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The ISOGG SNP Index web page lists the SNPs which are either on the ISOGG Y Haplotree or that are or have been under active investigation and consideration for addition to the Y Haplotree. The SNPs listed here are less than 20% of the currently known SNPs.


Explanation of SNPs with Extension Numbers.

The top of the spreadsheet has a link to YBrowse, which is primarily a listing of all known shared human Y-DNA variants maintained by Thomas Krahn. Only some of these are in the ISOGG tree. Some do not qualify. To do look-ups in YBrowse: In the Search Box under Landmark or Region on the left hand side of the page, you can type a SNP name such as M222, or a position such as chrY:14002414..14902414, then click on the Search button. When the search is complete, the SNP name appears under the Detail section. If you click on the SNP name in the Detail section, you will get a new window which shows the SNP mutations and other information.
Click here to open YBrowse directly.

RefSNP ID (aka rs numbers) are available on the spreadsheet for some of the ISOGG mutations. These are from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website. A more complete listing is available within YBrowse. Rs numbers can be further searched at the NCBI website, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/SNP/snp_ref.cgi?/
References: NCBI, UCSC FAQ

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Use the link to YBrowse for updated rs-numbers (if any) and context on mutations.
Use the link to the NCBI database for more information on rs-number sites.
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Additional Resources for identifying refSNP IDs
Brion et al, Introduction of a Single Nucleodite Polymorphism-based "Major Y-chromosome Haplogroup Typing Kit" Suitable for Predicting the Geographical Origin of Male Lineages. (abstract) Electrophoresis, 26:4411-4420, 2005.
Y Chromosome Consortium, A Nomenclature System for the Tree of Human Y-Chromosomal Binary Haplogroups. Genome Research, 12: 339-348, 2002.

Not listed in Composite List of Papers Cited
The following documents are used simply to document the citation for particular SNPs.
Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) 2005 Y-Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree. Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd., 18 October 2004.
Shen et al, Population Genetic Implications from Sequence Variation in Four Y Chromosome Genes. PNAS, Vo. 97, No. 13: 7354-7359, June 20, 2000.

Corrections/Additions made since 1 January 2019:

  • Added BY92692, BY109995, BY148259, BY148261^^, BY151424^^, Y63991, Y68368, Y70581, Y71567, Y71733, Y73829, Y74920, Y75388, Y75507, Y76039, Y79631, Y89942, Z40472, Z40473 to tree; added BY197979, BY198162, BY198184, BY198219, BY198323, BY198435, BY198443, BY198797, BY198881, BY198934, BY198942, BY199075, BY199216, BY199261, BY199390, BY199394, BY199539, BY199589, BY199671, BY199785, BY199800, BY199804, BY199976, BY200133, BY200239, BY200562, BY200663, BY200889, BY200900, BY200961, BY201043, BY201105, BY201170, BY201207, BY201359, BY175888, BY198170, A21943.2, BY139447, BY198414, BY198429, BY198623, BY198639, BY198833, BY198865, BY198939, BY199045, BY199163, BY199328, BY199669, BY199757, BY200031, BY200268, BY200270, BY200300, BY200379, BY200488, BY200607, BY200659, BY200834, BY200889^^, BY201050, BY201107, BY201181, BY201187, BY201218, BY201396, F20214.2, Y43979.2, ZS4719.2, BY63635/MPB374, BY104139/MPB378, BY106469/MPB380, BY186297/Y160383, BY186309/Y160461, BY186359, BY186500/Y160431, BY186697/Y160437, BY187115^^/Y160390^^, BY187238/Y160460, BY187416/Y160369, BY187593/Y160433, BY188137/Y160470, BY188207/Y160461, BY188218/Y160464, BY188575/Y160467, BY197506/Y160407, F12439, BY119912, BY197326, BY197512, BY197618, FGC56398.2/Z42724.2, BY197252, BY197432, BY197775/Y160415 on 1 January 2019.
  • Added BY200867, BY67935/MPB375, BY70269/MPB376, BY73594/MPB377, BY105909/MPB379, BY108371/MPB371, BY117222/MPB382, BY125350/MPB383, MPB373.2/Y143290.2, BY118088/MPB385, BY101946/MPB184 on 2 January 2019.
  • Added A11149.2, FGC87976, FGC87977^^, FGC87982^^, FGC87985, FGC87986, FGC87987, FGC87988, FGC87989.2/MF24301.2, FGC87990, FGC87991, FGC87994, FGC87995, FGC87996, FGC87997, FGC87998, FGC87999^^, FGC88000, FGC88002, FGC88003, FGC88004, FGC88005, FGC88006, FGC88007, FGC88008, FGC88009, FGC88012, FGC88013, FGC88014, FGC88015, FGC88016, FGC88017, FGC88018, FGC88019, FGC88020, Y164004, Y164012 on 3 January 2018.
  • Added BY202470, BY202488, BY202564, BY202592, BY203053, BY203054, BY203147, BY203301, BY203624, BY203643, BY203645, BY204053, BY204057, BY204089, BY204248, BY204429, Y190, Y19318 on 4 January 2019.
  • Added FGC257, FGC247 to tree; added FGC42908, FGC42910, FGC42912^^, FGC56390, FGC54603, BY203772, BY203810, CTS6808.2/M4839.2, FGC254, Z3567 on 5 January 2019.
  • Added BY79219, FGC63509, FGC63510/Z44104, FGC63511/Z44105, FGC63512/Z44106, FGC63513/Z44107, FGC63514, FGC63515, FGC63516, FGC63519/Z44108, FGC63520, FGC63521, FGC63523, FGC63524, FGC63525, FGC63526, FGC63527, FGC63528, FGC63529, FGC63530, FGC63531, FGC63533, FGC63534, FGC63536, FGC63537, FGC63538, FHC63539, FGC63540, FGC63541, FGC63542 on 6 January 2019.
  • Added BY21806, BY21807, BY47628/FGC78410, BY47726/FGC78411, BZ1440.2/FGC65128.2, FGC65077, FGC65091^^, FGC65093, FGC65097, FGC65098, FGC65100, FGC65101, FGC65103, FGC65106, FGC65107, FGC65111, FGC65115, FGC65116, FGC65124, FGC65125, BY74777, BY100887, BY112376, BY134626, BY135393, BY142506, Z12675.3 on 7 January 2019.
  • Added BY158135, BY204679, BY204684, BY204723, BY204737, BY204741, BY204823, BY204828, BY204908, BY204945 on 8 January 2019.
  • Added BY37100, BY37105, BY57523^^/Y150367^^, BY69733/Y150430, BY75576, BY78682^^/Y150435^^, BY81803/Y150357 on 9 January 2019.
  • Added BY49593, BY202345, BY202366, BY202375, BY202430, BY202443, BY202450^^, BY202517, BY202559, BY202563, BY202578, BY202580, BY202643, BY202672, BY202681, BY202697, BY202731, BY202773, BY202787, BY202799, BY202800, BY202818, BY202851, BY202902^^, BY202985, BY203044, BY203062, BY203174, BY203237, BY203271, BY203272, BY203426, BY203467, BY203536, BY203650, BY203700, BY203708, BY203740, BY203753, BY203770, BY203781, BY203836, BY203837, BY203855, BY203911, BY203914, BY203940, BY203985, BY204001, BY204043, BY204153, BY204256, BY204338. BY204361. BY204403, BY204445, BY204450, BY204505, BY204509, BY204517^^, BY204529, BY204625.2/MF3595.2, M12121.2, Y95492, Y139844.2, ZS8908.2 on 9 January 2019.
  • Added BY203334, Z29972.2, BY204381, BY165438, BY165597, Y16169, BY21363.3/ZS5999.3, Y45738, Y48489, Y53157, Y53746, Y57329, Y81219 on 10 January 2019.
  • Added BY164642, BY165581, BY56242, BY61896, BY68123, BY76079, BY197004^^, BY197735, BY197380, BY186341, BY187237, BY187277, BY187643, BY187659, BY187666, BY187873, BY187898, BY187952, BY188013, BY188140, BY188250, BY188490, BY196903, BY197115, BY197634, BY197644, Y26017.2.2/Z42076.2, FGC55702, Y82047^^ on 11 January 2019.
  • Added BY75857.2, BY202346, BY202354, BY202364, BY202608, BY202614, BY202617, BY202666, BY202677, BY202749, BY202840, BY203125, BY203234, BY203246, BY203346, BY203435, BY203487, BY203524, BY203697, BY203711^^, BY203712^^, BY203738, BY203775, BY203938, BY203979, BY203980, BY203993, BY204030, BY204031, BY204104, BY204118, BY204157, BY204244, BY204286, BY204379, BY204457, BY204539^^, MF10318^^ on 13 January 2019.
  • Added BY37106, BY37096, BY37099, BY37104, BY37107, BY37108, BY37109, BY37110, BY37117, BY37119, BY205504/Y164023, BY207765, BY207748, BY70232, BY81897, BY92788, BY101966, BY110482, BY114592, BY125186, BY144062, M10821, Z45675, Z45719, ACT685^^, ACT964^^, ACT992^^, ACT1010^^, Y147612, Y147621, Y147636, Y147671, Y147706, Y147774, Y148063, Y148069, Y148439, Y148443, Y148472, Y148502, Y148522, Y148525, Y148582, Y148599, Y148635, Y148645, Y148657, Y148666, Y148690, Y148716, Y148801, Y148807^^, Y148830, Y148867, Y148891, Y148940, Y149032 on 14 January 2019.
  • Added BY80574, YP311, S18681 on 15 January 2019.
  • Added BY187256, BY187313, BY188651^^, Added A23875, F20634, MF6492, MF6513, Y156896, ACT6493/Y161872, ACT6538/Y161858, ACT6800/Y161897, ACT6807/Y161895, ACT7006/Y162011, ACT7096/Y161945, ACT6705/MF41330, ACT6715/MF41673, ACT6999/MF50853, BY47757, MF6458 on 16 January 2019.
  • Added BY55287, BY113046, BY135463, BY138899, BY186889^^ to tree; added BY156352, BY186203, BY186459, BY186648, BY186804, BY186989, BY187175, BY187217, BY187384, BY187420, BY187470, BY187615, BY187713, BY187775, BY188130, BY188131, BY188134, BY188172, BY188576, BY188678^^, BY188701, BY188034, BY97984, BY104373, BY106223, BY107962, BY116986, BY120091, BY124289, BY131191, BY134588, BY139164, BY141186, BY143371, BY156748, Z31328, Z31331, BY205841, BY205921, BY206089, BY206560, BY206762, BY207498, BY207876, BY208209, BY208340, BY209052^^, PH517, BY93576, BY94390, BY95730, BY105917, BY112876, BY113187, BY141277, BY74527, BY105170, BY144107 on 17 January 2019.
  • Added ALK539.2/FGC80516.2, BY90365, FGC36370^^, FGC36371, FGC36373, FGC36374, FGC36375, FGC36378, FGC36379, FGC36380, FGC36381, FGC36382, FGC36383, FGC80513, FGC88330/BY198078, FGC36368/Z36162, FGC36376, FGC80517, BY208040/FGC88328, ACT263 on 18 January 2019.
  • Added FGC50437, FGC64911, FGC64912, FGC64913, FGC64914, FGC64915, FGC64916, FGC64917, FGC64918, FGC64919, FGC64920, FGC64921, FGC64922, FGC64923,FGC64924, FGC64926, FGC64927, Z5809.2, Z43090, Z43091, Z43092, Z43093, Z43094 BY205607. BY205667, BY205767, BY206002, BY206147, BY206167, BY206210, BY206250, BY206278, BY206646, BY206802, BY206804, BY207335, BY207817, BY207881, BY207968, BY208783, BY2088784, BY209023, FGC60920BY207806 on 20 January 2019.
  • Added Z43083, FGC60934, FGC60936^^, FGC60944, FGC60945, FGC60947^, FGC60948^, FGC60950^, FGC60951, FGC60958, FGC60960, FGC60961, FGC60963, FGC60964, FGC60966, Z43081, Z43082, Z43084 to tree ; added FGC60946, FGC60962, FGC60954, FGC60957, BY123198, Y70685, Y80728, Z15364.2, Z43080 on 21 January 2018.
  • Added FGC7263, FGC7282, FGC7284, FGC7285, FGC7286, FGC7287, FGC7289, FGC7290, FGC7291, FGC7303, FGC7308, FGC7319, FGC7311, FGC7313, FGC7318, FGC7321, FGC7326, FGC7327, FGC7329, FGC7330, FGC7331, FGC7333, FGC7336, FGC7345, FGC7347, FGC7348, FGC7349, FGC7350, FGC7351, FGC7358, FGC7359, FGC7361, FGC7362, FGC7363, FGC7364, FGC7367, FGC66789^^ for tree; added BY205548, BY205641, FGC81988, BY207175, FGC81989, FGC81990, BY208880 on 22 January 2019.
  • Added ACT6496/Y162833, ACT6767/Y162772, ACT6809/Y162762, ACT6952/Y162792, ACT7125^^, MF3261, MF5811^^, Y162790, ACT33^^, ACT49^^, ACT69^^, ACT177^^, ACT213, ACT248, ACT256, ACT264, ACT309, ACT336, ACT343, ACT745/Y135644, ACT763^^, ACT1321, ACT1368/Y135628, ACT1661/Y135628, ACT1735/Y135629, ACT1819/Y135632, FGC66385^^ on 22 January 2019.
  • Added Y141171^^, Z46455^^, Z46456^^, Added BY74567, BY77957, BY86939, BY99191, BY106198, BY110827, BY112950, BY118528, BY119900, BY124420, BY124688, BY131394, BY133206, BY141490, BY151009, BY205995, BY206838^, BY207377, BY209045^^, BY61896/Z45956, BY93013, BY98583, BY135882, BY150959, Z31686.2 BY205507, BY206456^^, BY207763, BY207948 on 23 January 2019.
  • Added BY150483, BY153298, FGC59077, Y155740, Y155745, Y155747, Y155752, Y155754, Y155767, Y155768, Y155773, Y155785, Y155790^^, Y155805, Y155806, Y155808, Y155812, Y155813, Y155822, Y155825, Y155834, Y155835, Y155845, Y155847, Y155849, Y155854, Y155861, Y155868, Y155871^^, Y155878, Y155879, Y155883, Y155891, Y155894, Y155900, Z46457^^, Z46458^^, Z46459^^, Z46460^^, Z46461^^, Z46462^^ on 24 January 2019.
  • Added F105, F188^^, F550, F685^^, FGC12474/SK1674/Y3272, CTS858, CTS9415, F119, FGC12468/Y3284, FGC12473/F611/Y3278, MF1094, MF1095, MF1096, MF1107, MF1108, MF1109, MF1145, ZS12569.2 MF8613, SK1676, FGC60773, FGC60775, FGC60776, FGC60777, FGC60796, FGC60811, MF6982, MF6983, MF6984, MF6985, MF6986, MF6987, MF6988, MF7030, MF7032, MF7046, MF7051, F13136, MF7062, MF7063, MF7064, MF7065, MF7066, MF7120, MF7121, MF7122, MF7123, MF7124 MF1237, MF1239, MF1240, MF1241 on 25 January 2019.
  • Added MF14538, MF15136, MF15342, MF16785, MF16203, M20726/Y157649, Z7776.2, MF16427, MF16500, MF21617, MF22364, Y111707.2, Z46463 on 31 January 2019.
  • Added CTS8537, CTS1621, F18858, Y141175, Y141213, Y141252, Y141275, MF7453, Y65006, Y97194, A22940, A22941, MF30934/Y151758, MF31684/Y151809, MF51320/Y151825, Y150436, CTS10514, F23571, F931, F1455, F2154, F2255, F2770, FGC65999^^, FGC66006^^, Y21445, FGC66016, FGC66017, FGC66019, FGC66020, FGC66021, FGC66030, FGC66032, FGC66036, FGC66037, FGC66039, FGC66040, FGC66042, FGC66045, Y87030, MF6724, MF6725, MF6726, MF6728, FGC23704, Y52313, CTS7271, MF6739, MF6740, MF6754, MF6755, FGC1419/Y9188, MF6765, MF6766, MF6767, MF6768, MF6769, MF6770, MF6771, F16340, M6779, M6780, M6781, PH83, PH2418 on 1 February 2019.
  • Added FGC12502, A22321, FGC12487, FGC12505, FGC12506, MF6804, Y128662, FGC12485, FGC13504, MF6805^^, MF6806, Y128070 F2405 on 4 February 2019.
  • Added A22322, A22323, F806, F1272, F1488^^, F2128, F3575, F3589, FGC12479, FGC12489, FGC12495, MF6815, MF7669, MF6807, MF6808, FGC33600, MF6809, MF6810, MF6811, MF6812, MF6813, MF6814, A7966/BY987, MF15642, BY42738^^, MF7684, MF7764, MF7773, MF15180, MF14988, MF15920, MF46495, MF50249, MF51634, MF7704, Z46464, F2091, F2375, F2622, F2931, F3332, MF14553, MF15671, MF16395, MF14857, MPB069.2/Z19477.2, MF7721, MF7732, MF14959, MF15040, MF15182, MF7673, MF7692, MF7693, MF7818, MF7827, MF7850, MF7716, A22622^^, A22623, MF7678, MF7836, MF7837, BY68984, MF15205, MF15302, MF16715, MF7664, MF7665, MF7767, MF7768, MF7824, MF6816, MF6818, MF6819, MF6820, MF6821, MF6826, MF6836, MF14171, MF14334, MF14418, MF14430, MF14466, MF14782, A10289, FGC8985, M6392, MF6841, MF6842, MF7683, MF7711, MF7719, MF7729, MF7761, MF7780, MF7785, MF7844 on 5 February 2019.
  • Added BY55658, BY56245, BY94960, BY97502, BY116195 on 9 February 2019.
  • Added FGC51451, FGC51463 on 10 February 2019.
  • Added BY28075/Y82414, BY28077/Y84165, BY28079/Y86068, BY28080/Y86820, BY28082/Y88704/, BY28085, BY28089/Y90893, BY28091/Y91876, BY28092/Y92317, BY28093/Y92693, BY28094/Y93828, BY28095/Y95756, BY28096/Y96312, BY28099/Y97779, BY28101/Y101149, BY28103/Y102125, BY28104/Y102559, BY28106/Y103631, BY28107/Y103949, BY28108/Y104064, BY28128/Y107930, BY28129/Y108224, BY28130/Y108341, BY28179/Y109337, BY28180/Y110699 on 11 February 2019.
  • Added A16570.2, BY169006, BY169063^^, BY169344, BY169600, BY169825, BY169863, BY169966, BY170142, BY170211, BY170231, BY170382, BY170511, BY170556, BY170815, BY170860, BY170943, BY171068 on 12 February 2019.
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