Y-DNA Haplogroup L and its Subclades - 2016

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COLOR CODES:  Newly confirmed in 2016 within subclade  Confirmed within subclade   Investigational items
^ Indicates a next-generation sequencing entry which does not yet meet quality guidelines for minimum number of reads.
^^ Indicates an entry which does not meet quality guidelines but may be helpful.
~ Indicates only an approximate location on the tree.

The criteria for a representative SNP printed in bold for a subclade is: traditional usage, testing one in multiple labs, and/or being found in the area of the chromosome used in recent research studies.

SNPs listed below in italics (colored black or red) are quality variants from next-generation sequencing reports consistently showing as representing that subgroup.

Contact Person for Haplogroup L: Gareth Henson

L   M20/PF5570 L656, L855, L863, L878/PF5524, L879/PF5697, L1304, M11, M61/Page43, M185/PF5755, M2356/PF5683, M2358, M2362/PF5692, M2365, M2366, M2368/PF5693, M2369/PF5694, M2370/PF5695, M2379/S10007, M2381, M2382/PF5701, M2382/PF5701, M2390/PF5705, M2403/PF5528, M2404/PF5715, M2407/PF5717, M2411/PF5718, M2413/PF5720, M2426/PF5723, M2444/PF5729, M2453/PF5737, M2454/PF5738, M2457, M2463/PF5743, M2464, M2466/PF5744, M2470, M2472/PF5747, M2479, M2482/PF5750, M2485/PF5754, M2489, M2491, M2492/PF5756, M2495, M2497, M2503, M2504, M2518/PF5767, M2522, M2525/PF5771, M2528, M2530, M2531, M2532/PF5773, M2536/PF5775, M2537, M2541/PF5777, M2548, M2551/PF5783, M2554/PF5785, M2556/PF5787, M2559, M2569/PF5792, M2572/PF5795, M2578/PF5805, M2579/PF5806M2583, M2587/PF5810, M2594, M2595/PF5813, M2596, M2597/PF5563, M2598/PF5815, M2607/S7544, M2609, M2611/PF5564, M2612, M2613/PF5821, M2615/PF5823, M2619, M2620, M2621, M2624, M2628, M2629, M2633, M2638, M2640/PF5829, M2642, M2644, M2645, M2650, M2655/PF5832, M2657/PF5833, M2660/PF5837, M2661/PF5839, M2670/PF5841, M2675/PF5842, M8987/PF5699, PF5532, PF5539, PF5554, PF5557, PF5583, PF5732, PF5757,  PF5779, PF5790, PF5791, PF5802, PF5804, PF5830, PF5835, Y5514, Y5529/Z20172, Y5530/Z20173, Y5564/Z20190, Z20117
L~ FGC11566, M2363, M2456, M2474, M2500, M2526/PF5772, M2527, M2552, M2564, M2584/PF5560, M2612, M2637/PF5827, M2646,  M2652, M2680, PF5790, Y5543/Z20166, Y5553/Z20165, Z20055, Z20116, Z20164, Z20192
L1   M22, L1304, M295, Page121
L1~ CTS2285/M2465, M2374, M2383, M2384, M2386, M2389/PF5703, M2391, M2392, M2394, M2395/PF5710, M2399, M2405, M2406, M2409, M2416, M2418, M2419, M2420, M2421, M2427/PF1963/Z1075, M2430/PF5725, M2435/PF5726, M2437, M2438, M2445, M2460, M2462, M2468, M2471, M2490, M2494, M2496, M2517, M2543, M2544, M2545, M2546, M2560, M2568, M2576, M2586, M2593, M2600, M2602, M2614, M2617, M2631, M2635, M2639, M2665,  M2666, M2668/PF5840, M2673, M2676, SK1410/Y5528/Z21069, Y5517/Z20124,  Y5520/Z20128, Y5522/Z20156, Y5523/Z21057, Y5524/Z20161, Y5534/Z20201, Y5537/Z20202, Y5545/Z20129, Y5546/Z21058, Y5555/Z20166, Y6264/Z20194, Z20130, Z21036, Z20138, Z20139, Z20140, Z20141, Z20153, Z20154, Z20155
  L1a   M2481, M2565, M2605, M2664, Y5525/Z20163, Y5560/Z20168
  L1a~ M2357, M2375, M2401, M2480, M2498, M2555, M2623, SK1417/Y5544, SK118/Y5565, Z20132, Z20135, Z20170
   L1a1   M27, F11470/Z20390, M76, P329, L1319, L1320, L1321, SK1423, SK1419/Z20362. SK1420/Z20446, SK1421/Z20361, SK1422/Z20416, Z8046, Z8047, Z8049, Z8050, Z20336, Z20354, Z20355, Z20356, Z20357. Z20358^, Z20359, Z20360, Z20363, Z20464, Z20365, Z20367, Z20368, Z20369^, Z20370, Z20371, Z20372, Z20373^, Z20376, Z20378, Z20379, Z20380, Z20382, Z20383, Z20384, Z20385, Z20387, Z20388, Z20389, Z20391, Z20392, Z20393, Z20394, Z20396, Z20397, Z20398, Z20399. Z20400, Z20401, Z20403, Z20405, Z20406, Z20407, Z20410, Z20411, Z20412, Z20413, Z20414, Z20415, Z20418, Z20419, Z20422, Z20424, Z20425, Z20426, Z20427, Z20428, Z20433, Z20434, Z20435, Z20436, Z20437, Z20438, Z20439, Z20440, Z20441, Z20442, Z20443, Z20444, Z20445, Z20448, Z20449, Z20450, Z20452, Z24638.2
   L1a1~ Z8048, Z20402, Z20429
    L1a1a  Z20458, Z20462, Z20463, Z20464, Z20465, Z20466, Z20468, Z20469, Z20470, Z20472
    L1a1a~ Z20457
     L1a1a1~ Z34426, Z34427, Z34428, Z34429, Z34430
     L1a1a2  Z20475, Z20476, Z20477, Z20483, Z20484, Z20479, Z20480, Z20481, Z20482
     L1a1a2~ Z5925, Z20478
      L1a1a2a~  Z42477, Z42478, Z42479, Z42481
      L1a1a2b~  Z42482, Z42483, Z42484, Z42485, Z42486
    L1a1b  Z5926, SK1426/Z20512, Z20492, Z20493, Z20496, Z20498, Z20499, Z20502, Z20503, Z20504, Z20506, Z20507, Z20508, Z20509
    L1a1b~ Z20497, Z20505
     L1a1b1  Z20519^
     L1a1b1~ M3904
      L1a1b1a~ Z34406. Z34408, Z34409. Z34410
      L1a1b1b~ Z34411. Z34412, Z34413. Z34414, Z34415
     L1a1b2  Z20520, Z20521, Z20522
      L1a1b2a  Z5929
       L1a1b2a1~ Z34379, Z34381, Z34382
       L1a1b2a2~ Z34383, Z34384, Z34385, Z34387
      L1a1b2ab~ Z34467, Z34468, Z34470, Z34471 
     L1a1b3  Z5930
      L1a1b3a  Z5931
       L1a1b3a1  Z5933
        L1a1b3a1a  Z5934
         L1a1b3a1a1  Z20500
          L1a1b3a1a1a~ Z34416, Z34419, Z42487, Z42488 
          L1a1b3a1a1b~ Z34425, Z42489, Z42490, Z42491
         L1a1b3a1a2  Z8033, Z20527, Z20528
          L1a1b3a1a2a  Z5937, Z20535, Z20537, Z20539, Z20540, Z20542, Z20544, Z20545, Z20547, Z20548, Z20550
          L1a1b3a1a12a~ Z20541, Z20546, Z20549, Z20552
           L1a1b3a1a2a1   Z5938, A6402.2/JFS00004.2/Z20559.2, Z8034, Z20558, Z20561, Z20562, Z20563^, Z20564, Z20565
            L1a1b3a1a12a1a~ Z39168.2, Z38449
            L1a1b3a1a12a1b~ Z38450, Z38452, Z38453, Z34113
           L1a1b3a1a12a2~ Z34122, Z34125, Z42492, Z42493
          L1a1b3a1a12b~ Z34479, Z34481, Z34482, Z42494, Z42495
        L1a1b3a1b~  Z34368, Z34369, Z42496, Z42497, Z42498
       L1a1b3a2   Z20568
       L1a1b3a2~ Z5932
        L1a1b3a2a~ Z42499, Z42500, Z42501, Z42502, Z42503
        L1a1b3a2b~ Z34132, Z42504, Z42505, Z42506, Z42507
        L1a1b3a2c~ Z34136, Z42508, Z42509, Z42510, Z42511
      L1a1b3b SK1428, Z34370, Z34371, Z34372
      L1a1b3c FGC18043/SK1433, Y17158
       L1a1b3c1  Z34402, Z34403, Z34404, Z42512, Z42513 
    L1a1c~ F3987
    L1a1d~ CTS12086
   L1a2   M357, L1307^^, M2355^, M2360, M2361, M2364^, M2367^, M2371, M2380, M2393, M2402^, M2412^, M2424^, M2429, M2432, M2439^, M2441^, M2451, M2461^, M2469, M2475^, M2476, M2507, M2523, M2524, M2533^, M2535^, M2540, M2549^, M2557, M2558, M2561^, M2574^, M2575, M2581, M2592^/PR2941^, M2601^, M2606^, M2608^, M2618, M2627, M2630^, M2632^, M2653, M2659, M2662^, Z2662, M5710, SK1446/Y5518, SK1447/Y5559/Z20251, Y5526^/Z20246^, Y5515^/Z20229^, Y5527/Z20248, Y5531^/Z20252^, Y5548^/Z20240^, Y5551/Z20243, Y5552^/Z20244^, Y5554^/Z20247^, Y5556/Z20249, Y5558^/Z20250^, Y5567/Z20256, Y12414^/Z20263^, Z20228^, Z20230^, Z20233^, Z20236, Z20238^, Z20241, Z20262^