, Z15551, Z15552, Z15554, Z15556, Z15557, Z17399, Z17403
   E1a1   M44, BY172.1/SK563.1/V3797.1/Z17470.1, L632, L634, L1239, L1240, S11513/SK562/V2068/Z17420, SK564/Z17450, SK565/Z17480, SK566/V2316/Z17422, SK567/V1740/Z17417, SK568/Z17498, V1584/Z17412, V1776/Z17418, V1971/Z17419, V2142/Z17421, V2407/Z17423, V2463/Z17424, V2779/Z17439, V2908/Z17441, V2981/Z17442, V3000/Z17433, V3003/Z17444, V3045/Z17445, V3168/Z17446, V3302/Z17466, V3605/Z17468, V3615/Z17469, V3976/Z17472, Z17406, Z17407, Z17408, Z17409, Z17410, Z17411, Z17413, Z17414, Z17416, Z17425, Z17426, Z17427, Z17428, Z17429, Z17430, Z17431, Z17434, Z17435, Z17436, Z17437, Z17438, Z17440,  Z17443, Z17447, Z17448, Z17449, Z17451, Z17452, Z17453, Z17454, Z17455, Z17456, Z17457, Z17458, Z17459, Z17460, Z17461, Z17462, Z17463, Z17464, Z17465, Z17471, Z17473, Z17474, Z17475, Z17476, Z17477, Z17478, Z17479, Z17481, Z17482, Z17483, Z17484, Z17485, Z17499, Z17500, Z17501, Z17502, Z17503, Z17504, Z17506, Z17507
    E1a1a  A8384^/Y15944^
     E1a1a1   Z17699
      E1a1a1a   Z17697, Z17698, Z17700
       E1a1a1a1   Z42331, Z42332, Z42333, Z42334, Z42335, Z42336, Z42337, Z42338
        E1a1a1a1a   Z17696
        E1a1a1a1b~ Z42339, Z42340, Z42341, Z42342, Z42343
      E1a1a1b   A7710
       E1a1a1b1~ Z36092, Z36093, Z36094, Z36095, Z36096
       E1a1a1b2~ Z38881, Z38882, Z38883, Z38884, Z38885
     E1a1a2   Z17467
      E1a1a2a   Z31503
      E1a1a2b   SK569/Z20647, Y20482, Y20483, Y20484, Y20485, Y20486, Y20488, Y20490, Y20646, Y20649, Z40502
      E1a1a2c~ Z20650, Z20651, Z20652, Z20653, Z20654
      E1a1a2d~ Y20219, Y24556. YP5682, YP5685
       E1a1a2d1~ Y24438, Y24439, Y24440, Y24549, Y24550/Z39203, Y24551/Z39204, Y24552, Y24553,  Y24554/Z39202, Y24555
      E1a1a2e~ A1688, M3937/S9663, S21504, Y24688, Y24690, Y24693, YP5684, Z20769, Z20771
       E1a1a2e1~ Z20767, Z20770, Z20772, ZS4521.2
    E1a1b~ Z31497, Z31498, Z31500, Z31501
   E1a2  CTS10713/Z958, CTS230/V1113, CTS248, CTS678, CTS986, CTS1103, CTS1306, CTS1319, CTS2223, CTS2307, CTS2327, CTS2454, CTS2832, CTS3208, CTS3256, CTS3355/V2643, CTS3515, CTS3538, CTS3914, CTS4174/Z932, CTS4276, CTS4316, CTS4337/V3057, CTS4692, CTS5155/Z934, CTS5422, CTS5458, CTS6329, CTS6384, CTS6891, CTS7453/Z941, CTS7499, CTS7978, CTS8133, CTS8817, CTS9096/V3384CTS9548/V3633, CTS10225, CTS10801, CTS11085/Z959, CTS11320, CTS11390, CTS12022, V1266/Z15127, V1507/Z905, V2232/Z915, V1312/Z15128, Z908, Z914, Z955, Z956, Z967, Z15129, Z15130, Z15131, V2002/Z15132, Z15133, Z15134,  Z15136, Z15141, Z15145, Z15148, Z15151, Z15152, Z15153, Z15155, Z15162, Z15163, Z15165, Z15169
   E1a2~ CTS6817, CTS7198
    E1a2a   CTS246/V1119, CTS2632, CTS4519, CTS9089/V3379, Y967, Z906, Z918, Z15171
     E1a2a1   CTS10935, Z15271
      E1a2a1a   CTS3380, CTS2648, CTS4187, V1734/Z885
       E1a2a1a1   P110, CTS1753, CTS1927/Z888, CTS2273, CTS2518/Z889, CTS3519, CTS3881/V2847, CTS5110^/Z890^, CTS5365^, CTS7182^, CTS8725^, CTS11593, CTS11290^/Z894^, CTS11578/Z895V2058/Z886, Z887, Z892^, Z15395, Z15396^
        E1a2a1a1a   CTS1792, CTS6482, CTS7040, CTS7797, CTS10874, V4008/Z15403, Z15397, Z15398, Z15399, Z15400, Z15401, Z15402, Z15404, Z15405
         E1a2a1a1a1~ Z36289, Z36290, Z36291, Z36292, Z36293
         E1a2a1a1a2~ CTS1341, CTS10757, Z36286, Z36287
        E1a2a1a1b~ CTS5362, CTS5732, CTS7020, CTS8238, CTS9043
       E1a2a1a2   Z15407, Z15408, Z15409, Z15410
       E1a2a1a2~ Z15406
        E1a2a1a2a~ Z36296, Z36297, Z36298, Z36299
        E1a2a1a2b~ Z36300, Z36301, Z36302, Z36303, Z36304
      E1a2a1b   L133.1/Page74.1, CTS1285, CTS5145/Z880, CTS5607, CTS6573, CTS8762/Z881, CTS11769, Z878, Z879, Z15274, Z15276, Z15277, Z15278, Z15312
       E1a2a1b1   CTS736, A173.1/Z15291.1, CTS602, CTS3351, CTS3615, CTS3840, CTS7084, CTS7140, CTS7912, CTS9489/M1146, CTS9792, CTS10712, CTS11737, Z12510.2/Z15303.2, Z15285, Z15286^, Z15287, Z15288, Z15289, Z15290, Z15292, Z15293, Z15294,  Z15299, Z15300, Z15301, Z15302, Z15304, Z15305^, Z15306/ZS6189, Z15308, Z15309, Z15310, Z15311, Z15312, Z15313, Z15320,  Z15322, Z15323, Z15324
      E1a2a1b1~ CTS7084, CTS9489/M1116, Z15320, Z15323
        E1a2a1b1a   CTS3764.1^, FGC24648/Z15361, Z5992, Z15339, Z15340, Z15341, Z15342, Z15343, Z15344, Z15345, Z15346, Z15348, Z15349, Z15350, Z15351, Z15352, Z15353, Z15354, Z15355, Z15356, Z15358, Z15359, Z15360^, Z15362, Z15363^, Z15364, Z15365, Z15366, Z15367, Z15368, Z15369, Z15371^, Z15372, Z15373, Z15374, Z15375, Z15376, Z15377, Z15378, Z15379, Z15380, Z15381^, Z15382, Z15383, Z15384, Z15391, Z15392, Z15393^, Z15394
         E1a2a1b1a1~ Z36305, Z36306, Z36308, Z36309
         E1a2a1b1a2~ Z42529, Z42531, Z43245
        E1a2a1b1b~ CTS2361, CTS3491, CTS4038, CTS6669, CTS7911
       E1a2a1b2~ CTS749, CTS2333, CTS3095, CTS4106, CTS4315CTS4315
       E1a2a1b3~ L262
      E1a2a1c~ Z36237, Z36238, Z36239, Z36240, Z36288
     E1a2a2   Z5991, FGC23407/Z15201, Z15172, Z15183, Z15184, Z15185, Z15186, Z15187, Z15188^, Z15189, Z15190, Z15191, Z15192, Z15193, Z15194, Z15195, Z15196, Z15197, Z15198, Z15199, Z15200, Z15204, Z15205, Z15207, Z15208, Z15212, Z15217, Z15218, Z15219, Z15220, Z15221, Z15222, Z15223, Z15224, Z15225, Z15226, Z15227, Z15228, Z15229, Z15230, Z15231, Z15232, Z15233, Z15234, Z15235, Z15236, Z15237^, Z15238, Z15239, Z15240^, Z15241, Z15242, Z15244, Z15245, Z15246, Z15247, Z15249, Z15250, Z15252, Z15253, Z15254^, Z15255, Z15256, Z15257, Z15259, Z15260, Z15261, Z15262, Z15263, Z15265, Z15266, Z15268, Z15269, Z15270, Z20658, Z20722^, Z20734, Z20747^
      E1a2a2a~ Z36227, Z36229, Z36231, Z42534, Z43246
      E1a2a2b~ Z36232, Z36233, Z36234, Z36235, Z36236
    E1a2b  Z5985.1, Z15088, Z15089, Z15090, Z15092, Z15093, Z15096, Z15097, Z15098, Z15099, Z15102, Z15103, Z15104
    E1a2b~ Z15094, Z15095
     E1a2b1  L94, Z15068, Z15070, Z15071, Z15072, Z15073, Z15075, Z15076, Z15077, Z15078, Z15079, Z15080, Z15082, Z15083
      E1a2b1a   Z15064, Z15065, Z15067
       E1a2b1a1   Z5988
        E1a2b1a1a   Z14979
         E1a2b1a1a1   Z14889, FGC13367/Z14956, Z14898, Z14899, Z14900, Z14901, Z14902, Z14903, Z14904, Z14905, Z14906, Z14907, Z14908, Z14909, Z14910, Z14911, Z14912, Z14913, Z14914, Z14915, Z14916, Z14917, Z14918, Z14919, Z14923, Z14925, Z14926, Z14928, Z14930, Z14931, Z14932, Z14933, Z14934, Z14935, Z14937, Z14938, Z14939, Z14940, Z14941, Z14942, Z14943, Z14944, Z14945, Z14946, Z14947, Z14948, Z14949, Z14950, Z14951, Z14952, Z14953, Z14954, Z14955, Z14957, Z14958, Z14959, Z14967, Z14968, Z14969, Z14970, Z14971, Z14972, Z14973, Z1497
         E1a2b1a1a1~ Z14936
          E1a2b1a1a1a~ Z36345, Z36346, Z36347, Z36348, Z36349
          E1a2b1a1a1b~ Z36350, Z42536, Z42537
          E1a2b1a1a1c~ Z36352, Z36353, Z36354, Z36355, Z36356
         E1a2b1a1a2~ CTS11417.2/M2288.2, Z36341, Z36342, Z36343, Z36344
       E1a2b1a2  Z5987, Z14992, Z14994, Z14995, Z14996, Z14997, Z14998, Z14999, Z15000, Z15002, Z15007, Z15008, Z15009, Z15010, Z15011, Z15012, Z15014, Z15015, Z15018, Z15019, Z15020, Z15021, Z15022, Z15023, Z15024, Z15025, Z15027, Z15028, Z15029^, Z15030, Z15031, Z15032, Z15033, Z15034, Z15035, Z15036, Z15038, Z15040, Z15041, Z15042, Z15043, Z15044, Z15045, Z15049, Z15050, Z15051, Z15052, Z15053, Z15054, Z15055.1, Z15056, Z15059, Z15061, Z15170
        E1a2b1a2a~ Z36319, Z36320, Z36321, Z36322
        E1a2b1a2b~ Z36324, Z36325, Z36326, Z36327, Z46328
      E1a2b1b~ Z36314, Z36315, Z36317, Z36318Z46328
      E1a2b1c~ PF3664/Z2634
    E1a2c~ Z36222, Z36223, Z36224, Z36225, Z36226
   E1a3~ Z322
  E1b  P177/PF1939
  E1b~ CTS58/PF2091, CTS263/PF2092, CTS379, CTS627/PF2103/Z1207, CTS675/PF2104, CTS1373/PF2106, CTS2026, CTS2551/PF2129, CTS2771, CTS2802/PF2131, CTS2920, CTS3278/PF2133/Z1208, CTS3941/PF2135, CTS5561, CTS5663/PF2142/Z867, CTS5697/PF2143, CTS6475/PF2144, CTS6708/PF2146, CTS6780/PF2148, CTS6828/PF2149, CTS7166/PF2151, CTS7281/PF2152, CTS7853, CTS8002/PF2155, CTS8954/PF2160, CTS9140/PF2161, CTS9918/PF2164, CTS10346/PF2168, CTS10357/PF2169/V4101, CTS10448/PF2170, CTS10617/PF2172, CTS11082/PF2197, CTS11191/PF2198, CTS11310/PF2199, F1244/PF2116/V2104, FGC2123/Y2553, FGC2126/S14609, FGC2141, L544/PF2139/V3041, L547/PF2166/V4057, PF1951, PF2107, PF2109/V1459, PF2110, PF2111, PF2112, PF2113, PF2117/V2307, PF2118, PF2119, PF2120, PF2174, PF2176, PF2177, PF2179, PF2180, PF2181, PF2183, PF2184/Z1213, PF2201, PF2204, PF2205, Z1212
• • • E1b1   P2/PF1940/PN2, P178, P179, P180/PF1941, P181
   E1b1~ CTS119/M5377/PF1448/V1048, CTS331/M5383/PF1503, CTS1446/P178/PF1526, CTS1867/M5443/PF1624, CTS1978/M5445/PF1626, CTS2150/M5446/PF1628, CTS2631/M5450, CTS2670/M5451/PF1639, CTS3250/M5456/PF1650, CTS3262/M5457/PF1651/V2598, CTS3362/M5460/PF1654, CTS4852, CTS5373/M5471/PF1684, CTS5404/M5472/PF1685, CTS6232/M5477, CTS6333^/M5478^/PF1702^, CTS6707/M5484/PF1712, CTS6842/M5488/PF1719, CTS7058/M5490/PF1722, CTS7133/M5491, CTS7364/M5493/PF1726, CTS7913/M5496/PF1734, CTS8159/M5499/PF1742, CTS8369/M5502/PF1744, CTS8498/M5503/PF1747, CTS8795/M5507/PF1753, CTS8900/PF1756, CTS8947/M5508/PF1760/V3292, CTS9573/M5512, CTS10046/M5517, CTS10385/M5522/PF1885, CTS12006/M5563/PF1902, F1365/M5420PF1558, FGC2070, L487/PF1589, L489/M5444/PF1625, L492/M5463/PF1667, L499/M5504//PF1750, L510/M5555/PF1880, L512/M5561/PF1900, L535/M5401, L613/M5437/PF1584, M5404/PF1535, M5405/PF1536, M5407/PF1541, M5409/PF1544, M5411/PF1547, M5412/PF1548/V1798, M5415/PF1551, M5423^/PF1562^/V2484^, M5429/Pf1565, M5432/PF1577, M5433/PF1578, M5441, M5481/PF1709, M5524/PF1792, M5530/PF1799, M5536/PF1811, M5544/PF1821, M5546/PF1827, M5547/PF1828, M5570/PF1920, PF1610, PF1838
    E1b1a   TSC0077541/V38
     E1b1a1   M291, P1/PN1, P189.1, P293.1, Page106, CTS5964/TSC0424987, Z1101, Z1116, Z1123, Z1125, Z1127, Z1130, Z1133, Z1135
     E1b1a1~ CTS144/M4710, CTS145/M4711, CTS198/M4713/V1080, CTS223/M4714, CTS224/M4715, CTS289/M4716/Z1100, CTS614/M4723, CTS809, CTS1035/M4728, CTS1118/M4730, CTS1145/Z1107, CTS1371/M4731, CTS1721/M4775, CTS1804, CTS1878/M4776/Z1117, CTS1989/M4778, CTS2029/M4779, CTS2075/M4780, CTS2292/M4782/Z1118, CTS2363/M4783, CTS2423/M4785, CTS2431/M4786, CTS2511/M4788, CTS2600/M4789, CTS2873/M4793, CTS2881/M4794, CTS2935/M4795, CTS2958/M4796, CTS3105/V2550, CTS3259/M4797, CTS3299/M4798, CTS3333/M4799, CTS3450/M4802, CTS3485, CTS3799/M4804, CTS3809/M4805, CTS3989/V2884, CTS3997/M4806, CTS4162/M4811/V2953, CTS4245/Z1120, CTS4350/V3068, CTS4408/M4812, CTS4415, CTS4632/M4813, CTS4641/M4814/Z1121, CTS5042/Z1122, CTS5156/M4819, CTS5421/M4820, CTS5472/M4821, CTS5539, CTS5572/M4822, CTS5612/M4823, CTS5629/M4824, CTS5914/M4827, CTS5998/M4828, CTS6018/M4829, CTS6153, CTS6154, CTS6180/M4832, CTS6302/M4833, CTS6319/Z1124, CTS6390, CTS6471/M4834, CTS6474, CTS6657/M4836, CTS6714/M4838, CTS6808/M4839, CTS6883, CTS6892/M4840, CTS7095, CTS7256/M4845/Z1126, CTS7454/M4847, CTS7509/M4848, CTS7581/M4850, CTS7641, CTS7724/M4858, CTS7744/M4860, CTS7907/M4861, CTS7946/M4862, CTS8068, CTS8123, CTS8443/M4864/S27799, CTS8457/M4865, CTS8544/M4866, CTS8562/M4867, CTS8936/V3281, CTS9188/V3455, CTS9192/M4874/V3457, CTS9338/V3545,  CTS9398/M4875, CTS9558/M4876, CTS9723/M4877, CTS9768/M4879, CTS9978/V3871, CTS9744/M4878/V3717, CTS10066, CTS10122/M4880/V3958, CTS10638, CTS10775/M4921, CTS10732/M4920, CTS10806, CTS10840/M4922, CTS10920/M4923, CTS10956/M4924, CTS11073/M4925, CTS11343/M4927, CTS11461/KHS1479188, CTS11579, CTS11557/Z1136, CTS11729, CTS11749/M4930, CTS11759/M4931/Z1137, CTS11764/M4932, CTS11810/M4933, CTS12968/M4957, CTS13033, DYS271/M2/SY81, FGC10934/Y1749, FGC10935, FGC10939, FGC10941/Y1746, FGC10942/Y1705, FGC10945, FGC10951/Y1706, FGC10969, FGC10971, FGC10974/Y1604, FGC10978, FGC10984/S27762/Y1750, FGC11004/Y1691, FGC11024/Y1751,  FGC24052/Z21556, FGC20453/Z21557, FGC24054/Y1696, FGC24055/Z21555, FGC24058/Z21543,L488, L491, L494/V3225,  L501, L608/V2355, L610, M4719, M4720, M4733/Z1108/V1340, M4734, M4735/Z1109, M4737/V1390/Z1110, M4738, M4741, M4742, M4744, M4745, M4746/V1725, M4750/V837/Z1113, M4752/V1945, M4756/V2055, M4757/V2163, M4758/V2255, M4759/Z1115, M4760, M4761, M4762/V2468, M4763, M4764, M4766, M4767, M4769, M4770, M4771, M4772, M4773, M4890/S27751, M4891, M4892, M4893, M4897, M4898, M4900/Z1131, M4901, M4902/Z27705, M4903, M4904, M4905, M4906, M4907, M4911, M4912, M4913, M4914/S27802,M4915, M4916/Z1134,M4917, M4935, M4936, M4937, M4938, M4941, M4949, M4946/S27745, M4950, M9307, P211, S27753/Y6734, Z21544, Z21553, Z21558
      E1b1a1a   P46^^
       E1b1a1a1  CTS1847, CTS33/M4709, CTS544/M4722, CTS2155/M4781, CTS2373/M4784, CTS3425/M4801/V2680, CTS3576/V2778, CTS3656/M4803, CTS4054/M4808/V2906, CTS4071/M4809, CTS4499, CTS5844/M4826, CTS6046/M4830, CTS6933/M4841, CTS7282/M4846, CTS8758/M4871, CTS10270/M4883/V4041, CTS10543/M4886, CTS10659, CTS10914, CTS11502/M4929, CTS11732/KHS1381212, FGC10957/Y1695, FGC10973/Y1694, L86.1, M180/P88, M4739/S27755, M4748/Z1112, M4751/V1871, M4753/V1952, M4888/Z1129, M4899, M4940, M4948, M4949, P182, Page66, S27749/Y1753, V43, Z1111, Z1132
        E1b1a1a1a   M4732, CTS1001/M4727, M4895, Z21460
         E1b1a1a1a1   CTS5078/M4706
          E1b1a1a1a1a   M58, Page27, CTS835, CTS1232, CTS1244, CTS2185, CTS2240, CTS2420/Z1289, CTS2757, CTS2844, CTS3289, CTS4377, CTS5135, CTS5955, CTS7613, CTS8206, CTS9305/Z1290, CTS11301, SK581/Z21956, Y10569/Z21967, Y10570/Z21954, Y10571/Z21955, Y10572/Z21958, Y10576/Z21967, Y10577/Z21969, Y10578/Z21970, Y10579/Z21972, Z1286, Z1287, Z21950, Z21966, Z21971
           E1b1a1a1a1a1   Z6002, Z15932
            E1b1a1a1a1a1a~ Z36498, Z36499, Z36500, Z36502
             E1b1a1a1a1a1b~ Z36503, Z36504, Z36505, Z36507
           E1b1a1a1a1a2   CTS171
           E1b1a1a1a1a2~ Z21982
            E1b1a1a1a1a2a~ CTS875, CTS2417, CTS2586, CTS2692, CTS5653
            E1b1a1a1a1a2b~ CTS3190, CTS4802, CTS7544, CTS9347, CTS9428 
           E1b1a1a1a1a3~ CTS3158, Y25504, Y25505, Y25506, Y27255, Y27256, Y27258, Y27259
            E1b1a1a1a1a3a~ CTS2290, CTS2558, CTS10724, Z42548, Z42549 
           E1b1a1a1a1a4~ F4064
          E1b1a1a1a1b~ M10
          E1b1a1a1a1c   L485
           E1b1a1a1a1c1   L514, CTS2083/M4704, M4703/V1891/Z1291, M4708
           E1b1a1a1a1c1~   CTS5038/M4705
            E1b1a1a1a1c1a  CTS3046/M5663/V2511, CTS8115/M4692, CTS9046/M4693, CTS10886/M4701, CTS11559, M4696, M4697, M4699, M4700, M4702, TSC1640819/Z1712.1, Y10580/Z22334 
             E1b1a1a1a1c1a1   M191/P86, CTS905/M4684, CTS3773/M4688, CTS4397/M4689, CTS7773/M4691/Z1293, CTS9878/M4695, U186, Z22336
             E1b1a1a1a1c1a1~   P253/U247
              E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a   P252/U174, CTS4547/M4675, CTS7216/M4677, CTS8294/M4679, CTS9654/M4680, CTS10371/M4668, CTS10962/M4683, M4671/V1245, M4682/Z1715, Z22352
               E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a1   P9.2
               E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a2   P115
               E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3   CTS923/M4670, CTS3822/M4673, CTS4036/M4674, CTS6126/M4676, CTS7305/M4678/Z1714, Z22358
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a   M4669, CTS4938/M4665/V3236, Z22455
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1   CTS8030/Z1704
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1a   CTS9106/M4451, M4437
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1a1    P116, M4402, M4425, M4427, M4442, M4444, M9106, Z42710, Z42711
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1a1~  M4453
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1a1a  P113
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1a1b   Z37839, Z42700, Z42701, Z42702, Z42703, Z42704
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1a1b1~ Z42705, Z42706, Z42707, Z42708, Z42709
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1a1b2~ B399, Z37836, Z37837, Z37838
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1a1c~ M4438, M4441, M4443, M4445, M4449
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1a2~ CTS5002, Z37673, Z37674, Z37675, Z37676
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1b   Z5978
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1b1  Z5981, M4204, Z22457, Z22459, Z22460, Z22461^, Z22462, Z22463, Z22464, Z22466^, Z22467, Z22468, Z22472, Z22473, Z22474, Z22475^, Z22476, Z22477, Z22478, Z22479, Z22480^, Z22481, Z22483^, Z22484, Z22485, Z22486, Z22488, Z22489, Z22490, Z22491, Z22492, Z22493^, Z22494^, Z22495, Z22497, Z22498^, Z22499, Z22500, Z22501
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1b2   CTS3642, FGC3689/Z22516, Z22502, Z22509^, Z22510, Z22513, Z22514, Z22515, Z22517, Z22519
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1b2a   Z5979, Z22521, Z22522, Z22523, Z22525, Z22526, Z22530
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1b2a1   Z5980, Y55/ZP111, Z22532, Z22533, Z22534, Z22535
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1b2a1a~ Z37784, Z37785, Z37786, Z37787, Z37788
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1b2a1b~ F3133.2, Z37789, Z37790, Z37791, Z37792
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1b2a2~ Z37779, Z37780, Z37781, Z37782, Z37783 
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1b2b~ CTS620, CTS4824, CTS10464, M2606, Z37706
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c   Z5982
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1   CTS67, CTS261/Z1679, CTS1454, CTS1478, CTS2061/Z1686, CTS3539, CTS4935, CTS6595/Z1688, CTS7149, CTS7761, CTS8237, CTS8639/Z1690, CTS9085/V3377, CTS9099, CTS9997/Z1691, CTS10022/V3911, V1402/Z1682, V1920/Z22540, Z1683, Z1684, Z1685, Z22541
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1a   CTS1871
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1a1   CTS2323, A1099/Z22564, CTS4630, CTS5374, CTS7016, CTS7420, CTS9207, CTS10099, CTS10808^, CTS11353, Z22553, Z22554^, Z22556, Z22557, Z22559, Z22561
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1a1a~ CTS9301, Z37634, Z37635, Z37636, Z37637
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1a1b~ CTS2805, CTS5276, CTS10420, Z37638, Z37639
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1a2~ Z37764, Z37765, Z37766, Z37767, Z37768
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1b   CTS11714/Z1697, BY11405/Z22545, CTS452, V2133/Z22546, V2322/Z1695, Z1696, Z22544, Z22547, Z22549
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1b~ V2322/Z1695 
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1b1   Z1700, CTS11609/Z1701, Z22566
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1b2   Z22454
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1b2a   Z22570, Z22571
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1b2b~ CTS9986, CTS10195, Z42712, Z42713, Z42714
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1b2c~ Z37493, Z37495, Z37497, Z42715   
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1b2d~ CTS4537, Z37499, Z37501 
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1b2e~ Z37802, Z37804, Z37805
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1b3~ Y22469
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c1b4~ FGC50311/Y19520, Y19877, Y18978, Y19515, Y19516, Y19517, Y19518, Y19519, Y19520, Y19521
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c2~ CTS3071, CTS4829, CTS4998, CTS5428, CTS11992
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1c3~ CTS2706, CTS3567, CTS8058, Z3339.2, Z37810
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d   CTS9806/M4460/Z1703, CTS10774/M4661
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1   CTS8902
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1a   CTS1151, CTS7800, CTS7900, CTS8813, CTS9474^, CTS9747, CTS10479, CTS11791, Z1637, Z22577, Z22578, Z22579, Z22580, Z22581, Z22583, Z22584, Z22585, Z22587, Z22588, Z22589^, Z22590, Z22591, Z22592, Z22593, Z22595, Z22596, Z22597, Z22598, Z22601
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1a1~ Z37692, Z37693, Z37694, Z37695
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1a2~ Z37696, Z37697, Z37698, Z37699, Z37700
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1a3~ CTS408, CTS3510, CTS5040, CTS5053, CTS709
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b   CTS9756/M4656/Z1647
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1   F1094, CTS1231/Z1649, CTS2182, CTS7557, Y10563/Z22604, Y10564/Z22606, Y11073/Z22603
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1a   CTS1648/Z1663, CTS2235/Z1664, CTS2368/Z1665, CTS3486/Z1666, CTS4828/Z1667, CTS5453/Z1668, CTS5873/Z1669, CTS9621. CTS11738/Z1676, Z1661, Z1662, Z1672, Z22610^, Z22611^, Z22612, Z22613, Z22614
                       E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1a1   Z1677, CTS3708/Z1675, Z22616
                       E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1a1~ CTS3341
                       E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1a2~ CTS8522, CTS10098, CTS11235, Z37734, Z37736
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b   CTS598, CTS4128, CTS5000, CTS5460, CTS7536, CTS7813, CTS9503, CTS11946/Z1653, Z1651, Z1652, Z1658, Z22621, Z22622, Z22624, Z22625, Z22626
                       E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b1   Z1657, CTS10060
                        E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b1a   Z1655
                         E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b1a1~ CTS6262, Z37477, Z37478, Z37479, Z37480
                         E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b1a2~ CTS12440, Z37482, Z37484, Z37486
                         E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b1a3~ S25934, Z37488, Z37489
                         E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b1a4~ Z37658. Z37660, Z37661, Z37662
                         E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b1a5~ Z37663, Z37666, M8726, Z42716
                         E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b1a6~ Z37668, Z37669, Z37670, Z37671, Z37672
                         E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b1a7~ Z37712, Z37714, Z37715, Z37716
                         E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b1a8~ Z37759, Z37761, Z37762, Z42717, Z42718
                        E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b1b~ CTS738, Z37737, Z37738, Z37739, Z37740
                       E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b1b2~ CTS5950, CTS9331, Z37732, Z37733
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b2   CTS1338/M4652, CTS4051^/M4653^, M4654, M4657
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b2a~ M4614, M4632, M4635, M4641, M4642
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1b2b~ CTS11543, Z37727, Z37730, Z37731
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1c CTS252, CTS499, CTS745, CTS1086, CTS11077
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d1d CTS89, CTS2188, CTS3613, CTS9079, CTS9586
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1d2~ Z37816, Z37817, Z37818, Z37819, Z37820Z37809
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1e~  CTS451, CTS889CTS2129, CTS4689, CTS6501CTS6501
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1f~ Z37811, Z37813, Z37814, Z37815
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a1g~  M4465, M4466, M4468, M4470, M4471 (approximate tree site)
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3a2~  Z37774, Z37775, Z37776, Z37777, Z37778
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3b   CTS5299, CTS6750, Z22360
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3b1~  Z37609, Z37610, Z37611, Z37612, Z37613
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3b2~  Z37614, Z37615, Z37616, Z37617, Z37618
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3b3~  CTS747, CTS857, CTS2914. CTS4859, CTS5060
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c   CTS2754/Z1641
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1  CTS5788/Z170
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1a  CTS6454
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1a1~ Z37380, Z37381, Z37383, Z37384
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1a2~ CTS577, CTS761, CTS1168, CTS3066
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b  CTS1313
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b1  Z5963, V1370/Z22362, V3607/Z22370, Z22363, Z22364, Z22365, Z22366, Z22367, Z22368, Z22369, Z22371
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b1~ Z22372
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b1a  Z5964, Z22373
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b1a1~ PH1482, PH2297, V1064/Z2729, Z42733, Z42734
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b1a2~ Z37392, Z37393, Z37394, Z37395, Z37396
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b1b~ Z37385, Z37386. Z37387, Z37388, Z42735
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b2  Z5965^
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b2a~ Z37397, Z37398, Z37399, Z37400, Z37401
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b2b~ FGC10821/Y11190/Z37621, Z37619, Z37620, Z37622
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b3~ CTS5335, CTS6794, CTS7287, CTS7421, CTS7868
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c1b4~ CTS2758, CTS5695, CTS7863, CTS8616, CTS10830
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2  Z5966, Z22375 
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2a  Z5967
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2a1~ Z37402, Z37404, Z42736, Z42737, Z42738
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2a2~ Z37407, Z37409, Z37410, Z37411
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b  Z5968, Z22376, Z22377
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b1  Z5969, Z22378, Z22380, Z22381, Z22383
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b1a  Z5970, Z22386, Z22387, Z22388, Z22389, Z22390, Z22391, Z22392, Z22393, Z22395, Z22396
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b1a1  Z22400, Z22402, Z22403, Z22404, Z22406, Z22407, Z22408
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b1a1a  Z5972, Z22410
                       E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b1a1a1~ Z37422, Z37423, Z37425, Z37426
                       E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b1a1a2~ Z37430, Z37431, Z42739, Z42740
                      E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b1a1b~Z37342, Z37433, Z37434, Z37435, Z37436 
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b1a1c~ FGC32367.2, Z37437, Z37439, Z37440
                     E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b1a2~ Z37417, Z37418, Z37419, Z37421
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b1b~ Z37412, Z37414, Z37415, Z37416
                    E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b1c~ Z37624, Z37625, Z37626, Z37628
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b2~  CTS4961, Z37441, Z37442, Z37443, Z37444
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b3~  Z37525, Z37526, Z37527, Z37528, Z37529
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2b4~  FGC21183.2, Z37605, Z37606, Z37607, Z37608
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2c  CTS553/Z1644, Z22637/Z22410 
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2c1~ CTS1190, CTS2062, CTS2234, CTS2471, CTS3377
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2c2~CTS143, CTS954, CTS4102, CTS5051, CTS6610
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2c3~ Z37503, Z37505, Z42741, Z42742
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2d  Z22636
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2d1~ SK648/Z22633, Z22631, Z22632, Z22634, Z22635
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2d2~Z37470, Z37472, Z37473, Z37474
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2d3~CTS2917, CTS510, CTS11763, V199,  Z37475
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c2e~ Z37465, Z37466, Z37467, Z37468, Z37469
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3c3~ CTS490, CTS509, CTS3375, CTS8510, CTS10311
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d   CTS668, CTS4975/V3250/Z874
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d1~ CTS2088, PH297, Z37650, Z42743, Z42744
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d2~ PH53, Y605, Z42745
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d3~ CTS751, CTS3563, CTS9145, CTS9776, CTS10695
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d4   CTS6508, CTS2560/Z1634, CTS3096, CTS7485/Z1636, CTS9683^, CTS9987, Z22416^, Z22417, Z22418^, Z22422
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d4~ CTS1360, CTS2540/Z1633, CTS3102, CTS6398/Z1635, CTS8334, CTS11288, CTS11391, Z22420, Z22421, Z22423
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d4a~ Z37707, Z33710, Z37448, Z37449, Z42746
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d4b~ CTS2665, CTS6461, CTS10443, Z37450, Z37451
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d4c~ Z37535, Z37536, Z37537, Z37538, Z38343
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d4d~ CTS1873, CTS4851, CTS5568, Z37656, Z37657 
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d5   Z5974
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d5a~ FGC20315/ZS3515, Z37452, Z37453, Z37354, Z37355
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d5b~ FGC6514.2, Z37456, Z37457, Z37458
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d5c~ Z37515, Z37516, Z37517, Z37518, Z37519
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d5d~Z37520, Z37521, Z37522, Z37523, Z37524
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d6   Z5975
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d6a   V1419/Z871, CTS1045/Z870, CTS3239, CTS3684/V2827/Z872, CTS3937/M9805/V2873, CTS4968/Z873, CTS5191, CTS5675, CTS5722, CTS6478/Z1707, CTS6506, CTS6607, CTS7042, CTS7415/Z1708, CTS7422, CTS9859, CTS10250, CTS11973, V2151/Z22432, V2304/Z22433, V2363.2/Z25291.2, Z1709, Z22430, Z22431, Z22437, Z22438, Z22439, Z22440, Z22441, Z22442, Z22443, Z22446, Z22448, Z22449
                   E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d6a1~ Z37687, Z37688, Z37689, Z37690, Z37691
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d6b~Z37461, Z37462, Z37463, Z37464
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3d~  Z37722, Z37723, Z37724, Z37725, Z37726
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3e   Z22359
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3e1~ CTS1111, CTS2411, CTS4625, CTS6174, CTS10301, M6408, SK637, SK639, Y14724, Y21803, Y21807
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3e1a~ CTS1479, CTS2140, CTS7972, CTS9946
                  E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3e1b~ Y21806
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3e2~ CTS696, CTS3858, CTS5468, CTS10857 
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3f~ Z37358, Z37359, Z37360, Z37361, Z37362
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3g~ FGC35964/Y14890/Z37363, Z37364, Z37365, Z37366, Z37367
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3h~ Z37629, Z37360, Z37361, Z37362, Z37633
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3i~CTS1342, CTS2872, CTS4976, CTS5869, CTS11736
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3j~ Z37701, Z37702, Z37703, Z37704, Z37705
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a3k~ Z37769, Z37770, Z37771, Z37773
               E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a4   Z5961, Z22356, Z22357
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a4a~ Z37348, Z37349, Z37350, Z37351, Z37352
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a4b~ Z37353, Z37355, Z37356, Z37357
               E1b1a1a1a1c1a1a5~ L372
              E1b1a1a1a1c1a1b   M4311, CTS776/M4306, CTS1942/M4319, CTS2425, CTS2447/M4322, CTS3361/M4326, M4308, M4312, M4313, M4318, Z22342
               E1b1a1a1a1c1a1b1  CTS4662/M9149, CTS7672/M4338, M4325^
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1b1a~ CTS495/M4303, CTS1161/M4309, CTS1316, M4315, CTS1729
                E1b1a1a1a1c1a1b1b~ Z37645, Z37646, Z37647, Z37648, Z37649
               E1b1a1a1a1c1a1b2~ Z37530, Z37531, Z37532, Z37533, Z37534
               E1b1a1a1a1c1a1b3~ Z37641, Z37642, Z37643, Z37644
               E1b1a1a1a1c1a1b4~ CTS904, CTS2878, CTS4567, CTS5455, CTS10133
             E1b1a1a1a1c1a2~ Z37717, Z37718, Z37719, Z37720, Z37721
             E1b1a1a1a1c1b   L515, CTS5192, CTS6207, CTS11602, L516, L517, M263.2, M4260, M4261/V1473, M4264/V1760, M4265/V1761/Z1139, M4266, M4267/Z1140, M4268, M4282, M4287, M4294, M4298, Z1138, Z1893, Z22222, Z22223, Z22224, Z22228
            E1b1a1a1a1c1b~ M4270
             E1b1a1a1a1c1b1   CTS3393/Z1894, CTS1610, CTS1881, CTS6487, Z22235, Z22236, Z22237
              E1b1a1a1a1c1b1a~ CTS8933, CTS11823, Z42550, Z42551
              E1b1a1a1a1c1b1b~ Z36677, Z36678, Z36680, Z42552, Z42553
             E1b1a1a1a1c1b2   Z22239
              E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a  M4273, M4279, M4281, M4297, Z22242, Z22243
               E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a1  M4274, Z7935
                E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a1a Z6027, FGC567/Z22326, M4299, Z22325, Z22328, Z22332
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a1a1~ Z36720, Z36721, Z36722, Z36723, Z36724
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a1a2~ Z36725, Z36726, Z36727, Z36728, Z36729
                E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a1b~ Z36715, Z36716, Z36717, Z36718, Z36719
               E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a2  Z6025, Z22293, Z22294, Z22296, Z22298, Z22299, Z22300, Z22301, Z22302, Z22303, Z22305, Z22306, Z22307, Z22308, Z22309, Z22310, Z22311, Z22315, Z22316, Z22317, Z22318, Z22319, Z36712
                E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a2a~ Z36705, Z36706, Z36707, Z36708, Z36709
               E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a3   Z6023, Z22244, Z22245
               E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a3~ Z22246
                E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a3a  Z6024, Z22247, Z22253, Z22255, Z22256, Z22257, Z22258, Z22263, Z22264, Z22265, Z22266, Z22267, Z22268, Z22269, Z22270, Z22271, Z22272, Z22273, Z22274, Z22275, Z22276^, Z22277, Z22278, Z22281, Z22282, Z22283, Z22284
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a3a1~ M9697, Z36692, Z36693, Z36694, Z36695
                 E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a3a2~ Z36696, Z36697, Z36697, Z36699, Z36700
                E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a3b~Z36688, Z36689, Z36690, Z36691
               E1b1a1a1a1c1b2a4~ S18825, Z36701, Z36702, Z36703, Z36704
              E1b1a1a1a1c1b2b~ Z36682, Z36683, Z36684, Z36685, Z36686
           E1b1a1a1a1c2 CTS9883, CTS5961, CTS10560, CTS10932, CTS10996, Z15933, Z15939, Z15940, Z15941, Z15942, Z15943, Z15948, Z15952, Z15953, Z15956, Z15958, Z15959, Z15960/ZS6144, Z15962, Z15963, Z15964
           E1b1a1a1a1c2~ Z15945, Z15947
            E1b1a1a1a1c2a   Z6003, Z15974, Z15975, Z15976, Z15978, Z15979, Z15980, Z15981, Z15982, Z15983, Z15985
             E1b1a1a1a1c2a1   Z6004, Z15988, Z15989, Z15990, Z15991, Z15993, Z15994, Z15995, Z15996
              E1b1a1a1a1c2a1a~ Z36539, Z36540, Z36541, Z36542
              E1b1a1a1a1c2a1b~ Z36544, Z36545, Z36546, Z36547, Z36548
             E1b1a1a1a1c2a2~ Z36534, Z36535, Z36536, Z36537, Z36538
         E1b1a1a1a1c2a3~ Z36549, Z36551, Z36552, Z36553
           E1b1a1a1a1c2b   Z6005, Z16000, Z16001, Z16002, Z16003, Z16004, Z16005, Z16006, Z16007, Z16008, Z16011
             E1b1a1a1a1c2b1   Z6006, Z16017, Z16019, Z16020, Z16021, Z16024, Z16026, Z16027,  Z16029.1, Z16030, Z16031, Z16032, Z16033, Z16034^, Z16035^, Z16036, Z16038, Z16039, Z16040, Z16041
              E1b1a1a1a1c2b1a~ Z36554, Z36556, Z36557, Z36558
              E1b1a1a1a1c2b1b~ Z36559, Z36560, Z36561, Z36562, Z36563
             E1b1a1a1a1c2b2   Z6007, Z16043, Z16044, Z16045
              E1b1a1a1a1c2b2a   Z16052, Z16046, Z16049, Z16053, Z16054, Z16055
               E1b1a1a1a1c2b2a1~ Z36564, Z36565, Z36566, Z36558
               E1b1a1a1a1c2b2a2~ Z36569, Z36570, Z36571, Z36572, Z36573
              E1b1a1a1a1c2b2b~ Z36574, Z36575, Z42559, Z42560, Z42561
            E1b1a1a1a1c2c   CTS3274, Z16056
             E1b1a1a1a1c2c1   CTS12004, CTS4907, CTS6973, CTS10951, CTS10959, CTS11236, Z16058, Z16059, Z16061, Z16062, Z16063, Z16064
              E1b1a1a1a1c2c1a   CTS3725, CTS308, CTS9325, CTS9930, Z16069, Z16070^, Z16071, Z16072, Z16073, Z16075, Z16076^, Z16077, Z16078^, Z16079, Z16080^, Z16081, Z16082, Z16084^, Z16085
               E1b1a1a1a1c2c1a1~ CTS6852, CTS6863, CTS10794, CTS11419
               E1b1a1a1a1c2c1a2~ Z36579, Z36580, Z36582, Z36583
              E1b1a1a1a1c2c1b  Z6009, Z16093, Z16095, Z16096, Z16097, Z16098, Z16101, Z16102, Z16990, Z16991, Z16993, Z16994, Z16995, Z16996, Z16997, Z16998, Z16999, Z17000, Z17001, Z17002, Z17003, Z17004, Z17005, Z17006
               E1b1a1a1a1c2c1b1~ Z36585, Z36586, Z36587, Z36588
               E1b1a1a1a1c2c1b2~ Z36592, Z36593, Z42585, Z42586, Z42587
             E1b1a1a1a1c2c2   Z6010/Z17014, Z17014, Z17015, Z17016, Z17017, Z17018, Z17019,  Z17021, Z17022, Z17025, Z17026, Z17027
              E1b1a1a1a1c2c2a   F2481, Z17028, Z17032, Z17035, Z17036, Z17037, Z17038, Z17039^,  Z17043, Z17044, Z17045, Z17047, Z17048
              E1b1a1a1a1c2c2a1~ Z36559, Z36600, Z36601, Z36602, Z36603
              E1b1a1a1a1c2c2a2~ Z36604, Z36605, Z36606, Z36607, Z36608
              E1b1a1a1a1c2c2b~ Z42588, Z42589, Z42590, Z42591, Z42592
             E1b1a1a1a1c2c3   Z6011
              E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a   Z6012
               E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a1   Z6013^^
                E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a1a  Z6014, Z17049, Z17050, Z17051, Z17052, Z17055, Z17056^, Z17057, Z17058, Z17059, Z17061, Z17062, Z17063^, Z17064^, Z17065, Z17066, Z17067, Z17071, Z17072^, Z17073
                 E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a1a1~ Z36614, Z36615, Z36616, Z36617, Z36618
                 E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a1a2~ Z36619, Z36620, Z36621, Z36622, Z36623
                E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a1b   Z6015, Z16103, Z16104, Z16108, Z16109, Z16110, Z16112, Z17075, Z15796.2/Z17076.2, Z17077
                 E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a1b1   Z6016^, Z16115, Z16118, Z16119^, Z16120^, Z16121^, Z16122, Z16123^, Z16124, Z16125^
                  E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a1b1a~ Z36629, Z36630, Z36631, Z36632, Z36633
                  E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a1b1b~ Z36634, Z36635, Z36636, Z36637, Z36637
                 E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a1b2~ Z36625, Z36626, Z36628, Z42593, Z42594
                 E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a1b3~ Z36639, Z36640, Z36641, Z36642, Z36643
               E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a2   Z6017
                E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a2a   Z6018, Z16129, Z16130, Z16131, Z16132, Z16133, Z16136, Z16137, Z16138, Z16139^, Z16140, Z16141, Z16142, Z16143, Z16144^, Z16145, Z16146, Z16148, Z16149, Z16150, Z16151, Z16152, Z16153, Z16154^, Z16155, Z16156, Z16157, Z16158^, Z16159, Z16160
                 E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a2a1~ Z36644, Z36645, Z36646, Z36648
                 E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a2a2~ Y16787, Y17187
                  E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a2a2a~ Z36650, Z36651, Z36652, Z26653
                E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a2b~ SK725, SK726, Y23516
                 E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a2b1~ SK728, Z36654, Z36655, Z36656, Z36657
               E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a3   Z6019, FGC20707/Z16178, YFS402625.1^/Z16183.1^/Z19615.1^, Z16167, Z16168, Z16169, Z16170, Z16171, Z16172, Z16,173,  Z16177, Z16179, Z16180, Z16181, Z16182, Z16184, Z16185, Z16186, Z16187, Z16188, Z16189, Z16190, Z16191, Z16192, Z16193, Z16194, Z16195, Z16196, Z16197^, Z16198, Z16199, YP5054/Z16200, Z16201, Z16202^, Z16203, Z16204, Z16205, Z16206, Z16208, Z16209^, Z16210, Z16212, Z16213
                E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a3a~ Z36658, Z36659, Z36661, Z42595, Z42596
                E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a3b~ FGC24737.2, Z36663, Z36664, Z36665
               E1b1a1a1a1c2c3a4~ Z36609, Z36610, Z36611, Z36612, Z36613
              E1b1a1a1a1c2c3b Z6020
               E1b1a1a1a1c2c3b1~ Z36667, Z36668, Z36669, Z36670, Z36671
               E1b1a1a1a1c2c3b2~ Z36672, Z36673, Z36674, Z36675, Z36676
             E1b1a1a1a1c2c4~ Z36594, Z36595, Z36596, Z36597, Z36598
           E1b1a1a1a1c3~ Z36513, Z36514, Z36515, Z36516, Z36517
           E1b1a1a1a1c4~ Z26529, Z36530, Z36531, Z36532, Z36533
        E1b1a1a1a2   M4231, CTS229^/M5225^/PF6968^/V1112^, M4234^/V2003^
          E1b1a1a1a2a   U175  
           E1b1a1a1a2a1   M4254, CTS236/M4226/V1117/Z1805, CTS897/M4227, CTS3169/M4239, CTS3878, CTS3902, CTS4110/M4240/V2926, CTS4392/M4241, CTS4921/M4243/V3224, CTS5655/M4244, F3750/M4236, FGC11028, FGC24061/Z21657, M4230, M4242/V3154, M4252/Z1809, P277, P278.1
           E1b1a1a1a2a1~ CTS6620/M4246, CTS9022, M4235/V2027, M4253, U209