Y-DNA SNP Index on Spreadsheet - 2019-2020

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The ISOGG SNP Index web page lists the SNPs which are either on the ISOGG Y Haplotree or that are or have been under active investigation and consideration for addition to the Y Haplotree. The SNPs listed here are less than 20% of the currently known SNPs.


Explanation of SNPs with Extension Numbers.

The top of the spreadsheet has a link to YBrowse, which is primarily a listing of all known shared human Y-DNA variants maintained by Thomas Krahn. Only some of these are in the ISOGG tree. Some do not qualify. To do look-ups in YBrowse: In the Search Box under Landmark or Region on the left hand side of the page, you can type a SNP name such as M222, or a position such as chrY:14002414..14902414, then click on the Search button. When the search is complete, the SNP name appears under the Detail section. If you click on the SNP name in the Detail section, you will get a new window which shows the SNP mutations and other information.
Click here to open YBrowse directly.

RefSNP ID (aka rs numbers) are available on the spreadsheet for some of the ISOGG mutations. These are from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) website. A more complete listing is available within YBrowse. Rs numbers can be further searched at the NCBI website, http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/SNP/snp_ref.cgi?/
References: NCBI, UCSC FAQ

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Use the link to YBrowse for updated rs-numbers (if any) and context on mutations.
Use the link to the NCBI database for more information on rs-number sites.
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Additional Resources for identifying refSNP IDs
Brion et al, Introduction of a Single Nucleodite Polymorphism-based "Major Y-chromosome Haplogroup Typing Kit" Suitable for Predicting the Geographical Origin of Male Lineages. (abstract) Electrophoresis, 26:4411-4420, 2005.
Y Chromosome Consortium, A Nomenclature System for the Tree of Human Y-Chromosomal Binary Haplogroups. Genome Research, 12: 339-348, 2002.

Not listed in Composite List of Papers Cited
The following documents are used simply to document the citation for particular SNPs.
Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) 2005 Y-Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree. Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd., 18 October 2004.
Shen et al, Population Genetic Implications from Sequence Variation in Four Y Chromosome Genes. PNAS, Vo. 97, No. 13: 7354-7359, June 20, 2000.

Corrections/Additions made since 1 January 2019:

  • Added BY92692, BY109995, BY148259, BY148261^^, BY151424^^, Y63991, Y68368, Y70581, Y71567, Y71733, Y73829, Y74920, Y75388, Y75507, Y76039, Y79631, Y89942, Z40472, Z40473 to tree; added BY197979, BY198162, BY198184, BY198219, BY198323, BY198435, BY198443, BY198797, BY198881, BY198934, BY198942, BY199075, BY199216, BY199261, BY199390, BY199394, BY199539, BY199589, BY199671, BY199785, BY199800, BY199804, BY199976, BY200133, BY200239, BY200562, BY200663, BY200889, BY200900, BY200961, BY201043, BY201105, BY201170, BY201207, BY201359, BY175888, BY198170, A21943.2, BY139447, BY198414, BY198429, BY198623, BY198639, BY198833, BY198865, BY198939, BY199045, BY199163, BY199328, BY199669, BY199757, BY200031, BY200268, BY200270, BY200300, BY200379, BY200488, BY200607, BY200659, BY200834, BY200889^^, BY201050, BY201107, BY201181, BY201187, BY201218, BY201396, F20214.2, Y43979.2, ZS4719.2, BY63635/MPB374, BY104139/MPB378, BY106469/MPB380, BY186297/Y160383, BY186309/Y160461, BY186359, BY186500/Y160431, BY186697/Y160437, BY187115^^/Y160390^^, BY187238/Y160460, BY187416/Y160369, BY187593/Y160433, BY188137/Y160470, BY188207/Y160461, BY188218/Y160464, BY188575/Y160467, BY197506/Y160407, F12439, BY119912, BY197326, BY197512, BY197618, FGC56398.2/Z42724.2, BY197252, BY197432, BY197775/Y160415 on 1 January 2019.
  • Added BY200867, BY67935/MPB375, BY70269/MPB376, BY73594/MPB377, BY105909/MPB379, BY108371/MPB371, BY117222/MPB382, BY125350/MPB383, MPB373.2/Y143290.2, BY118088/MPB385, BY101946/MPB184 on 2 January 2019.
  • Added A11149.2, FGC87976, FGC87977^^, FGC87982^^, FGC87985, FGC87986, FGC87987, FGC87988, FGC87989.2/MF24301.2, FGC87990, FGC87991, FGC87994, FGC87995, FGC87996, FGC87997, FGC87998, FGC87999^^, FGC88000, FGC88002, FGC88003, FGC88004, FGC88005, FGC88006, FGC88007, FGC88008, FGC88009, FGC88012, FGC88013, FGC88014, FGC88015, FGC88016, FGC88017, FGC88018, FGC88019, FGC88020, Y164004, Y164012 on 3 January 2018.
  • Added BY202470, BY202488, BY202564, BY202592, BY203053, BY203054, BY203147, BY203301, BY203624, BY203643, BY203645, BY204053, BY204057, BY204089, BY204248, BY204429, Y190, Y19318 on 4 January 2019.
  • Added FGC257, FGC247 to tree; added FGC42908, FGC42910, FGC42912^^, FGC56390, FGC54603, BY203772, BY203810, CTS6808.2/M4839.2, FGC254, Z3567 on 5 January 2019.
  • Added BY79219, FGC63509, FGC63510/Z44104, FGC63511/Z44105, FGC63512/Z44106, FGC63513/Z44107, FGC63514, FGC63515, FGC63516, FGC63519/Z44108, FGC63520, FGC63521, FGC63523, FGC63524, FGC63525, FGC63526, FGC63527, FGC63528, FGC63529, FGC63530, FGC63531, FGC63533, FGC63534, FGC63536, FGC63537, FGC63538, FHC63539, FGC63540, FGC63541, FGC63542 on 6 January 2019.
  • Added BY21806, BY21807, BY47628/FGC78410, BY47726/FGC78411, BZ1440.2/FGC65128.2, FGC65077, FGC65091^^, FGC65093, FGC65097, FGC65098, FGC65100, FGC65101, FGC65103, FGC65106, FGC65107, FGC65111, FGC65115, FGC65116, FGC65124, FGC65125, BY74777, BY100887, BY112376, BY134626, BY135393, BY142506, Z12675.3 on 7 January 2019.
  • Added BY158135, BY204679, BY204684, BY204723, BY204737, BY204741, BY204823, BY204828, BY204908, BY204945 on 8 January 2019.
  • Added BY37100, BY37105, BY57523^^/Y150367^^, BY69733/Y150430, BY75576, BY78682^^/Y150435^^, BY81803/Y150357 on 9 January 2019.
  • Added BY49593, BY202345, BY202366, BY202375, BY202430, BY202443, BY202450^^, BY202517, BY202559, BY202563, BY202578, BY202580, BY202643, BY202672, BY202681, BY202697, BY202731, BY202773, BY202787, BY202799, BY202800, BY202818, BY202851, BY202902^^, BY202985, BY203044, BY203062, BY203174, BY203237, BY203271, BY203272, BY203426, BY203467, BY203536, BY203650, BY203700, BY203708, BY203740, BY203753, BY203770, BY203781, BY203836, BY203837, BY203855, BY203911, BY203914, BY203940, BY203985, BY204001, BY204043, BY204153, BY204256, BY204338. BY204361. BY204403, BY204445, BY204450, BY204505, BY204509, BY204517^^, BY204529, BY204625.2/MF3595.2, M12121.2, Y95492, Y139844.2, ZS8908.2 on 9 January 2019.
  • Added BY203334, Z29972.2, BY204381, BY165438, BY165597, Y16169, BY21363.3/ZS5999.3, Y45738, Y48489, Y53157, Y53746, Y57329, Y81219 on 10 January 2019.
  • Added BY164642, BY165581, BY56242, BY61896, BY68123, BY76079, BY197004^^, BY197735, BY197380, BY186341, BY187237, BY187277, BY187643, BY187659, BY187666, BY187873, BY187898, BY187952, BY188013, BY188140, BY188250, BY188490, BY196903, BY197115, BY197634, BY197644, Y26017.2.2/Z42076.2, FGC55702, Y82047^^ on 11 January 2019.
  • Added BY75857.2, BY202346, BY202354, BY202364, BY202608, BY202614, BY202617, BY202666, BY202677, BY202749, BY202840, BY203125, BY203234, BY203246, BY203346, BY203435, BY203487, BY203524, BY203697, BY203711^^, BY203712^^, BY203738, BY203775, BY203938, BY203979, BY203980, BY203993, BY204030, BY204031, BY204104, BY204118, BY204157, BY204244, BY204286, BY204379, BY204457, BY204539^^, MF10318^^ on 13 January 2019.
  • Added BY37106, BY37096, BY37099, BY37104, BY37107, BY37108, BY37109, BY37110, BY37117, BY37119, BY205504/Y164023, BY207765, BY207748, BY70232, BY81897, BY92788, BY101966, BY110482, BY114592, BY125186, BY144062, M10821, Z45675, Z45719, ACT685^^, ACT964^^, ACT992^^, ACT1010^^, Y147612, Y147621, Y147636, Y147671, Y147706, Y147774, Y148063, Y148069, Y148439, Y148443, Y148472, Y148502, Y148522, Y148525, Y148582, Y148599, Y148635, Y148645, Y148657, Y148666, Y148690, Y148716, Y148801, Y148807^^, Y148830, Y148867, Y148891, Y148940, Y149032 on 14 January 2019.
  • Added BY80574, YP311, S18681 on 15 January 2019.
  • Added BY187256, BY187313, BY188651^^, Added A23875, F20634, MF6492, MF6513, Y156896, ACT6493/Y161872, ACT6538/Y161858, ACT6800/Y161897, ACT6807/Y161895, ACT7006/Y162011, ACT7096/Y161945, ACT6705/MF41330, ACT6715/MF41673, ACT6999/MF50853, BY47757, MF6458 on 16 January 2019.
  • Added BY55287, BY113046, BY135463, BY138899, BY186889^^ to tree; added BY156352, BY186203, BY186459, BY186648, BY186804, BY186989, BY187175, BY187217, BY187384, BY187420, BY187470, BY187615, BY187713, BY187775, BY188130, BY188131, BY188134, BY188172, BY188576, BY188678^^, BY188701, BY188034, BY97984, BY104373, BY106223, BY107962, BY116986, BY120091, BY124289, BY131191, BY134588, BY139164, BY141186, BY143371, BY156748, Z31328, Z31331, BY205841, BY205921, BY206089, BY206560, BY206762, BY207498, BY207876, BY208209, BY208340, BY209052^^, PH517, BY93576, BY94390, BY95730, BY105917, BY112876, BY113187, BY141277, BY74527, BY105170, BY144107 on 17 January 2019.
  • Added ALK539.2/FGC80516.2, BY90365, FGC36370^^, FGC36371, FGC36373, FGC36374, FGC36375, FGC36378, FGC36379, FGC36380, FGC36381, FGC36382, FGC36383, FGC80513, FGC88330/BY198078, FGC36368/Z36162, FGC36376, FGC80517, BY208040/FGC88328, ACT263 on 18 January 2019.
  • Added FGC50437, FGC64911, FGC64912, FGC64913, FGC64914, FGC64915, FGC64916, FGC64917, FGC64918, FGC64919, FGC64920, FGC64921, FGC64922, FGC64923,FGC64924, FGC64926, FGC64927, Z5809.2, Z43090, Z43091, Z43092, Z43093, Z43094 BY205607. BY205667, BY205767, BY206002, BY206147, BY206167, BY206210, BY206250, BY206278, BY206646, BY206802, BY206804, BY207335, BY207817, BY207881, BY207968, BY208783, BY2088784, BY209023, FGC60920BY207806 on 20 January 2019.
  • Added Z43083, FGC60934, FGC60936^^, FGC60944, FGC60945, FGC60947^, FGC60948^, FGC60950^, FGC60951, FGC60958, FGC60960, FGC60961, FGC60963, FGC60964, FGC60966, Z43081, Z43082, Z43084 to tree ; added FGC60946, FGC60962, FGC60954, FGC60957, BY123198, Y70685, Y80728, Z15364.2, Z43080 on 21 January 2018.
  • Added FGC7263, FGC7282, FGC7284, FGC7285, FGC7286, FGC7287, FGC7289, FGC7290, FGC7291, FGC7303, FGC7308, FGC7319, FGC7311, FGC7313, FGC7318, FGC7321, FGC7326, FGC7327, FGC7329, FGC7330, FGC7331, FGC7333, FGC7336, FGC7345, FGC7347, FGC7348, FGC7349, FGC7350, FGC7351, FGC7358, FGC7359, FGC7361, FGC7362, FGC7363, FGC7364, FGC7367, FGC66789^^ for tree; added BY205548, BY205641, FGC81988, BY207175, FGC81989, FGC81990, BY208880 on 22 January 2019.
  • Added ACT6496/Y162833, ACT6767/Y162772, ACT6809/Y162762, ACT6952/Y162792, ACT7125^^, MF3261, MF5811^^, Y162790, ACT33^^, ACT49^^, ACT69^^, ACT177^^, ACT213, ACT248, ACT256, ACT264, ACT309, ACT336, ACT343, ACT745/Y135644, ACT763^^, ACT1321, ACT1368/Y135628, ACT1661/Y135628, ACT1735/Y135629, ACT1819/Y135632, FGC66385^^ on 22 January 2019.
  • Added Y141171^^, Z46455^^, Z46456^^, Added BY74567, BY77957, BY86939, BY99191, BY106198, BY110827, BY112950, BY118528, BY119900, BY124420, BY124688, BY131394, BY133206, BY141490, BY151009, BY205995, BY206838^, BY207377, BY209045^^, BY61896/Z45956, BY93013, BY98583, BY135882, BY150959, Z31686.2 BY205507, BY206456^^, BY207763, BY207948 on 23 January 2019.
  • Added BY150483, BY153298, FGC59077, Y155740, Y155745, Y155747, Y155752, Y155754, Y155767, Y155768, Y155773, Y155785, Y155790^^, Y155805, Y155806, Y155808, Y155812, Y155813, Y155822, Y155825, Y155834, Y155835, Y155845, Y155847, Y155849, Y155854, Y155861, Y155868, Y155871^^, Y155878, Y155879, Y155883, Y155891, Y155894, Y155900, Z46457^^, Z46458^^, Z46459^^, Z46460^^, Z46461^^, Z46462^^ on 24 January 2019.
  • Added F105, F188^^, F550, F685^^, FGC12474/SK1674/Y3272, CTS858, CTS9415, F119, FGC12468/Y3284, FGC12473/F611/Y3278, MF1094, MF1095, MF1096, MF1107, MF1108, MF1109, MF1145, ZS12569.2 MF8613, SK1676, FGC60773, FGC60775, FGC60776, FGC60777, FGC60796, FGC60811, MF6982, MF6983, MF6984, MF6985, MF6986, MF6987, MF6988, MF7030, MF7032, MF7046, MF7051, F13136, MF7062, MF7063, MF7064, MF7065, MF7066, MF7120, MF7121, MF7122, MF7123, MF7124 MF1237, MF1239, MF1240, MF1241 on 25 January 2019.
  • Added MF14538, MF15136, MF15342, MF16785, MF16203, M20726/Y157649, Z7776.2, MF16427, MF16500, MF21617, MF22364, Y111707.2, Z46463 on 31 January 2019.
  • Added CTS8537, CTS1621, F18858, Y141175, Y141213, Y141252, Y141275, MF7453, Y65006, Y97194, A22940, A22941, MF30934/Y151758, MF31684/Y151809, MF51320/Y151825, Y150436, CTS10514, F23571, F931, F1455, F2154, F2255, F2770, FGC65999^^, FGC66006^^, Y21445, FGC66016, FGC66017, FGC66019, FGC66020, FGC66021, FGC66030, FGC66032, FGC66036, FGC66037, FGC66039, FGC66040, FGC66042, FGC66045, Y87030, MF6724, MF6725, MF6726, MF6728, FGC23704, Y52313, CTS7271, MF6739, MF6740, MF6754, MF6755, FGC1419/Y9188, MF6765, MF6766, MF6767, MF6768, MF6769, MF6770, MF6771, F16340, M6779, M6780, M6781, PH83, PH2418 on 1 February 2019.
  • Added FGC12502, A22321, FGC12487, FGC12505, FGC12506, MF6804, Y128662, FGC12485, FGC13504, MF6805^^, MF6806, Y128070 F2405 on 4 February 2019.
  • Added A22322, A22323, F806, F1272, F1488^^, F2128, F3575, F3589, FGC12479, FGC12489, FGC12495, MF6815, MF7669, MF6807, MF6808, FGC33600, MF6809, MF6810, MF6811, MF6812, MF6813, MF6814, A7966/BY987, MF15642, BY42738^^, MF7684, MF7764, MF7773, MF15180, MF14988, MF15920, MF46495, MF50249, MF51634, MF7704, Z46464, F2091, F2375, F2622, F2931, F3332, MF14553, MF15671, MF16395, MF14857, MPB069.2/Z19477.2, MF7721, MF7732, MF14959, MF15040, MF15182, MF7673, MF7692, MF7693, MF7818, MF7827, MF7850, MF7716, A22622^^, A22623, MF7678, MF7836, MF7837, BY68984, MF15205, MF15302, MF16715, MF7664, MF7665, MF7767, MF7768, MF7824, MF6816, MF6818, MF6819, MF6820, MF6821, MF6826, MF6836, MF14171, MF14334, MF14418, MF14430, MF14466, MF14782, A10289, FGC8985, M6392, MF6841, MF6842, MF7683, MF7711, MF7719, MF7729, MF7761, MF7780, MF7785, MF7844 on 5 February 2019.
  • Added BY55658, BY56245, BY94960, BY97502, BY116195 on 9 February 2019.
  • Added FGC51451, FGC51463 on 10 February 2019.
  • Added BY28075/Y82414, BY28077/Y84165, BY28079/Y86068, BY28080/Y86820, BY28082/Y88704/, BY28085, BY28089/Y90893, BY28091/Y91876, BY28092/Y92317, BY28093/Y92693, BY28094/Y93828, BY28095/Y95756, BY28096/Y96312, BY28099/Y97779, BY28101/Y101149, BY28103/Y102125, BY28104/Y102559, BY28106/Y103631, BY28107/Y103949, BY28108/Y104064, BY28128/Y107930, BY28129/Y108224, BY28130/Y108341, BY28179/Y109337, BY28180/Y110699 on 11 February 2019.
  • Added A16570.2, BY169006, BY169063^^, BY169344, BY169600, BY169825, BY169863, BY169966, BY170142, BY170211, BY170231, BY170382, BY170511, BY170556, BY170815, BY170860, BY170943, BY171068 on 12 February 2019.
  • Added BY10972, BY56083, BY182964, V1482.2, Y62556.2, Y83023.2, Z3442^^ on 21 February 2019.
  • Added Y46258, F15966, F22504, MF6915, MF6916, MF8048, MF8070, MF6932, MF6933, MF6934, MF6935, MF6936^^, MF6937, MF6938, MF6939, MF6940^^, MF6974, MF6975, MF6976, MF6953, MF6954, MF6955, MF2463^^, FGC54505, FGC54526, MF8087, MF8098, MF2473, MF2474, ACT2777, ACT2793, MF2464, MF2465, MF9483, MF9489, MF9486, MF9487, MF9488, Y163866, Y163727 MF8460, MF8464^^, Y138891 on 22 February 2019.
  • Added Y142552.2 to tree investigation on 24 February 2019.
  • Added FT6731, FT6735, FT6754, FT8508, FT8947, FT8966, FT8992, FT9233, FT9525, FT9615, FT9670, FT9684, FT9755, FT9788, FT9989, FT10136, FT10238, FT10308, FT10323, FT10410, FT10514, FT10658, FT10739, FT10823, FG10866, FT10957, FT11397, FT11406^^ FT3449, FT4878, FT4935, FT4953, FT5176, FT5191, FT5471, FT5975, FT6200, FT6550^^ on 25 February 2019.
  • Added FGC40498, FGC46784 to tree; added A23966, A23970, A23978, A23979, Z23980, FT4580^^, FT4637, FT4704^^, FT4734^^, FT4851, FT4888, FT5453, FT5781, FT6425, FT6504, FGC87806, M9313.2, Y15858, Y165180, Y165280^^ on 26 February 2019.
  • Added FGC51303, FT8410, FT8413, FT8491, FT8655, FT8674, FT8690, FT8766, FT8769, FT8774, FT9136, FT9160, FT9217, FT9336, FT9366, FT9772, FT9784, FT9808, FT9872, FT9897, FT10128, FT10214, FT10281, FT10553, FT10669, FT10903, FT11019, FT11025, FT11072, FT11092, FT11135, FT11179, FT11326, FT11374, FT11401^^, MF44516.2, PH1297, Y29332.2, Y125890, Y131893.2 BY78358, BY163577/Y153546, BY163579/Y153512, BY163659/Y153503, BY163660/Y153550, BY163685/Y153505, BY163768/Y153518, BY163845/Y153500, BY163905/Y153570, BY163906/Y153548, BY164032/Y153542, BY164166/Y153532, BY164211/Y153517, BY164312/Y153525, BY164336/Y153496, BY164351/Y153558, BY164403^^, FT8887^, V2154, Y76221.2, Y83448, Y152275^, Y153509, Y153529, Y153569 Y5034 on 28 February 2019.
  • Added Z37567.2^^, Y134554, Y134556, Y134557, Y134558^, Y134559, Y134560, Y134562, Y134563, Y134564, Y134565, Y134567, Y134568, Y134569, Y134570, Y134574, Y134575, Y134576, Y134577, Y134573 on 1 March 2019.
  • Added Z22424.2, Y134506, Y134561 to tree investigation, added Z36567.2^^, Y134555 on 4 March 2019.
  • Added FGC42523, Y25196, Y25198, Y25199, Y25200, Y25201, Y25202, Y25208, Y25217, Y25220, Y25221, Y25222, Y25227, Y25232, Y25235, Y25236, Y25237, Y25240, Y25242, Y25244, Y25245, Y25247, Y25258, Y25259, Y25260, Y25262^^, Y25263^^, Y25264^^, Y25266, Y27081, Y27082, Y27086, Y27101^^, Y27102, Y27107, Y27111, Y27113, Y27119, Y27126, Y27131,Z31906^^, Z31934^^, Z31967^^, Z32004 on 9 March 2019.
  • Added Z31932^^, Z31933^^, Z31937^^, Z31938^^, Y25214, Y27108, Y25226, Y25228, Y25234, Y25238, Y27120, Y27122, Y25241, Y25249, Y27135, Y25255, Y27138, F26454^^, Z32050^^, Y25270^^, F26347^^, Y27100 to tree; added Y25191, Y25207, Y25230, Z31947^^ on 10 March 2019.
  • Added BY77937^^, BZ1904.2, FGC38473, FT11451, FT12484, FT12578, FT12593, FT12640, FT12647, FT12668, FT12774, FT12932, FT12987, FT13016, FT13251, FT13325, FT13442, FT13514, FT13558, FT13697, FT13726, FT13740, FT13755, FT13799, FT13823, FT13884, FT13898, FT13918, FT13942, FT14083, FT14144^^, FT14186, FT14213, FT14268, MF34117.2, Y15172.2, FT13007, FT13695, FT14054 on 11 March 2019.
  • Added FT8762, FT8773, FT8788, FT8914, FT9141, FT9294, FT9454, FT9580, FT9700, FT9957, FT10165, FT10274, FT10506, FT10623, FT10651, FT10736, FT11140, FT11271^^ on 12 March 2019.
  • Added BY197979, BY198162, BY198184, BY198219, BY198323, BY198435, BY198443, BY198797, BY198881, BY198934, BY198942, BY199075, BY199216, BY199261, BY199390, BY199394, BY199539, BY199589, BY199671, BY199785, BY199800, BY199804, BY199976, BY200133, BY200239, BY200562, BY200663, BY200889, BY200900, BY200961, BY201043, BY201105, BY201170, BY201207, BY201359 on 13 March 2019.
  • Added BY79192, F7420/FGC16468/Y4641, F11235^^/FGC28876^^, F11383/FGC28883, F12031/FGC16419/Y4586, F12730/FGC16463/Y4615, FGC28967^^, FT59, FT14549, FT18932, FT19258, FT19840, FT20071, FT22097, FT22208, FT22342, FT22806, FT23331, FT23393, FT23681, FT24753, FT25056, FT25064, FT25322, FT26195, FT26277, FT26395, FT26741, FT26832^^, MF10337, MF10415, MF48653, FGC28884, F13958^^/FGC28968^^ to tree investigation on 17 March 2019.
  • Added BZ1778.2 on 18 Mar 2019.
  • Added BY21462, BY21463, BY21465, BY123762, Y49510, Y52538, Y53004, Y56902, FT19224, FT23935, FT24368, BY126500, Y49088, Y53555, Y56044, Y56182 on 19 March 2019.
  • Added FT18864^^, FT19555, FT19778, FT20799^^, Y138490.2, Y164204 on 20 March 2019.
  • Added FT33869, FT33960, FT34207, FT34439, FT34613, FT34642, FT35038, A21258.2, BY129306, BY146155, FT18710, FT18827, FT18879, FT19053, FT19336, FT19473, FT19575, FT19602^, FT19733, FT19786, FT19832, FT19854, FT19999, FT20323^^, FT20414, FT20533, FT21154, FT21189^, FT21272, FT21473^^, FT21653, FT21772, FT21857, FT21955, FT22224, FT22367, FT22636, FT22752, FT22854, FT22936^, FT23049, FT23140, FT23414, FT23449, FT23619, FT23675, FT23950, FT23959, FT24116, FT24283, FT24603, FT24766, FT25026, FT25378^, FT25500, FT25937, FT26043, FT26057, FT26557, FT26755, FT26760, FT26883^^, FT27007, MF1010.2, Y105954.2, FGC7292 on 21 March 2019.
  • Added FT12114^^, FT12508, FT12699, FT13160, FT13199, FT13327, FT13328, FT13452, FT13485^, FT13533, FT13657, FT14004, FT14005, V7991.2/Y27517.2, Y86896, Y87806, Y92536, Y93425, Y94584, Y103333, Y105464^, Y107131, Y110694, Y112447^^, Y32597, Y32598, Y32599, Y32922, Y32600, Y32920, Y32602, Y32921, Y326035, Y32604, Y32605, Y32924/, Y32923, Y32606, Y32609, Y32610, Y32611 on 23 March 2019.
  • Added FT8300, FT8464, FT8790, FT8795, FT8867^^, FT9007, FT9539, FT9612, PF9681, FT9701, FT9884, FT10117, FT10279, FT10517, FT10523, FT10821, FT10855, FT10943, FT11094, FT11119, FT11213, FT11217, FT11218, FT11219, Y147813,2 on 24 March 2019.
  • Added BY96506, BY129165, FT14587. FT18800, FT18875, FT19244, FT19330, FT19700, FT19709, FT19904, FT19955, FT20152, FT20318^^, FT20388, FT20479, FT20945, FT21388, FT21481, FT21783, FT22041, FT22092, FT22126, FT22193, FT22315, FT22374, FT23116, FT23245, FT23251, FT23260, FT23360, FT23379^^, FT23533, FT23620, FT23673, FT23790, FT23855, FT24537, FT24673, FT24804, FT25286, FT25467, FT25573, FT25680, FT25868, FT25899, FT26211, FT26271, FT26512, FT26642, FT26724, FT26769, FT26937, FT27016, MF31946.2^^, Y 24921.2, Y33595, Y50709.2, FT20364^^, Y84979.2 on 25 March 2019.
  • Added FGC7476/S16502/Y312 on 26 March 2019.
  • Added A14661.2, A21433.2, BY153677, FT11433, FT12555, FT12576, FT12637, FT12669, FT12679, FT12724, FT12732, FT12751, FT12776, FT12970, FT12994, FT13005, FT13059, FT13196, FT13214, FT13236, FT13237, FT13308, FT13336, FT13354, FT13390, FT13426, FT13428, FT13447, FT13484, FT13508, FT13517, FT13582, FT13764, FT13780, FT13784, FT13816, FT13888, FT14006, FT14022, FT14094, FT14183, FGC89032, FGC89069, MF6278.2, MF42908.2, FT12780, Y145390.2 on 27 March 2019.
  • Added Z31698, ACT1924/BY75034, ACT1942/BY101096, ACT1956/BY108665, ACT1978/BY122771, ACT1990/BY138679, ACT1992/BY55394, ACT1996/BY157129, ACT1997/BY145927, ACT5200, BY61579, BY63976, BY64411, BY64590, BY67883, BY68092, BY68143, BY68685, BY69578, BY71536, BY72074, BY72441, BY74403, BY74835, BY75269, BY75527, BY93466, BY94670, BY94766, BY96712, BY98339, BY98647, BY100015, BY101611, BY102059, BY102104, BY102669, BY102754, BY103730, BY105028, BY107916, BY108315, BY109774, BY109285, BY109854, BY112686, BY112753, BY114664, BY114950, BY117004, BY11773, BY118242, BY119765, BY120772, BY130394, BY131468, BY132156, BY132917, BY133344, BY134307, BY134431, BY134786, BY135648, BY136517, BY138280, BY1389100, BY139183, BY142966, BY143272, BY143786, BY144548, BY147150, BY212443, FT124075, FT18766, FT19079, FT19121, FT22034, FT23214, M6882, FT18748, FT18793, FT19347, FT19444, FT19471, FT21050, FT21124, FT21672, FT22402, FT22406, FT22451^^, FT22677, FT22828, FT23262, FT23707, F24026, FT24686, FT25177, FT26088, FT26095, Y54024.2 on 30 March 2019.
  • Added T23713.2/MF73959.2, FT24217, FT25023 on 31 March 2019.
  • Added BY161759, BY161708, BY162203, BY162304, BY162533, BY162618, BY162760, BY162874, BY163020, BY163216, BY163297, BY209582, FT25136, Y53085, BY87868, Y78979 to tree; added BY162441, BY162771, BY162854, FT19708, FT25820, FT19419, FT22284, FT24980, FT27218 on 1 April 2019.
  • Added Z45540 to tree; added FT19312, FT20505^^, FT22497, FT23102, FT23465, FT26414, A621.2, A2223.2, Y83293, Y103063, Y108917, Z17782, Z17784, BY171143, FT20172, FT20195, FT20196, FT20206, FT21525, FT21734, FT22978, FT24166, FT24306, FT26991 on 2 April 2019.
  • Added Y28768, Y18765, BY130347, to tree; added Y61272, Y74324, Y75029, Y75250, Y76703, Y78095 on 3 April 2019.
  • Added BY142084, FT27415, FT28835, FT29099, FT29428, FT29483, FT29847, FT30008, FT30062, FT31067, FT31275, FT31750^^, MF33069.2, Y58511.2 BY87545, BY142071,BY64222, BY70416, BY139344, BY143819 on 4 April 2019.
  • Added BY73069, FGC74134, FT31911, FT31914, FT31915, FT31921, FT32260, FT32401, FT32430, FT32437, FT32456, FT32466, FT32485, FT32491, FT32528, FT32531, FT32558, FT32578, FT32609, FT32660, FT32665, FT32761, FT32794, FT32852, BY102306, BY125525 on 5 April 2019.
  • Added BY54510, BY125113, BY181111, FT28866, FT28997, FT29014, FT29155, FT29411, FT29488^^, FT29722, FT29893, FG29923, FT29936, FT30130, FT30250, FT30403, FT30466, FT30838, FT31003, FT31062, FT31346, FT31417, FT31745^^, FT31766 Y57313, Y58495, FT31441 to tree investigation; added Z39373, BY15371.2/FGC11817.2, BY125201, BY134713, FGC41764.2, Y45819, Y46620, Y48713, Y49299, Y50745, Y52215. Y52765, Y53120. Y53998, Y54407, Y55501, Y56137, Y56222, Y57122, Y57699, Y58594, Y59801, Y105529.2, ZQ825.2, FGC25432.1/V4463.1 on 6 April 2019.
  • Added BY62723, FT34793, FT34806, FT35250, FT35520^^, MF82285.2 on 7 April 2019.
  • Added FT24243 on 8 April 2019.
  • Added BY66307, BY169853, BY200144, FT13371, FT33758, FT33798, FT33834, FT33866, FT33922, FT33986, FT34410, FT34419, FT34420, FT34453, FT34604^^, FT34690, FT34697, FT34778, FT34838, FT34854, FT34885, FT34903, FT34978, FT34983, FT35046, FT35047, FT35067, FT35097, FT35134, FT35144, FT35273, FT35297, FT35316, FT35333, FT35355, FT35362, FT35415, FT35469^^, FT35506, Z7052, Z7055, Z7148^^, Z3952, Z18145, Z3961, K692^^/Z7188^^, K693^^/Z7193^^, Z7204^^, Y125467, V5195^^/Z7217^^, Z4011^^,Z7779^^, Z7783^^, V6603/Z7865, V6604/Z7866, V7609/Z4065, Z7967^^ on 10 April 2019.
  • Added BY63384, BY96718, BY150361, FGC42208, FGC48565, FT5753, FT38089, FT38106, FT40257, FT40270, FT40292, FT40360^^, FT40373, FT40440, FT40559, FT40590, FT40809, FT41225, FT41388, FT41437, FT41488, FT41731, FT41914, FT42184, FT42286, FT42409, FT42485, FT42523, FT42525, FT42665, FT42667, FT42764, FT42824, FT42839, FT42892, FT42959, FT43305, FT43413, FT43485, FT43590, FT43638, FT43642, FT43661, FT43966, FT44465, FT44482, MF11091.2 on 11 April 2019.
  • Added BY51881, BY55245, BY55540, BY65346^^, BY77414^^, BY77861, BY80897, BY87725, BY107715, BY114349, BY148400^^, BY151329, BY157215^^, BY212767, FGC76894/Y95709, FT36894, Y82519, Y82548, Y82597, Y83182, Y83332, Y83488, Y84027, Y84516, Y85071, Y85672, Y85875, Y85947, Y86002, Y86016, Y86051, Y86435, Y86449, Y86697, Y86839, Y86841, Y87141, Y87960, Y88325, Y88956, Y89094, Y89219, Y89521, Y89813, Y90296, Y90751, Y90960, Y91277, Y91431, Y91816, Y92212, Y92268, Y92344, Y92981, Y95186, Y95953, Y96004, Y96257, Y96388, Y96465, Y96511, Y96716, Y96804, Y97097, Y97438, Y97636, Y98412, Y98674, Y99052, Y99388, Y100764, Y101273, Y101519, Y102117, Y102172, Y102276, Y102608, Y102847, Y102909, Y103113, Y103556, Y103708, Y104063, Y104120, Y104459, Y104584, Y104905, Y105085, Y105161^^, Y105310, Y105387, Y105999, Y106088, Y106518, Y106626, Y106714, Y106999, Y108011, Y108091, Y108515, Y108973, Y109361, Y109850, Y109851, Y109884, Y109985, Y110004, Y111503, Y111560, Y111601, Y111800, Y111935, Y112492^^, Y112872, Y113315^^ BY51881, BY55245, BY55540, BY65346^^, BY77414^^, BY77861, BY80897, BY87725, BY107715, BY114349, BY148400^^, BY151329, BY157215^^, BY212767, FGC76894/Y95709, FT36894, Y82519, Y82548, Y82597, Y83182, Y83332, Y83488, Y84027, Y84516, Y85071, Y85672, Y85875, Y85947, Y86002, Y86016, Y86051, Y86435, Y86449, Y86697, Y86839, Y86841, Y87141, Y87960, Y88325, Y88956, Y89094, Y89219, Y89521, Y89813, Y90296, Y90751, Y90960, Y91277, Y91431, Y91816, Y92212, Y92268, Y92344, Y92981, Y95186, Y95953, Y96004, Y96257, Y96388, Y96465, Y96511, Y96716, Y96804, Y97097, Y97438, Y97636, Y98412, Y98674, Y99052, Y99388, Y100764, Y101273, Y101519, Y102117, Y102172, Y102276, Y102608, Y102847, Y102909, Y103113, Y103556, Y103708, Y104063, Y104120, Y104459, Y104584, Y104905, Y105085, Y105161^^, Y105310, Y105387, Y105999, Y106088, Y106518, Y106626, Y106714, Y106999, Y108011, Y108091, Y108515, Y108973, Y109361, Y109850, Y109851, Y109884, Y109985, Y110004, Y111503, Y111560, Y111601, Y111800, Y111935, Y112492^^, Y112872, Y113315^^ to tree; added FGC26313.2^^, FT36625^, FT36795^/Y168347^, FT36836^/Y168346^, FT36852^, FT36956^, FT36974^, FT37196^, FT37366^/Y168353^, FT37667/Y168348, FT37942^^, MF78119.2^, Y93811^, FT36417, FT36645, FT36678, FT36882, FT36892, FT36898, FT37166, FT37281, FT37317, FT37640, FT37736, FT37765 on 14 April 2019.
  • Added Y88376^^, Y88416^^, Y168350, Y168349, Y5611.2, Y37640, Y1399.2, Y107627, YP415.2, BY68743, BY87342, BY87342, BY88028, BY92601^^, BY96426^^, CTS7551.2/F3708.2/L667.2/M2226.2, FT38083, FT40779, FT40987, FT40996, FT41797, FT42297, FT42377, FT42616, FT42833, FT43123, FT43155, FT43271, FT43322, FT43613, FT43671, FT43737, FT43825, FT43901, FT44254, Y108386, Z36595.2 on 15 April 2019.
  • Added BY54306, BY67103, BY68035, BY69340, BY70580, BY70969, BY70984, BY71580, BY73787, BY75961, BY76426, BY79318, BY79551, BY90087, BY91963, BY92940, BY96398, BY99375, BY105282, BY107566, BY107723, BY108481, BY109656, BY113441, BY116063, BY135645, BY137547, BY140930, BY145265, BY145396, BY145526, BY149670, FT40287, FT43168, FT43468, FT44358^^, Y51007, Y130324, Y146550, ZS3311.2 to tree; added FT40475, FT42550, FT43516, FT43903 on 16 April 2019.
  • Added BY76381, BY79060^^, BY120391, BY145224, BY148955, added Z31428, BY21521, BY21522, BY21523, BY21524, BY21525, BY21526, BY21527, BY21528, BY21529, BY21530, BY21531, BY21532, BY21533, BY21534, BY21535, BY21536, BY21538, BY21539, BY21540, BY21541, BY21542, BY47532, BY69608, BY69906^^, BY81231, F18801.2, FT42958, Y140835, Z31431 on 17 April 2019.
  • Added FGC7593, FT41387, FT42720, FT43761, BY54644, BY69186 to tree investigation; added FGC1093, FGC1106, FGC1110, FGC1113, FGC1114, FGC1115, FGC1118, FGC1120, FGC1121, FGC1125, FGC1127, FGC1131, FGC1132, FGC1133, FGC1135, FGC1136, FGC1138, FGC1139.2/SA12.2, FGC1141, FGC1145, FGC1146, FGC1148, FGC1149, FGC1152, FGC1153, FGC1155, FGC1157, FGC7593, ZS9156.2 to tree on 18 April 2019.
  • Added BY53999, F11396/PH1160, F11453/PH1316, F12086/PH2691, F12380/PH3539, MF1854^^, MF1855^^, MF1856^^, MF1857^^, MF1874, S10738.2, Y86052, Y88318, Y91103, Y91142, Y91428, Y94254, Y95386, Y96002, Y100186, Y104196, Y104692, Y106101, Y106254, Y108611, Y113027, Y113308^^ on 19 April 2019.
  • Added FT40324, FT40402, FT40703, FT40739, FT40830, FT41754, FT41772, FT41995, FT42008, FT42077, FT42173^^, FT42452, FT42635, FT42754, FT42768, FT43116, FT43133, FT43180, FT43392, FT43400, FT43749, FT43784, FT44243, FT44271, FT44406^^, FT44467, FT44468, Y38089.2, S9461.2, BY91399 on 20 April 2019.
  • Added BZ1848, F13693, FT33836/ZQ537, FT34241/ZQ538, FT34506/ZQ539, FT34743/ZQ540, FT34876/ZQ541, FT34981/ZQ542, FT35033/ZS543, Y107527, F9936, F10042, F13836^^, F9578^^, F9980, F10054.2/S11111.2, F12279, F12741, F9766, F12906 on 22 April 2019.
  • Added F10253^^, F17644^^, FT36984^, FT37001, FT37378, FT37817, FT37926, Y148127/ZQ394, Y148144/ZQ390, Y148491/ZQ391, Y148768/ZQ369, Y148851/ZQ382, ZQ372^, BY53866, BY56957, BY62342/FGC19078, BY68894, BY69342, BY74788, BY95185, BY97722, BY100542, BY101591, BY102776, BY103507, BY106126, BY106982, BY109049, BY110207, BY110581, BY118951, BY120209, BY123986, BY125855, BY126503, BY141594, BY141723, BY141748, BY143599, BY150774^^, Y86947, BY133055 to tree investigation,BY21760 on 23 April 2019.
  • Added FT46025, FT46201, FT46657, MF49608.2, BY67723, FT47054, FT47482, FT47568, FT47692^^, FT47754, FT47780, FT47816, FT47861, FT47906, FT47926, FT47955, FT47961, FT47984, FT48013, FT48017, FT48047, FT48065, FT48090, FT48129, FT48208, FT48277, FT48291, FT48309, FT48313, FT48316, FT48355, FT48356, FT48368, Y136129.2, FGC34826^^/Y13112^^ on 24 April 2019.
  • Added FT47046, FT47474, FT47530, FT47543, FT47650, FT47773, FT47893, FT47987, FT48007, FT48036, FT48301, FT48325, FT48350, FT48389, FT48397^^, FT48400^^, Y83075.2, FT47990, FT48402^^, FT32324^^, FT32354, FT32514, FT32764, FT21560, BY162346, FT23608 on 25 April 2019.
  • Added BY84202, F18893^^, FT48614, FT49542, FT49597, FT49621, FT49659, FT49740, FT49797, FT49854, FT50003, FT50254, FT50260, FT50266, FT50273, FT50323^^, FT50424, FT50450^^, FT50509, FT50605, FT50632, FT50706, FT50884, FT50890, FT50940, FT50986, FT51023, FT51213, FT51424, FT51432, FT51437, FT51549, FT51561, FT51629^^, Y111615.2 on 26 April 2019.
  • Added BY114181, BY125312, BY136747, BY139732, BY142793, FGC81741^^, Y58343.2 on 29 April 2019.
  • Added FT55667, FT55711, FT55713, FT55772, FT55923, FT55927, FT55946, FT55976, FT55977, FT55979, FT55999, FT56012, FT56063, FT56195, FT56198, FT56216, FT56287, FT56299, FT56315, FT56350, FT56370, FT56380^^, FT56385^^, Y81557.2, FT58419 to tree investigation on 6 May 2019.
  • Added BY96205, MF4473, Y170555, Y170563, Y170615, Y170618, Y170628, Y170656, Y170688, Y170719, Y170729, Y170771, Y170825 on 7 May 2019.
  • Added MF1886, MF1887, MF1888, MF1889, MF1890, MF1891, MF1892, MF3730, MF4403, MF5289, Y170551, Y170591, Y170643, Y170658, Y170693, Y170773, Y170783, Y170839 on 8 May 2019.
  • Added BY108585, BY198011, BY198041, BY198060, BY198071. BY198690, BY198717, BY198726, BY198935, BY198999, BY199256, BY199431, BY199443, BY199483, BY199493, BY199514, BY199545, BY199593, BY199662, BY200006, BY200357, BY200414, BY200443, BY200652, BY200720. BY200771, BY200924, BY200985, BY201098, BY201163, BY201399, BY201421, BY210979, BY227246, BY181029, BY181172, BY181236, BY181318, BY181394, BY181506, BY181536, BY181586, BY181608, BY181615, BY181734, BY181867, BY182047, BY182078, BY182104, BY182110, BY182112, BY182375, BY210592, FGC16603, Y37165.2 on 9 May 2019.
  • Added BY55293, BY60610, BY75861, BY81780, BY92528, BY92529, BY92945, BY99168, BY103057, BY111962, BY112868, BY113788, BY122343, BY131992, BY132884, BY137699, BY142008, BY148319^^, BY149211, BY156795/Z45415, Y55025.2, BY63305, BY73783, BY74391, BY79018, BY80950, BY90129, BY91088, BY93740, BY96577, BY96641, BY97971, BY104307, BY107405, BY112648, BY113902, BY139234, BY151432^^, FGC32171 on 10 May 2019.
  • Added BY37133^^, BY37134, BY37135, BY37136, BY37137, BY37138, BY37139, BY37140, BY37141, BY37142, BY37143, BY37146, BY37147, BY37148, S25862^^, BY67733, BY98384, BY101295, BY103051, BY117183, BY80842, BY85590, BY156361, BY104423 on 11 May 2019.
  • Added BY62857, BY103612, FGC305.2, FT52808, FT52842, FT52857, FT52876, FT52959, FT52997, FT53038, FT53130, FT53199, FT53301, FT53526, FT53596, FT53620, FT53654, FT53754, FT53804, FT53818, FT53884, FT53890, FT53891^^, FT53978, FT54073, FT54270, FT54311, FT54315, FT54444, FT54476, FT54542, FT54682, FT54688, FT54794, FT54836, FT54836, FT54874, FT54878, FT54988, FT55026, FT55090, FT55091, FT55112^^, FT55114^^, FT55147, FT55164, FT55179, FT55227, MF58230 on 12 May 2019.
  • Added FT27668^^, FT27930, FT30010, Y168946, Y58101, FT55156 on 13 May 2019.
  • Added F10707^^, F12625/FGC16454/Y8785, F13093/FGC16488/Y8785, FT57400, FT57432, FT57490, Y63622.2, F17644^^/MPB403^^, MPB404^^ on 15 May 2019.
  • Added FT48097, BY88436, FT57415^^, FT57514, FT57585, FT57735, FT58153, FT58161, FT58163, FT58183, FT58220, FT58258, FT58363, FT58461, FT58536, FT58554, FT58720, FT58789 on 16 May 2019.
  • Added BZ3097.2, FT1874, FT56736, FT57376, FT57423, FT57470, FT57515, FT57558, FT57564.2, FT57577, FT57601, FT57660^^, FT57706, FT57717, FT57721, FT57738, FT57782, FT57840, FT57865, FT57875, FT57883, FT57914, FT57920, FT57949, FT57987, FT58033, FT58102, FT58110, FT58121, FT58133, FT58146, FT58184, FT58208, FT58249, FT58271, FT58318, FT58341, FT58364, FT58407, FT58436, FT58578, FT58611, FT58613, FT58614, FT58675, FT58739, FT58746, FT58779, MF44978.2 on 17 May 2019.
  • Added BY69595, BY71717, BY74557, BY75777, BY120613, BY131473, BY131951, BY134269, BY136054, BY138976, BY143910, FGC59239, Y138620, ZS6920.2, BY105111, A15374,2, FT59952, FT60203, FT60257, Y75966,2 on 18 May 2019.
  • Added FGC37711, FGC37660, FGC37669, FGC37679, FGC37693, FGC37695^^ to tree; added FGC37221, BY156830, FT62339, FT62788, FT62818, FT62877, FT62911, FT62930, FT63172, FT63212, FT63229, FT63248^^, FT63261, FT63269^^, FT63369, FT63411, FT63420, FT63451, FT63527, FT63529, FT63608, FT63643^^, FT63653, FT63655^^, MF65298.2, Y95937.2, Y101685.2, Y103158.2 on 20 May 2019.
  • Added FGC3770, BY90451, FT61413, FT61478, FT61505, FT61517, FT61549, FT61584, FT61693, FT61947, FT62074, FT62161 on 21 May 2019.
  • Added FGC66710, Y172502, Y172541, Y172556 on 22 May 2019.
  • Added FT62750, FT62804, FT62810, FT62846, FT62886, FT62899, FT62908, FT62909, FT62962, FT63054, FT63070, FT63179, FT63181, FT63230, FT63295, FT63332, FT63335, FT63395, FT63406, FT63460, FT63502, FT63544, FT63616, FT62623, FT63640, FT63675 FT65144 on 23 May 2019.
  • Added BY87155, FGC20931, MF85904, Y172688, Y172691, Y172707, Y172729, Y172730, Y172750, Y172751, Y172804, Y172818, Y172822, Y172832, Y172873, Y172888, Y172915, Y172916, Y172919, F1200, F1824, F2409, F618, CTS5467, CTS11193, CTS12149^^, F202^^, MF1150, MF1152, MF1153, MF1154, CTS9595, F22531, MF16482, F20523, MF8759, MF18144, SK1698, F18567, MF37682, Y166103, MF17397, MF17665, MF17747, MF14479, MF16714^^, F1435, F1988, F3113, MF14140, MF14284, MF14412, MF7188, MF7189, MF7190, MF7207, MF7208, MF7209, F288, F1106, F2702, MF8764, MF8835, MF8843, MF8848 on 24 May 2019.
  • Added FGC37304, FT66020, FT66997, FT67012, FT67121, FT67149, FT67174, FT67175, FT67196, FT67228, FT67234, FT67243, FT67337, FT67338, FT67361, FT67431^^, FT67461, FT67587^^, FT67638, FT67936, FT67938, FT68152, FT68192^^, FT68387, FT68392, FT68494, FT68507, FT68516, FT68852, FT69096, FT69262^^, FT69310^^ on 26 May 2019.
  • Added BY110371, BY186207, BY186332, BY186854, BY186950, BY187524, BY187959, BY188487, BY188558, BY209551, BY210072, Y79951.2, FT15840^^, Z46465 on 28 May 2019.
  • Added F21824, MF1155^^, MF8794, F18913, F18976, F20028, MF7241, MF7242^^, MF7243, MF8757, MF8820, MF8836, MF7251, MF7253, MF7250, MF7258. MF7254, MF7255, MF15031, MF15678. MF15916, MF7248, MF7249, MF7277^^, MF7285, MF7288, MF1156, MF1157, MF1158, MF1159, MF1170, BY38244, MF8805, MF9107, MF8873^^, MF8936, MF8953, MF14440, MF14598, Y154728, MF2694, Y139000, Y139008, MF14276, MF14280, MF14312^^, MF14692, MF14710, MF16127, MF16706 to tree on 31 May 2019.
  • Added BY54505, BY87006/Y159223, BY88365/Y159206, BY103274, BY149852, BY182515/Y159259, BY182516/Y159221, BY182602/Y159255, BY182637/Y159195, BY182664/Y159191, BY182680/Y159185, BY182701/Y159247, BY182710/Y159211, BY182792/Y159225, BY182805/Y159192, BY182971/Y159222, BY183061/Y159182, BY183084/Y93607, BY183113/Y159177, BY183136/Y159207, BY183189/Y159197, BY183232/Y159224, BY183249, BY183290/Y159229, BY183355/Y159190, BY183416/Y159231, BY183423/Y159238, BY183424, BY183447/Y159179, BY183462/Y159208, BY183485/Y159236, BY183495/Y159249, BY183559/Y159184, BY183619/Y159209, BY183634/Y159257, BY183637/Y159232, BY183673/Y159176, BY183727, BY183764/Y159242, BY183814^^, BY183815^^/Y159205^^, BY183828/Y159180, FT69996, FT70045, FT70077, FT70080, FT70202, FT70223, FT70292, FT70345, FT70356, FT70383, FT70440^^, Y60041.2, Y159219, Y159248, Y159254 on 2 June 2019.
  • Added BY148992, FT70703, FT70732, FT70749, FT70758, FT70781, FT70924, FT70925, FT71007, FT71013, FT71029, FT71033, FT71044, FT71045, FT71060, FT71144, FT71172, FT71196, FT71206, FT71225, FT71237, FT71245, FT71246, FT71260, FT71294^^, MF86679, FT70700, FT70751, FT70818, FT70824, FT70917, FT70956, FT71016, FT71025, FT71026, FT71050, FT71067, FT71075, FT71079, FT71110, FT71162, FT71189, FT71224, FT71239, FT71259, FT71269^^, Y110246.2, BY199033 on 5 June 2019.
  • Added CTS6840, FGC62457, FGC62479, FGC62492, MF14314, MF14470, MF14485, MF17568^^, MF14621, MF15911, MF16174, MF16490, MF15708, MF19271, MF16703, MD16618, CTS679, CTS4997, CTS7010, CTS5105 on 6 June 2019.
  • Added BY134081, BY167818, FT52805, FT52894, FT52905, FT52967, FT52979, FT53047, FT53119, FT53312, FT53323^^, FT53409, FT53577, FT53704, FT54101, FT54109, FT54213, FT54234, FT54277, FT54293, FT54505 ,FT54508, FT54599, FT54700, FT54739, FT54757, FT54787, FT54808, FT54880, FT54923, FT55062, FT55077, FT55132^^, FT55168, FT55226^^, MF65173 on 12 June 2019.
  • Added FT69475^^,BY54724, BY141247, FGC14454, FGC54492, FT10730, FT69411, FT69423, FT69500^^, FT69504^^, FT69538, FT69543, FT69558, FT69561^^, FT69562^^, FT69568, FT69593, FT69606, FT69610, FT69623, FT69640, FT69641, FT69661, FT69678, FT69698, FT69708, MF81265, Y76392, ZS5526.2^^ 13 June 2019.
  • Added MF14122, MF14138, F1403, F1404, MF7320^^, MF9185, MF9198, MF9200, MF9248^^, F2459, F2658, F3278, F2725, MF7348, MF7359, MF14177, MF15089, MF16497, MF9266, MF9267, MF7360, MF7361, BY139081, MF14405, MF14669, MF1348, MF1349, MF1350, CTS5907, MF9326, MF9328, MF9339, BY56281, BY62250, BY91584, BY177682, BY195647, FGC74740, FGC89935, FT12865, FT34643, FT53560, FT54733, FT71356, FT71387^^, FT71392^^, FT71404, FT71413^^, FT61468^^, FT71567^^, FT71572^^, FT71581^^, FT71582^^, FT71583^^, FT71596^^, FT71643^^, FT71648^^, FT71651^^, FT71668^^, FT71684^^, FT71709^^, FT71713^^, FT71721^^, FT71732^^, FT71745^^, FT71749^^, FT71754^^, FT71783, FT71784, FT71788, FT71792, FT71810, FT71816, FT71817, FT71826, FT71849, FT71852^^, FT71864, FT71899, FT71900, FT71905, FT71914, FT71932, FT71937, FT71939, FT71947, FT71961, FT71964^^, FT71980, FT72011, FT72012, FT72028^^, FT72035, FT72042^^, FT72044, FT72060, FY72065, FT72072, FT72077, FT72079, FT72084, FT72090, FT72093, FT72098, FT72100, FT72109, FT72112, FT72127, FT72136, FT72141, FT72152, FT72160, FT72165, FT72166, FT72172, FT72182, FT72194, FT72196, FT72212, FT72216, FT72217, FT72218, FT72221, FT72226, FT72227, FT72240^^, FT72258, FT72274, FT72282, FT72288, FT72292, FT72302, FT72316, FT72320, FT72336, FT72352, FT72358, FT72365, FT72370, FT72372, FT72372, FT72373, FT72385, FT72387, FT72389, FT72399, FT72401, FT72403, FT72404, FT72412, FT72414, FT72416, FT72417, FT72439, FT72444, FT72449, FT72452, FT72453, FT72454, FT72458, FT72462, FT72464, FT72476, FT72482, FT72487, FT72489, FT72498, FT72501, FT72502, FT72503, FT72538, FT72553, FT72559, FT72562, FT72565, FT72575, FT72578, FT72584, FT72587, FT72592, FT72595, FT72603, FT72609, FT72618, FT72623, FT72634, FT72637, FT72642, FT72646, FT72665, FT72677, FT72712, FT72713, FT72718, FT72730^^, FT72731^^, FT72736^^, FT72742, FT72755, FT72761^^, MF28014.2, MF41790.2, MF47295.2, MF103184.2, Y42200.2, Y44495.2, Y96677.2, Y129596.2, Y133907.2, Y151120, BY82125, BY91277, F25157, FT12823^^, FT12829^^, FT12875, FT14245, PH666^^, Y25212, Y25216, Y25267^^, Y25269^^, Y27084, Y27099, Y27140^^, Y27142, Z31935^^, Z31946, Z32003, Z32032, Z32047^^, Z32049^^ on 10 June 2019.
  • Added CTS3946, CTS4030/Z1605, CTS4031/V2898, CTS7583, CTS8111^^, CTS9692^^, CTS1104 on 15 June 2019.
  • Added A5580.2, A22841, A23173.2, A23646, A15271.2^^, BY22527.2, BY43620, BY51482^^, BY71851, BY76394.2, BY108252, BY127272, BY164224, BY182133,2, BY205007, BY205008, BY205012, BY205013, BY205021, BY205027, BY205030, BY205032, BY205036, BY205041, BY205042, BY205043, BY205045, BY205047, BY205049, BY205053, BY205054, BY205055, BY205058, BY205059, BY205060, BY205066, BY205069, B205070, BY205071, BY205075, BY205076, BY205077, BY205078, BY205080, BY205081, BY205082, BY205089, BY205091, BY205092, BY205093, BY205094, BY205095, BY205099, BY205103, BY205107, BY205110, BY205111, BY205113, BY205116, BY205120, BY205122, BY205123, BY205128, BY205129, BY205133, BY205135^^, BY205138^^, BY205141, BY205142, BY205151, BY205159, BY205160, BY205161, BY205162, BY205163, BY205165, BY205167, BY205169, BY205170, BY205172, BY205173, BY205174, BY205175, BY205176, BY205177, BY205179, BY205180, BY205181, BY205184, BY205186, BY205187, BY205188, BY205191, BY205192, BY205193, BY205194, BY205211, BY205212, BY205213, BY20515, BY205217, BY205219, BY205224, BY205227, BY205229, BY205230, BY205233, BY205234, BY205235, BY205236, BY205243, BY205245, BY205248, BY205250, BY205251, BY205253, BY205257, BY205260, BY205257, BY205260, BY205263, BY205266, BY205268, BY205276, BY205277, BY205278, BY205279, BY205280, BY205283, BY205284, BY205285, BY205286, BY205288, BY205290, BY205298, BY205302, BY205305, BY205306, BY205311, BY205312, BY205323, BY205324, BY205326, BY205329, BY205331, BY205332, BY205333, BY205335, BY205339, BY205340, BY205347, BY205349, BY205353.2/MF50411.2, BY205354, BY205355, BY205357.2/Y161461.2, BY205358, BY205360, BY205365, BY205366, BY205370, BY205371, BY205372, BY205373, BY205376, BY205377, BY205378, BY205380, BY205381, BY205382, BY205383, BY205386, BY205288, BY205389, BY205391, BY205393, BY205395, BY205398, BY205399, BY205403, BY205406, BY205407, BY205408, BY205409, BY205410, BY205412, BY205415, BY205418, BY205419, BY205420, BY205421, BY205423, BY205424, BY205426, BY205427, BY205428, BY205429, BY205438, BY205439, BY205442, BY205443, BY205447, BY205448, BY205450, BY205452, BY205453, BY205455, BY205457, BY205463^^, BY205464^^, BY205466^^, BY205467^^, BY205468^^, BY205469^^, BY205479^^, BY205480, BY206165, BY211512, BZ1090.2, CTS13036, CTS13037^^, CTS13038^^, CTS13039, CTS13040, CTS13041, CTS13042, CTS13043^^, CTS13044, CTS13045^^, CTS13046^^, CTS13047, CTS13048, CTS13049^^, CTS13050^^, CTS13051^^, CTS13052, CTS13053^^, CTS13054, CTS13055, CTS13056, CTS13057, CTS13058, CTS13059^^, CTS13060, CTS13061, CTS13062, CTS13063, CTS13064, CTS13065, CTS13066, CTS13067, CTS13068, CTS13069, CTS13070, CTS13071, CTS13072, CTS13073, CTS13074, CTS13075, CTS13076, CTS13077, CTS13078, CTS13079, CTS13080, DF23.2/S193.2, F11676.2, FGC9808.2/Z16337.2, FGC10536.2, FGC15875.2, FGC16634.2^^, FGC17110.2/Y6213.2, FT75, FT76, FT153, FT154, FT156^^, FT157, FT158, FT159, FT160, FT161, FT162, FT163, FT186, FT188, FT191, FT192, FT193, FT194, FT200, FT202, FT203^^, FT204^^, FT205, FT211, FT212, FT213, FT214, FT216, FT217, FT218, FT219, FT221, FT222, FT226, FT227, FT228, FT229, FT230, FT231, FT232, FT233, FT235, FT236, FT237, FT238, FT239, FT240, FT244, FT245, FT247, FT248^^, FT249^^, FT250^^, FT51792, FT52814, FT52899, FT52957, FT52962, FT53110, FT53117. FT53133, FT53292, FT53297^^, FT53378, FT53467^^, FT53515, FT53539, FT53540, FT53609, FT53622, FT53757, FT53763, FT53773, FT53786, FT53802, FT54030, FT54077, FT54111, FT54121, FT54169, FT54210, FT54215, FT54260, FT54287, FT54338, FT54358, FT54562, FT54567, FT54580, FT54608, FT54663, FT54734, FT54805, FT54826, FT54837, FT54844, FT54855, FT54939, FT54959, FT55037, FT55042, FT55061, FT55231, FT73005, FT73006^^, FT73013^^, FT73014, FT73015, FT73016^^, FT73017, FT73018, FT3019^^, FT73020, FT73021^^, FT73022^^, FT73023, FT73024, FT73025, FT73026, FT73027, FT73031, FT73034^^, FT73036, FT73037^^, FT73038^^, FT73039, FT73041, FT73045^^, FT73046, FT73047, FT73049, FT73050^^, FT73051^^, FT73064^^, FT73065^^, MF2108.2, MF19360.2, MF41862.2, Y21364.2, Y43583.2, Y47785.2, Y57303.2, YP5061.2, Z17501.2, ZS9769.2^^ on 19 June 2019.
  • Added Y26165^^ to tree investigation; added FGC9054, FT26453^^, Y26284^^, Y26224/Z41455, Y26278^^, Y26170/Z41405, Y26173/Z41406, Y27756/Z41407, Z41408, Y27757/Z41409, FT61347^^ on 23 June 2019.
  • Added F18342, F19241, F22808, FT61350^^, FT62021, PH4133, S19576, SK1890, SK1897, SK1900, Y26126, Y26127, Y26137, Y26144, Y26154, Y26155, Y26158^^, Y26162, Y26164^^, Y26171, Y26174^^, Y26175, Y26176^^, Y26178, Y26180, Y26182, Y26184, Y26185, Y26186, Y26187, Y26188, Y26191, Y26192, Y26193, Y26195, Y26202, Y26213, Y26222, Y26223, Y26225, Y26226, Y26227, Y26229, Y26231, Y26234, Y26237, Y26238, Y26245, Y26247, Y26252, Y26259, Y26267, Y26270, Y26281^^, Y26282, Y27737, Y27741, Y27742, Y27743, Y27745, Y27747, Y27754, Y27761, Y27763, Y27766, Y27781, Y27783. Y27786, Y27789, Y27791, Y27794, Y27800, Y27803, Y27810, Y27813, Y27814, Y27817, Y27819, Y27820, Y27825, Y27826, Y141863, Y154896, A17763.2, BY165446, BY205691.2/Y164536.2, F16114, F16490, F18697, F23927, F61431, FGC53610, FT60487, FT60491, FT60492, FT60494, FT60496, FT61039, FT61062, FT61065, FT61068, FT61069, FT61071, FT61104, FT61122^^, FT61125, FT61126, FT61140, FT61143, FT61144, FT61447^^, FT61453, FT61460, FT61462, FT61465, FT61472, FT61473, FT61491, FT61500, FT61510, FT61540, FT61573, FT61587, FT61602, FT61615, FT61620, FT61638, FT61650, FT61655, FT61662, FT61667, FT61676, FT61692, FT61709, FT61761, FT61770, FT61808, FT61813, FT61830, FT61831, FT61860, FT61872, FT61889, FT61891, FT61894, FT61903, FT61908^^, FT61934, FT61937, FT61943, FT61944, FT61958, FT61962, FT61969, FT61978, FT61983, FT62023, FT62037^^, FT62059, FT62069, FT62088, FT62089, FT62092, FT62093, FT62114, FT62125, FT62133, FT62139, FT62157, M828, MF11261.2, V3420, Y26163, Y26200, Y146339.2, Z15384.2, BY77221^^, BY101101 to tree; added BY91668, FT47632, FT47683, FT47697, FT47704, FT48032, FT48183, FT48298, FT48318, FT48333, FT48346, FT48433^^, FT48461, PH3064, Z29800.2 on 24 June 2019.
  • Added BY20008, BY20016, BY20017, BY54227, BY61045, BY62222, BY63975, BY67609, BY68821, BY69867, BY70643, BY74082, BY75553, BY76442, BY76842^^, BY77241^^, BY78473^^, BY78698^^, BY86474^^, BY86719^^, BY87491, BY87517, BY87981, BY88543^^, BY88811^^, BY89543^^, BY89590^^, BY90704, BY91764^^, BY92052^^, BY95764, BY104610, BY104975, BY105513^^, BY106099, BY109992, BY111391, BY114463, BY115210, BY118110, BY140989, BY147353^^, BY149111, BY155959, BY156225, F15782, S17615, S9697.2, Y81259, Y81301, Y81565, Y81941, Y82366, Y82650, Y83094, Y83180, Y83279, Y83489, Y83492, Y83609, Y83763, Y83979, Y84065, Y84167, Y84168, Y84224, Y84368, Y84471, Y84898, Y84958, Y84978, Y85011, Y85033, Y85065, Y85099, Y85418, Y85478, Y85773, Y85888, Y85910, Y86043, Y86056, Y86182, Y86259, Y86463, Y86729, Y86782, Y86898, Y87095, Y87148, Y87156, Y87412, Y87461, Y87607, Y87644, Y87879, Y88188, Y88274, Y88278, Y88365^^, Y88451^^, Y88474, Y88670, Y88779, Y88855, Y88981, Y89419, Y89509, Y89537, Y89834, Y89859^^, Y90243, Y90374, Y90437, Y90699, Y91125, Y91175, Y91234, Y91832^^, Y91929, Y92031, Y92186, Y92288, Y92679, Y92853, Y93072, Y93176, Y93178, Y93325, Y93333, Y93352, Y93383, Y93587, Y93685, Y93922, Y94065, Y94192, Y94318, Y94509, Y94607, Y94668, Y94715, Y94773, Y95099, Y95146, Y95225, Y95384^^, Y95488, Y95740, Y96014, Y96370, Y96372, Y96572, Y96603, Y96739, Y96985, Y97044, Y97045, Y97046, Y97263, Y97565, Y97704, Y97782, Y97831, Y98126, Y98138, Y98166, Y98338, Y98681, Y98813, Y98892, Y98899, Y99043, Y99185, Y99313, Y99387, Y99509, Y99676, Y99728, Y99908, Y100035, Y100113, Y100157, Y100213, Y100368, Y100451, Y100455, Y100469^^, Y100482, Y100619, Y100646, Y100695, Y100702, Y100758, Y100861, Y101104, Y101126, Y101131, Y101455, Y101470, Y101714, Y101835, Y101997, Y102171, Y102270, Y102298, Y102337, Y102388, Y102496, Y102532, Y102572, Y102869, Y103066, Y103258, Y103505, Y103593, Y103749, Y104127, Y104137, Y104682, Y104683, Y104959, Y104997, Y105368, Y105375, Y105383, Y105513, Y105628, Y105738, Y106085, Y106165, Y106168, Y106310, Y106608, Y106650, Y107210, Y107217, Y107268, Y107411, Y107521, Y107568, Y107938, Y107944, Y107946, Y108151, Y108206, Y108526, Y108597, Y108902, Y108906, Y108921, Y109148, Y109222, Y109329, Y109723, Y109774, Y110032, Y110295, Y110686, Y110806, Y111208, Y111239, Y111735, Y111736, Y111796, Y111902, Y111903, Y112031, Y112259^^, Y112309^^, Y112325^^, Z36058.2, Z39050.2 on 26 June 2019.
  • Added CTS4452, Y173835, CTS6801, Y173834, CTS798, MF14883^^, MF14654, BY180079^^, FGC62833, BY37723, BY56049, BY62667, BY70486, BY93457, BY97357 on 29 June 2019.
  • Added A10243.2, FGC61555^^, FGC61556, FGC61557, FGC61560, FGC61561, FGC61562, S1266 on 30 June 2019.
  • Added Y2998, FGC1925/Y2202, Y2229, ACT176, Y26609, ACT296, ACT339, ACT540/Y125177, ACT541/Y125118, ZS7712, BZ226, BZ231, BZ232, BZ233, BZ236, BZ237, BZ238, BZ239, BZ240, BZ241, BZ244, BZ226, BZ229, BZ230, BZ234, BZ235, BZ242, BZ243, BZ278, BZ279, BZ293, Y37158, Y37639, BZ295, BZ3076, BZ3077, BZ3078, BZ3079, BZ5047, BZ5048, BZ5049, BZ5050, BZ5051, BZ5052, BZ5053, BZ5054, BZ5055, BZ5056, BZ5057, BZ5058, Y87149, Y86356, Y87218, Y87727, Y87855, Y88251, Y94812, Y94987, Y95996, Y97685, Y100992, Y100994, Y103918, Y106093, Y106866, Y108040, Y112141, BZ306, BZ3060, BZ3061, BZ3062, BZ3063, BZ3064, BZ3065, BZ3066, BZ3067, BZ3068, BZ3069, Y166175, Y166224, Y166454, Y166527, BY325, BY326, BY327, BZ4428, BZ4429, BZ4430, BZ4431, BZ4432, BZ4433, BZ4434, BZ4435, BZ4436, BZ4437, BZ4438, BZ4439, Y32745, BZ3900, BZ3908, BZ3909, BZ3910, BZ3911, BZ3912, BZ3913, BZ3914, BZ3915, BZ3916, BZ3917, BZ3922, BZ3928, BZ3932, BZ3933, BZ3934, BZ3936, BZ3923, BZ3924, BZ3925, BZ3926, BZ2927, BZ3929, BZ3931, BZ3935, BZ3937, BZ5084, BZ5085, BZ5086, BZ5088, BZ5089, BZ5090, BZ5091, BZ5092, BZ5093, BZ5094, BZ5095, BZ5059, BZ5060, BZ5061, BZ5062, BZ5062, BZ5063, BZ5064, BZ5065, BZ5066, BZ5067, BZ5068, BZ5069, BZ5070, BZ5071, BZ5072, BZ5073, BZ5074, BZ5075, BZ5076, BZ5077, BZ5078, BZ5079, BZ5080, BZ5081, BZ5082, BZ5083, BZ384, BZ388, BZ391, L327, ACT1, ACT53, ACT65, ACT84, ACT112, ACT135, ACT182, ACT187, ACT199, ACT204, ACT246, ACT249, ACT258, ACT290, ACT301, ACT312, ACT332, ACT1241, ACT1332, Y13982, Y135984, Y135990, Y135992, Y135993, Y136010, Y136012, Y136021, Y136024, Y136025, BZ883, BZ884, BZ885, BZ886, BZ887, BZ888, BZ899, BZ901, BZ902, BZ903, BZ904, BZ3149, ZS8307, BY5737, BZ1680, BZ3145, BZ3147, BZ3150, BZ3155, BZ3156, BZ3157, Y61410, Y62254, Y66353, Y66827, Y69347, Y73645, Y75554, Y75701, Y76474, Y82390, Y83267, Y85929, Y90540, Y90556, Y92999, Y96866, Y99158, Y99353, Y100218, Y100512, Y100773, Y100828, Y102336, Y102530, Y110653, Y113201, F4569, F4588, F4658, F4699, F4717, F4731, F4772, F2824, F4845, F4908, F4938, F4967, F4971, F5112, F5117, F5139, F5157, F5158, F5188, F5213, F5234, F5265, F5267, F5335, F5337, F5382, F5385, F5407, F5413, F7012, F7407, Z19136, BZ518, Z36905, BZ474, BZ475, BZ476, BZ477, BZ479, BZ480, BZ481, BZ482, BZ483, BZ484, BZ485, BZ487, BZ488, BZ489, Y29467, Y28560, Y28563, Y35093, Y35094, Y35092, Y34111, Y34110, Y34112, Y34113, Y34114, Y34116, Y34117, Y34118, Y34119, Y34120 Y34121, Y34122, Y34123, Y34124, YSC0000039, BY185054, BY184727, BY185257, FT1853/Y166471, Y34109, S25715, Y27271, Y34115, Y95079, Y65762, Y72185, Y78497, Y67646, Y75863, Y166231, Y166172, Y166317, Y166172, Y166317, Y166320, Y166322, Y166346, Y166391, Y166420, Y166450, Y166452 on 4 July 2019.
  • Added Z6150^^, BZ3135.2, ZS8085.2 to tree; added FGC5410, FT45822^^, FT46006, FT46095, FT46099, FT46106, FT46169, FT46244, FT46250, FT46258, FT46292, FT46316, FT46335, FT46350, FT46374, FT46382, FT46435, FT46462, FT46471, FT46495, FT46497, FT46525, FT46578, FT46596, FT46614, FT46675, FT46700, FT46842, MF45369.2 on 5 July 2019.
  • Added CTS1763, CTS2183, CTS3994, CTS11525, CTS1980, Z35182.2, MF2541, NF2545, MF2546, MF2558, MF2549, MF2548, NF2557, MF2549, MF2548, FGC50625, Y52580.2, A11476.2^^, FGC50672, Y172144, FGC50710, PH2141, FCG50673, MF15268, FGC32772, MF18626, MF15693, MF15348, SK1702, FGC50535^^/V4992^^, FGC50540, F4010.2/MPB190.2, FGC50638, BY46774, Z46466^^, Z46467, MF15589, Z46468, MF3726^^, Y65106.2, BY54719, Y165598, BY63584, BY55062, BY60863, BY166040, BY166650^^, BY168908, FT72518, Y28678.2, Y93011, Y24862.2 on 7 July 2019.
  • Added BY151592, Y85232, Y85544, Y86006, Y86819, Y90846, Y91640, Y93456, Y95388, Y96839, Y97155, Y99370, Y99576, Y100005, Y102146, Y102767, Y103511, Y103814, Y105277, Y107056, Y109303, Y110854, Y111265, Y111537 on 8 July 2019.
  • Added FGC64351, BY188866 on 9 July 2019.
  • Added BY84821^^, Y38041, Y38309, Y38045, Y87458, Y87459, Y89459, Y89459, Y108315, Y112894^^, Y141989, Z6370^^, Z6877^^, Z6893, Z40220, Y101379, F862, F1027, F1028, F1895, F2495, F1423, F1483, F2787, F4125, MF1182, MF1184, MF1181, F2696, CTS8490, CTS8780, CTS10754 on 10 July 2019.
  • Added BY153343, BY153386, BY153917, BY154165, BY154909, BY154974, BY154976, BY155045, BY155218, BY155376, BY155590, FGC9987 to tree; added FT78860, FT79158, FT79404, FT79989, FT80031, FT80088, FT78957, FT79586, FT78495^^, FT78800, FT78818, FT78823^^, FT78873, FT78936, FT79153, FT79183, FT79835, FT79606, FT79916, FT79932, FT79945, FT80131, FT80265^^, FT75621, FT76294^^, FT77002, FT78942, FT78990^^, FT78997, FT79019^^, FT79134, FT79156, FT79290, FT79345, FT79374, FT79388, FT79410, FT79487, FT79649, FT79739, FT79806, FT79897, FT80002, FT80045, FT80063, FT80109, FT80147, FT80154, FT80194, to tree investigation on 11 July 2019.
  • Added BY93933, FT79420, FT797610, FT79778, FT79823, FT79889, FT80036, FT80182, FT80165^^, BY76463, BY92722, BY106121, BY106818, BY112639, BY112775, BY127127, BY131193, SK162 to tree investigation on 12 July 2018.
  • Added Y91897, Y94323, Y99924, Y99950, Y100634, Y102689, Y103126, Y103779, Y108039, Y113060, MF3698.2^^, Z31850^^ to tree investigation on 15 July 2019.
  • Added FGC60953 to tree on 16 July 2019.
  • Added BY154584, Z46352 to tree; added BY155745 to tree investigation on 17 July 2019.
  • Added BY54695, BY66754, BY76267, BY76499, BY80906, BY81513, BY87709, BY90615, BY91364, BY91376, BY93743, BY95181, BY99430, BY104672, BY111802, BY123290, BY123764, BY129431, BY145087. FGC50766, MF33874.2 to tree investigation on 18 July 2019.
  • Added Y175451, F19508, Y175443, Y175449, Y175451, Y175473, Y175490, Y175495, Y175497, Y175500, Y175507^^, Y175510, Y175523, Y175536, Y175537, Y175540, Y175543, Y175549, Y175552, Y175562, Y175563^^, Y175569, Y175580, Y175585, Y175595, Y175603^^, Y175611, Y175641, Y175654, Y175678, Y175683, Y175692, Y175697, Y175721, Y175725^^, Y175740, Y175743, Y175745, Y175759, Y175775, Y175784, Y175789^^, Y175795, Y175815, Y175816, Y175821, Y175838, Y175851, Y175853, Y175868, Y175869, Y175885, Y175886, Y175891, Y175899, Y175901, Y175903, Y175911, Y175913^^, Y175920, Y175928, Y175930^^, Y175932, Y175936^^, Y175950, Y175956, Y175964, Y175968, Y175992, Y176027, Y176031^^, Y176040 to tree investigation on 22 July 2019.
  • Added FGC64928 to tree investigation on 23 July 2019.
  • Added BY37120^^, BY37121, BY37124, Y131647, Y131648, Y131649, Y131650, Y131651, Y131652, Y131654, Y131655, Y131656, Y131657, Y131658, Y131659, Y131660, Y131661, Y131662, Y131663, Y131664, Y131666, Y131667, Y131668, Y131670, Y131671, Y131672, Y131673, Y131699, CTS5963/2/S3729.2/V6191.2, CTS1286 to tree; added BY99280, BY112336, BY113101, BY121776, BY149105, Y131653, Y131665 to tree investigation on 24 July 2019.
  • Added FGC20902.3/ZS3748.2, Z25411, Z25444, F827, F865, F965, F1289, F3432, Y140808, Z25398, Z25399, Z25424, F1710, Y37861, Y37880, SK1709, Y37855, Y37856, Y37865^^, Y37879, SK1708, Y37866, Y37867, Y37868, F15848, F17139, F21077, F24849, F22246, Y161282, Y161283, Y161284, Y161302, Y161303, F16501, F17527, F25401, FGC71397^^/Y37883^^ CTS6579, CTS9866, F14832, F15433, F15788, F15792, F15414, F15454, F15462, CTS123, CTS192, CTS2847, F14807,F15815, F15988, F15815, F14807, F15988, F19315, MF9858, MF9859, MF9863^^, MF9864, MF9865, MF21594, MF37121, MF37394 on 27 July 2019.
  • Added BY28016, BY28017, BY28019, BY28020, BY28021, BY28022, BY28023, BY28024.2/Y106061.2, BY28025, BY28026/Y56967, BY28027, BY60951 on 30 July 2019.
  • Added FT84328^^, FT84819, FT84834, FT84873^^, FT84893^^, FT84898^^, FT84963, FT85060, FT85203^, FT85259, FT85286^^ FT84989, FT85013^^, FT83706, FT84026, FT84125, FT81086, FT81730, FT82206 on 31 July 2019.
  • Added BY201788, BY211442 to tree investigation; added BY28000, BY28007 on 1 August 2019.
  • Added Y38046 to tree; added BY79091, BY96736, BY116384, BY119984, BY127380, BY137739, BY137765, BY144430, BY150049, BY150892^^, FGC19555, FT87646, FT87655, Y76216.2 on 2 August 2019.
  • Added A9338.2, BY54739, BY77148^^, BY77844, BY78988^^, BY90155, BY98608, BY99044, BY102942, BY103149, BY110702, BY117230, BY119478, BY119966, BY130935, BY135261, BY140865, BY147430^^, BY150330, BY150637^^, V2668.2 on 3 August 2019.
  • Added Y68656, BY144314, BY146083, FT89125, FT89401, BY122417 on 5 August 2019.
  • Added BY52004, BY74745, BY74919, BY79352, BY98544, BY101380, BY101528, BY102609, BY103613, BY104609, BY105128, BY106316, BY109674, BY110238, BY113492, BY114388, BY118369, BY119648, BY125595, BY127433.2, BY130588, BY132445, BY141841, FT89046, FT89681, Y43059.2, Y155070, Y155081, Y155082 on 6 August 2019.
  • Added A13694.2, ACT1950.2/Y95173.2, BY83168, Y89232, Y90187, Y94247, Y98873, Y102589, Y103192, Y103771, Y105679, Y106268, Y107984, Y108153, Y108531, Y108943, Y110656, Y111262, Y111963, Y112143, Y135777, Y135811, Y135882 Y135912, MF3299, MF3922, MF3930, MF5022 on 29 July 2019.
  • Added CTS1287, CTS10188, F85, F151, M1156, CTS2338, CTS3270, F5/M1514, F8, F42, F204, F484, M1581^^, CTS4111, CTS5866, F76^^, F348, F490, A9459^^/F5970^^, ACT7481^^, F15823, F25796, F19925, F23807, BY78763 on 7 August 2019.
  • Added FGC23471^^/Y8389^^/Z25851^^, F693, F695, CTS4281, CTS10273, CTS12784^^, CTS3061, Y8387, Y9146, F14249^^, to tree on 8 August 2019.
  • Added F995, F1850, F2422, F3126, F3599^^, F14686^^/Z25799^^, E552/F14689, E261/M1518, E345/M1615, E370/M1668, E264/M1528, E361/M1646, E543^^/M1727^^, SK1740, Y137616, Y137628^^, Y137505, Y137507, Y137508, Y137559, Y137532^^, Y137578, Y137584, Y137618, A7011.2, Y77195.2, Z7771.2, MF2689, MF4645, MF48220 MF5111, Y138333, Y138344, Y138362, BY181046^^, Y163529.2, FT90715^^, FT89248 on 9 August 2019.
  • Added BY56585, BY59059^^, BY62053, BY72747, BY75344, BY78120, BY78846^^, BY81592^^, BY86727^^, BY87188, BY93360, BY98423, BY99159, BY100808, BY113060, BY115868, BY115905, BY115928, BY120041, BY120879, BY125525, BY128129, BY137205, BY137305, BY141971, BY143807, BY144481, BY145931, FGC14335.2, Y148717, ZQ458^, ZQ464, ZQ487 on 11 August 2019.
  • Added CTS7843.2, BY90885, BY148523^^, Y60206, Y64887^^, Y64697, Y65723^^, Y68698, Y70901, Y71746, Y73284, Y74706, Y75119, Y76024, Y78936, Y80116 on 14 August 2019.
  • Added CTS9751, F667^^, FGC16817/F6347/Y7101, FGC16824^^/F6403^^/Y7103^^, F55 on 15 August 2019.
  • Added CTS7300, F14475/Z26235, Y125458, F15657, F209, F14645/Z26103, F14676/Z26104, F14172/Y20147, F14372^^, F11444/Z26098, F14642/Z26102, CTS7377, A5034.2/F14370.2, Y30135 on 16 August 2019.
  • Added BY184027^^, BY184048, BY184070, BY184083, BY184095, BY184097, BY184104, BY184131, BY184139, BY184146, BY184175, BY184187, FT184325, FGC25934.2, FT92660, FT92909^^, FT91978^^, FT92990^^, FT93067, FT93135^^, FT93171, FT93179, FT93231, FT93233, FT93296, FT93368, FT93419, FT93433, FT93462^^, Y17032.2, Y27590.2/Z419832.2, FT44577^^, FT44145, FT43925, FT43814, FT43804, FT43781, FT43780, FT41580, FT41448, FT41305^^, FT39537^^, FT39149^^, FT38892^^, FT44209, CTS1346^^, FGC16858^^, FGC156862^^, F1413, F2871 on 17 August 2019.
  • Added FGC60479^^, FGC80187^^, FGC60480, FT57729, FT91238^^, FGC60485, FGC60487, FGC60489, FGC80188 F14327/Z26300, F14660/Z26329, Y21725, Y62628, F16920, F17843 on 18 August 2019.
  • Added BY158710, BY158720, BY158803, BY158907, BY158926, BY159035, BY159070, BY159120, BY159251, BY159324, BY159392, BY159456, BY159465, BY159643, BY159785, BY159819, BY160055, BY160127, BY160130, BY160167, BY160440, BY160479, BY160685, BY160699, BY160716, BY160723, BY160737, BY227222, F14184^^/Z26093^^, F14214^^/Z26092^^ on 19 August 2019.
  • Added BY54288, Y82135, Y89452, Y98600, Y99167, Y99639, Y101155, Y101620, Y102202, Y103130, Y106571, Y109171, Y109865, Y109872, Y109875, Y111352, BY57888^^, BY58553^^, BY83341, BY92910^^, BY99512^^, BY103036, BY108680, BY115657, BY124253, BY133741, BY133787, BY136702, BY137129, BY139653, BY142240, BY144862, BY148506^^, PH1706, PH2881, PH3161, PH5154 on 20 August 2019.
  • Added BY75839, BY85965, BY92456, BY99144, BY102953, BY109356, BY136526, BY136528, BY146799, FT89419, FT94891^^, FT95243, FT96515, FT97172, Y82063^^, Y94339.2, Y99999, Y151137, Y151142 to tree investigation on 21 August 2019.
  • Added F14366^^/Z25906^^ on 22 August 2019.
  • Added BY111300, Y140816, Y140817, Y140818, Y140838, BY79737^^, Y140839 on 23 August 2019.
  • Added BY174878/Y156340, BY174913/Y156323, BY175388/Y156356, BY175424/Y156359, BY175467/Y156313, BY175531/Y156322, BY175544/Y156320, BY175575, BY175600, BY175613/Y156303, BY175761/Y156310, BY175775/Y156333, BY175862/Y156307, BY175882/Y156343, BY176039/Y156334, BY176138/Y156337, BY176191/Y156327, BY176225^^, BY176249/Y156331, Y156350 on 24 August 2019.
  • Added BY23979, BY54283, BY55539, BY62466, BY64580, BY67815, BY71891, BY73818, BY78609^^, BY82731, BY91264, BY93806, BY93892, BY94286, BY99500, BY102777, BY110209, BY113517, BY117387, BY118991, BY119757, BY123564, BY124072, BY125727, BY142435, F23202, FT97456, MF1780.2, Y64492,2, Y132570 on 25 August 2019.
  • Added FT97108, BY186266^^ on 26 August 2019.
  • Added BY141989, BY206593, F6362.2, FT14946^^, FT29219, FT65819, FT74099, FT98721^^, FT98749^^, FT98754^^, FT98768^^, FT98788^^, FT98955^^, FT98978^^, FT98981^^, FT99030^^, FT99062^^, FT99069^^, FT99100, FT99101, FT99119, FT99120, FT99143, FT99144, FT99151, FT99156, FT99159, FT99166, FT99170, FT99172, FT99180, FT99184, FT99192, FT99193, FT99197, FT99200, FT99203, FT99219, FT99232^^, FT99237, FT99238, FT99246, FT99274, FT99276, FT99277, FT99288, FT99305, FT99319^^, FT99332, FT99336, FT99346, FT99347, FT99363, FT99364, FT99367, FT99370, FT99375, FT99410, FT99412, FT99416, FT99420, FT99429, FT99432, FT99440, FT99443, FT99445, FT99449, FT99450, FT99454, FT99457, FT99472, FT99482, FT99501, FT99507, FT99509, FT99531, FT99532, FT99537, FT99549, FT99552, FT99562, FT99566, FT99596, FT99597, FT99606, FT99608, FT99612, FT99633, FT99639, FT99646, FT99652, FT99654, FT99655, FT99664, FT99671, FT99676, FT99678, FT99685, FT99698, FT99714, FT99722^^, FT99727, FT99729, FT99735, FT99753^^, MF105554, Y93568.2 on 28 August 2019.
  • Added FT100994, FT100996, FT101011, FT101170, FT101175, FT101191, FT101234, FT101290, FT101328, FT101426^^, FT101587^^, FT101679, FT101695, FT101717, FT101748, FT101814, FT101821, FT102165, FT102230, FT102242, FT102247, FT102266, FT102390, FT102414, FT102424, FT102452, FT102563, FT102699, FT102701, FT102778, FT102847, FT102868, FT102898, FT103000, FT103028, FT103213, FT103249, Y81951.2^^, Y88729.2, MF11011, MF11110, Y137613^^, Y174105^^, Y137637, MF21, MF2610, MF2612, MF2614, MF2618, MF2615, CTS7181, F20868, Y154488^^, Y154511^^, MF1, MF2, FGC29526, MF3, MF4344, MF4455, MF4791, Y138426, Y138509, MF4^^, MF5, MF6, MF7, MF8^^, MF9, MF10, MF11, MF12, F22162, MF13, MF14, MF15, MF16, MF17, MF18, MF19, MF20, Y138597, MF23, Y146618, Y146646, Y146651, MF3302, MF4851, MF5883^^, Y173285, Y173395, F1494, F1933, F2118, Y138400, Y138403 on 29 August 2019.
  • Added MF49015, BY79235, FGC36297, S1726, Y98705, MF15397, MF15451, A9511.2, MF15266, MF49027, MF14333, MF14818, MF15313, MF16008, MF14879, MF15764, MF15281, MF14573, MF15850, MF16014, MF16711, MF14254^^, MF15326, MF16688, MF14287, MF14622, MF15010, MF15525, MF16611, MF14664, MF15561, MF16333 MF14296, MF15663, MF16088, BY71124, BY137008, Y47009, Y51519, Y170157, Y170158, Z46469, Z46470, Z46471, Z46472, Z46473, Z46474, Z46475, Z46476, Z46477, F14555/Z25910. MF14162, MF15017, MF16735^^, F1074, F1128, F1955, F2107, F2958, F3660, MF3168, FGC29990^^, MF4901, MF5500, SK1728, SK1729, on 30 August 2019.
  • Added FT12310^^, FT12327^^, F21693, FGC41821, FT11801^^, FT12252^^, FT12300^^, FT12356^^, FT12374^^, FT106490, Y25191, Y25192^^, Y25196, Y25198, Y25199, Y25200, Y25201, Y25202, Y25203, Y25206, Y25207, Y25208, Y25209, Y25210^^, Y25214, Y25217, Y25218, Y25219, Y25220, Y25221, Y25222, Y25226, Y25227, Y25228, Y25229, Y25230, Y25232, Y25234, Y25235, Y25236, Y25237, Y25238, Y25239, Y25240, Y25241, Y25242, Y25243, Y25244, Y25245, Y25247, Y25249, Y25252, Y25253, Y25256, Y25257, Y25259, Y25261, Y25263^^, Y25265, Y25266, Y25270^^, Y27081, Y27082, Y27086, Y27100, Y27101^^, Y27102, Y27103, Y27104, Y27107, Y27108, Y27109, Y27111, Y27112, Y27113, Y27119, Y27120, Y27122, Y27126, Y27127, Y27128, Y27129, Y27131, Y27133, Y27134, Y27135, Y27141, Z5570.2, FT11503, FT11539^^, FT11702, FT11842^^, FT11857^^, FT11876^^, FT13665, FT13969, FT14069, FT11907^^, FT11947^^, FT12065^^, FT12177^^, FT12459^^, FT14167, FT106478^^. FT106479^^, FT106487^^, FT106488^^, FT12796, FT12850, FT12860, FT12933, FT13007, FT13011, FT13040, FT13115, FT13144, FT106491, FT106393, FT106494, FT13152, FT13190, FT13193, FT13275, FT13367. FT13521, FT13531, FT13606, FT106503, FT106504, BY73035, FT14402^^, FT42471, FT101476, FT101896, FT102571, FT103277, FT13137 on 3 September 2019.
  • Added FT12310^^, FT12327^^, F21693, FGC41821, FT11801^^, FT12252^^, FT12300^^, FT12356^^, FT12374^^, FT106490, Y25191, Y25192^^, Y25196, Y25198, Y25199, Y25200, Y25201, Y25202, Y25203, Y25206, Y25207, Y25208, Y25209, Y25210^^, Y25214, Y25217, Y25218, Y25219, Y25220, Y25221, Y25222, Y25226, Y25227, Y25228, Y25229, Y25230, Y25232, Y25234, Y25235, Y25236, Y25237, Y25238, Y25239, Y25240, Y25241, Y25242, Y25243, Y25244, Y25245, Y25247, Y25249, Y25252, Y25253, Y25256, Y25257, Y25259, Y25261, Y25263^^, Y25265, Y25266, Y25270^^, Y27081, Y27082, Y27086, Y27100, Y27101^^, Y27102, Y27103, Y27104, Y27107, Y27108, Y27109, Y27111, Y27112, Y27113, Y27119, Y27120, Y27122, Y27126, Y27127, Y27128, Y27129, Y27131, Y27133, Y27134, Y27135, Y27141, Z5570.2, FT11503, FT11539^^, FT11702, FT11842^^, FT11857^^, FT11876^^, FT13665, FT13969, FT14069, FT11907^^, FT11947^^, FT12065^^, FT12177^^, FT12459^^, FT14167, FT106478^^. FT106479^^, FT106487^^, FT106488^^, FT12796, FT12850, FT12860, FT12933, FT13007, FT13011, FT13040, FT13115, FT13144, FT106491, FT106393, FT106494, FT13152, FT13190, FT13193, FT13275, FT13367. FT13521, FT13531, FT13606, FT106503, FT106504 to tree; added BY73035, FT14402^^, FT42471, FT101476, FT101896, FT102571, FT103277, FT13137 to tree investigation on 3 September 2019
  • Added FT101071, FT100464^^, FT100746^^, FT101114, FT101370, FT101933, FT102061, FT102513, FT102615, FT102628, FT102645, FT102655, FT102669, FT102677, FT102707, FT102877, FT102917, FT103217, Y113288.2^^ on 4 September 2019.
  • Added FT8419, FT7715^^, FT8784, FT9048^^, FT9092, FT9127, FT9431, FT9507, FT9546, FT9726, FT10063, FT10121, FT10254, FT10354, " FT10448, FT10673, FT10734, FT10782, FT10837, FT10875, FT99801, FT99803. FT99806, FT99836, FT99840, FT99844, FT99848^^, FT108564, FT108565^^, Y128827.2 to tree; added FT100917^^, FT100963, FT101018, FT101128, FT101406^^, FT102666, FT102709, FT102825, FT103300 FT88518^^, FT94349^^, FT102043 on 5 September 2019.
  • Added FT104960, FT105126, FT105145, FT105316, FT105594 on 6 September 2019.
  • Added FT103495, FT104394, FT104437^^, FT104564, FT104656, FT104662, FT104759, FT104784, FT104786, FT104841^^, FT105324, FT105383, FT105248, FT105453, FT105919, FT106028, FT106082, FT106237, FT106239, FT106356^^, FT106367 on 10 September 2019.
  • Added FT103491, FT103591^^, FT104024^^, FT104531, FT104641, FT104715^^, FT104933, FT104999, FT105037, FT105052, FT105101, FT105133, FT105700, FT105817, FT106072, MF78119.2 to tree investigation: added FT105029, Y70009, Y70845, Y72581, Y72937, Y75514, Y76228, Y77733, Y78638, BY89185^^, BY173770^^, BY173773^^, BY173775, BY173778, BY89727^^, Y153000, BY59985^^, FT105061, FT105404, FT105579, FT105620, FT106163, FT106193, FT106268, BY173774, BY173777^ on 11 September 2019.
  • Added FGC14528, FGC14531, FGC14532, FGC14534 to tree; added FGC19487.2, FT104279^^, FT104592, FT105142, FT105285, FT106204, FT104367, Y42055, Added FT104814, FT104829, FT104996, FT105368, FT105395, FT105630, FT105836, FT106144, BY117793, BY144750, BY148764^^, BY55195 on 12 September 2019.
  • Added BY138805, FT103487, FT103489, FT103628^^, FT103676^^, FT103681^^, FT103785^^, FT104261^^, FT104380, FT104523, FT104527, FT104679, FT104704, FT104779^^, FT104798, FT104940, FT104981, FT104988, FT104993, FT105042, FT105123, FT105284, FT105322, FT105352, FT105359, FT105379, FT105388, FT105855, FT105884, FT105920, FT105977, FT105984, FT106015, FT106041, FT106054, FT106220, FT106247, FT106302, FT106337^^, FT106387 on 16 September 2019.
  • Added FT104438^^, FT104635, FT104791, FT105144, FT105267^^, FT105789, FT105867, FT105929, FT105956, FT106096, Y93268.2 on 17 September 2019.
  • Added FT105686, FT104008^^, BY89602^^, FGC3774, FGC3778.2, FGC3784, FGC3799, FGC79057, FGC4802, F2575.2, FGC3750.2/SK1673.2, FGC3772, FGC3787, FGC3793 on 18 September 2019.
  • Added BY37095^^, Y113045, Y90640 on 22 September 2019.
  • Added Y83453, BY151770, Y83849, Y84663, Y85384, Y85440, Y86365, Y86659, Y87181, Y87673, Y88976, Y90514, Y92466, Y93441, Y93824, Y94510. Y95779, Y98220, Y98343, Y98486, Y102255, Y102297, Y120327, Y102688, Y102702, Y103141, Y105012, Y105349, Y107591, Y108948, Y109043, Y109600, Y109956, Y111088, Y111202, Y111840, Y112200^^, Y112484^^, Z36523 on 22 September 2019.
  • Added FT100685^^, FT102469^^, MF10506.2, Y176058, Y176063, Y176068, Y176069, Y176070, Y176074, Y176089, Y176093, Y176097, Y176098, Y176108, Y176115, Y176122, Y176133, Y176139, Y176148, Y176152, Y176161, Y176164, Y176165, Y176168, Y176171, Y176177, Y176185, Y176191, Y176198, Y176202, Y176205, Y176206, Y176215, Y176221, Y176225, Y176227, Y176230, Y176233^^, Y176236 on 23 September 2019.
  • Added BY206891, FT106451, FT107334, FT107432, FT107448, FT107511, FT107523^^, FT107543, FT107555, FT107742, FT107818, FT107988, FT108049, FT108063, FT108186, FT108285, FT108287, FT108325, FT108364, FT108379, MF93163.2^^ to tree investigation on 24 Sep 2019.
  • Added Y65032, Y65094, Y65331, Y71398, Y73217, Y74165, Y74246, Y74534, Y74629, Y74889, Y76086, Y77547, Y77768, Y77783, Y78777, Y79907, Y80718 on 25 September 2019.
  • Added BY57721^^, BY63856, BY83555, BY94005, BY100447, BY100641, BY100914, BY106442, BY106883, BY120636, BY121407^^, BY128668, BY135232, BY135260, BY140653, BY142561, BY146364, BY150700, FT115366, FT116928, FT117297, Y98021, Z36217, Z36218, Z36220, Z36221, Z38869, Z39050, Z39051 to tree; added FT115715, FT115823, FT115839, FT116041^^, FT117118, FT117447, BY77286, BY126051, BY135198, Z36219^^, Z38867, Z38868 on 26 September 2019.
  • Added FT115341, FT115673, FT115771, FT115828, FT116101^^, FT116181, FT116663, FT117153, FT117192, FT117243, FT117654, FT117714, FT118115, FT118190, FT118245, FT118639 on 27 September 2019.
  • Added FT56922^^, FT112465, FT114329^^, FT114783^^, FT114819^^, FT114909^^, FT115026^^, FT115209, FT115251, FT115270, FT115392, FT115451, FT115478, FT115563, FT116252, FT116623, FT116634, FT116848, FT116900, FT116929, FT117053, FT117269, FT117606, FT117709, FT117893, FT118091, FT118232, FT118256, FT118324, FT118504, FT118555, FT118704, FT118757, FT119679, FT119953 on 28 September 2019.
  • Revised mutation information for several items in many haplogroups on 1 October 2019.
  • Added FT7572^^, FT97533^^, FT97558^^, FT97748^^, FT97835^^, FT98231, FT98263, FT98418, FT98459, FT98467, A15602.2, BY92048^^, BY109187, BY115103, BY122756, BY129078, BY131440, BY139123, BY149202, FGC7920/Y4979, FT114006^^, FT115242, FT116926, FT117598, FT118194, FT118600, FT119514, FT119773 BY37076 on 1 October 2019.
  • Added BY87120, BY90857, BY148150^^, FT116868, V6037.2/Y9597.2, Y63561, Y65367, Y65745, Y66268, Y66634, Y68488, Y69213^^, Y70295, Y70777, Y73912, Y75888, Y77017, Y77304, Y77343, Y77609, Y78203, Y79321, Y79516, Y80955, FT119236, Y132501 to tree investigation on 2 October 2019.
  • Added FT96973, FT124401, Y88510, Y109176, BY157392, BY158615^^, BY100022, BY106011, BY109530, BY113561, BY115694, BY120765, BY121485, BY122505, FT124202, FT124382, FT124449^^ on 3 October 2019.
  • Added A13718.2, BY51879, BY74911, BY80161^^, BY95670, BY99140, BY102485, BY108412, BY145309, BY148646^^, FGC29948, FT93826^^, FT123217^^, FT123250^^, FT123329^^, FT123380^^, FT123417^^, FT123477^^, FT123489^^, FT123532^^, FT123779, FT123832, FT124050, FT124403, MF16007.2/Y152429.2 on 4 October 2019.
  • Added BY64883, BY70897, BY73968, BY75498, BY77409^^, BY77515^^, BY81126, BY81197, BY84383, BY88279, BY92271, BY93127, BY97391, BY100856, BY108767, BY113177, BY115973, BY116203, BY123816, BY123831, BY125498, BY131049, BY131670, BY138325, BY144209, BY144633, BY149738,, BY157208, FT120414^^, FT120543^^, FT120588^^, FT120666^^, FT120713^^, FT120731^, FT120893^^, FT120966^^, BY55490, FT131298, MF87121.2, Z46478^^, Z46480^^, Z46481^^, Z46482, Z46483, Z46484, Z46485, Z46486, Z46487, Z46488, Z46489, Z46490, Z46491, Z46492, Z46492, Z46493, Z46494, Z46495, Z46496, Z46497, Z46498, Z46499, Z46500, Z46501, Z46502^^, Z46503, Z46504, Z46505, FT120976^^, FT121063^^, FT121652, FT121682, FT121842, FT122063, FT122169, FT122184, FT122546, Y93864.2, FT122864, FT107767, FGC809, FT71641^^, FT107915 on 6 October 2019.
  • Added MF85306.2^^, FT118901, FT118358, FT116216, BY209566, MF58842.2 on 8 October 2019.
  • Added BY166830, BY167080, BY167092, BY167372, BY167890, BY168792, BY211271^^, FT118977, FT112920^^, FT113955^^, Z48442.2 ion 9 October 2019.
  • Added BY77300^^, BY110133, FT121224^^, FT122485 to tree; added BY58226^, BY70835, BY72087, BY72169, BY82354, BY88147, BY89056^^. BY90871, BY94163, BY95530, BY97725, BY98234, BY102114, BY102944, BY103497, BY104049, BY109827, BY112315, BY112476, BY112806, BY115525, BY118857, BY119465, BY126920, BY130758, BY137190, BY137645, BY140136, BY140588, BY143569, BY145756, BY149291, BY199677, FT47125^^, FT120444^^, FT120659^^, FT120669^^, FT113621^^, FT120762^^, FT120808^^, FT120895^^, FT120933^^, FT120980^^, FT120993^^, FT120980^^, FT120993^^, FT121178^^, FT121328, FT121387, FT121598, FT121689, FT121735, FT121745, FT121749, FT121755, FT121798, FT121951^^, FT122010^^, FT122166, FT122221, FT122268, FT122332, FT122346, FT122483, FT122562, FT122578, FT122817, FT122886^^, FT122947^^, M4993, MPB060.2/Y26523.3 on 10 October 2019.
  • Added FGC6372, BY13984, FGC6386, FGC6387, FGC6381, A9185.2, BY23498, BY24005, F21702 on 11 October 2019.
  • Added CTS3702/S1220, S25783^^, BY42727, BY43557, Y74646, BY107537, BY77918^^, BY80317, BY133684,, BY133685, BY137397, BY141634, BY177959, BY177995, Y98376.2 to tree; added BY69915, BY112090, BY129572, BY129735, FT93521^^, FT93592^^, FT93655^^, FT93726^^, FT93984, FT93989, FT93998, FT94013, FT94105, FT94144, FT94186^^, FT94195^^, BY178197, BY178266, BY179175, BY180106^^, FT93865, FT93923^^, FT94109, FT66739^^, FT94531, FT94534, M3221^^ on 12 October 2019.
  • Added BY84396, BY88024, BY103827, BY112491, BY124342, FT117571, FT118716, Z46190, Z46191, BY49421 on 13 October 2019.
  • Added FT11750, FT70498^^, FT70523^^, FT70676^^, Y178107, Y173530, Y173685, FT41390, FT71040, FT71152, FT71209, FT71325 on 14 October 2019.
  • Added FT60907^^, FT61413, FT61478, FT61517, FT61582, FT61584, FT61947, FT62161 to tree; added MF9821.2, FT118079, FT118041, FT117733, FT117402, FT116861, FT116081, FT115477, FT114882, FT112449 on 15 October 2019.
  • Added BY53979, FT71945, FT99520, FT99948^^, FT100393, FT100450^^, FT100691^^, FT100894^^, FT100935, FT101013, FT101024, FT101092, FT101296, FT101298, FT101479, FT101564, FT101571^^, FT101600, FT101673, FT101699, FT101749, FT101808, FT101878, FT101880, FT102004, FT102014, FT102017, FT102048, FT102049, FT102218, FT102233, FT102236, FT102302, FT102333, FT102392, FT102415, FT102442, FT102484, FT102524, FT102610, FT102766, FT102780, FT102829, FT102916, FT103160, FT103162, FT103282, FT103283 on 16 October 2019.
  • Added BY78759^^, BY81132, BY82776, BY88117, BY88412, BY100648, BY111867, BY117647, BY133888, FGC64243, FT111103, FT111867, FT112381, Y132788, Y132800, Y132803, Y132806, Y132808, Y132815, Y132825, Y132831, Y132834, Y132836, Y132843, Y132844, Y132846, Y132848, Y132852, Y132854, Y132856, Y132857, Y132860, Y132868, Y132869, Y132875, Y132876, Y132883, Y132887, Y132890, Y132892, Y132903, Y132904, Y132905 on 17 October 2019.
  • Added AMM00835.2/F13671.2/Z33247.2, BY61547^^, BY139758, FT108136, FT108187, Y81636, Y84783, Y84870, Y92059, Y92388, Y94770, Y96509, Y96867, Y97558, Y98719, Y99007, Y100288, Y101078, Y101372, Y101507, Y102304, Y103033, Y104272, Y104518, Y104795, Y105780, Y106137, Y106285, Y106505, Y109412, Y110111, Y110272, Y113387 on 18 October 2019.
  • Added BY64250, BY68514, BY152462, FT1923, FT115174, FT115211, FT115481, FT115594, FT115668, FT115669, FT115674, FT115752, FT115753, FT115760. FT115819, FT115909, FT115990, FT116171^^, FT117163, FT117278, FT117543, FT117834, FT117942, FT118128, FT118179, FT118223, FT118410, FT118665, FT119093, FT119131, FT119156, FT119533, M32674.2, Y178975 on 21 October 2019.
  • Added BY61627, BY137091, BY137313, FT24814, FT120224, FT120304^^, FT120323^^, FT120352, FT120537^^, FT120691^^, FT120697^^, FT120919^^, FT120931^^, FT121030^^, FT121036^^, FT121071^^, FT121140^^, FT121163^^, FT121168^^, FT121188^^, FT121198^^, FT121238, FT121254, FT121259, FT121282, FT121294, FT121306, FT121313, FT121357, FT121361, FT121378, FT121390, FT121477, FT121515, FT121516, FT121540, FT121543, FT121550, FT121647, FT121664, FT121672, FT121683^^, FT121703^^, FT121719, FT121720, FT121783, FT121838, FT121857, FT121862, FT121887, FT121947, FT121990, FT121997, FT122039, FT122041, FT122042, FT122079, FT122119, FT122134, FT122153, FT122178, FT122180, FT122182, FT122211, FT122213, FT122252, FT122283, FT122295, FT122325, FT122358, FT122362^^, FT122363, FT122369, FT122386, FT122389, FT122449, FT122493, FT122503, FT122516, FT122531, FT122540, FT122548, FT122575, FT122590, FT122592, FT122621, FT122624, FT122639, FT122644, FT122671, FT122677, FT122688, FT122692, FT122697, FT122750, FT122753, FT122771, FT122774, FT122795, FT122798, FT122805, FT122851, FT122920, FT122929, FT122952^^, FT122975, FT122978^^, MF42686.2, MF93186.2, MF103577.2, Y91880.2, Y179167^^, Y180311, YFS4607980.2 on 23 October 2019.
  • Added Y97832, Y101746, Y107157, Y113516, MF15669, PH309, S16134, FT112759^^, FT115171, FT115210, FT115286, FT115504, FT115631, FT115695, FT115746, FT115822, FT116062, FT116190, FT116557, FT116782, FT117123, FT117981, FT118108, FT118114, FT118415, FT118489, FT119629, FT119822, FT119928, FGC959, Y30992, Y30993, Y30994 on 24 October 2019.
  • Added Y49496, Y52241, Z39580, Z39581, BY132524, Y58533, Y59122 to tree investigation on 25 October 2019.
  • Added BY90693, FT106556, FT106572, FT107359^^, FT107394, FT107402, FT107429, FT107465, FT107480, FT107495, FY107517^^, FT107557, FT107569, FT107581, FT107652, FT107680, FT107680, FT107749, FT107785, FT107799, FT107868, FT107878, FT107937, FT107948, FT108007, FT108028, FT108063, FT108161, FT108215, FT108264, FT108267, FT108298, FT108311, FT108434, FT108469^^, MF102603.2, Y56836.2, Y178314 on 26 October 2019.
  • Added FT120285^^, FT120293^^, FT120530^^, FT120670^^, FT121388, FT121427, FT121630, FT121662, FT121723, FT121790, FT121835, FT121859, FT121959, FT122061, FT122066, FT122102, FT122105, FT122111, FT122222, FT122269, FT122290, FT122394, FT122425, FT122542, FT122569, FT122772, FT122874, FT122931, FT122976^^, MF25246.2, MF32942.2, Z26499.2 on 27 October 2019.
  • Added FT77570, FT125573^^, FT125649^^, FT126215^^, FT126341, FT126422, FT126578, FT126652, FT126946, FT127492, BY200494^^, BY10677 on 28 October 2019.
  • Added FT66377^^, FT66492^^, FT49100^^, FT66626^, FT66701^^, BY63008, BY130775, F15304.2, FT19044, FT21143, FT26331, FT126404, FT126425, FT126445, FT126463, FT126467, FT126559, FT126669, FT126995, FT127082, FT127126, FT127201, FT127211, FT127331, FT127410, FT127482, FT127494, FT127562^^, FT127576, FT127584, MF9217.2^^, MF98394.2 on 29 October 2019.
  • Added FT127943^^, FT128305, FT128630, FT129140, FT129148, BY4514 on 30 October 2019.
  • Added FT127865, FT128210^^, FT128225^^, FT128339, FT128513, FT128527, FT128611, FT128676, FT128795, FT128810, FT128955, FT129008, FT129097, FT129113, FT129197, FT129237, FT129319, FT129373, FT129425, FT129433,BY95079, Y88390^^, Y91054, Y92137, Y92333 on 31 October 2019.
  • Added BY71012, Y86696, Y90632, Y92499, Y102441, Y103911, Y104219, Y107424, Y107975, Y108548, Y109178, Z44140, BY154149, FGC63953, FT130382, FT130410, FT130451, FT130460, FT130507, FT130591, FT131033, FT131083, FT131244, FT131256, FT131334, FT131409, FT131418, FT131693, FT131844, FT131846, FT132100, FT132145^^, FT132180 on 1 November 2019.
  • Added ACT5099.2, BY67198, BY81170, BY96420, BY99302, BY99697, BY103786, BY107999, BY113279, BY122894, BY124029, BY125504, BY126103, BY126630, BY128901, BY132912, BY134770, BY138753, BY139312, BY141824, BY147005, BY149008, BY150149, BY150972, FGC66911^^, FT130146^^, FT130200^^, FT130214^^, FT130688^^, FT131084^^, FT131321, FT131386, FT131924, FT132206^^, MF72425.2, Y181258, YP786.2, Z31314, Z31315, Z31317, FT29804^^ on 2 November 2019.
  • Added BY50470, BY132268, FT132438^^, FT133383, FT133487, FT133566, FT133712^^, FT133814, FT134085, FT134325, FT134382, FT134416, FT134519, FT134638, FT134723, FT134784, FT134865, FT134898, M1315, V1556.2 on 3 November 2019.
  • Added BY50470, BY132268, FT132438^^, FT133383, FT133487, FT133566, FT133712^^, FT133814, FT134085, FT134325, FT134382, FT134416, FT134519, FT134638, FT134723, FT134784, FT134865, FT134898, M1315, V1556.2 on 3 November 2019.
  • Added FT133729^^, FT153533^^ to tree investigation; added FT27178, FT17286^^, FT18442^^ on 4 November 2019.
  • Added FT134419, FT134425, FT134507, FT134782, Y44738.2 on 5 November 2019.
  • Added BY181006, BY181039^^, BY181055^^, BY181063, BY181148, BY181216, BY181252, BY181259, BY181499, BY181575, BY181600, BY181691, BY181711, BY181714, BY181812, BY181818, BY181927, BY181951, BY181967, BY182001, BY182098, BY182101, BY182126, BY182138, BY182248, BY182284, BY209442^^, BY209690, FGC48825^^, FT82066, FT135827^^, FT135976^^, FT136067^^, FT136916^^, FT137531, FT138962, FT139470, FT140936, FT140945, FT140967, FT141111, FT141437^^, FT141441^^, Y44572.2 on 6 November 2019.
  • Added BY181303, FT136198^^, FT137215, FT137220, FT137291, FT137413, FT137494, FT137556, FT137904, FT137977, FT138055, FT138056, FT138279, FT138347, FT138429, FT138446, FT138521, FT138765, FT138930, FT139209, FT139223, FT139258, FT139389, FT139462, FT139636, FT139719, FT139976, FT140002, FT140234, FT140279, FT140291, FT140398, FT140571^^, FT140630, FT140707, FT140771, FT140929, FT141013, FT141147, FT141304, Y25681.2 on 7 November 2019.
  • Added FT131975, FT137485, FT137936, FT138505, FT138686, FT138719, FT138810, FT138978, FT139390, FT139489, FT139592, FT139767, FT140040, FT140555, FT140578, FT141122, FT141157, MF63479.2, MF102782.2 on 8 November 2019
  • Added F11123, Y136602 on 9 November 2019.
  • Added FT133007^^, FT133144, FT133246^^, FT133258^^, FT133627, FT133663, FT133812, FT133932^^, FT133956, FT134015, FT134365, FT134718, FT134777, FT134870, Y66793.2 on 10 November 2019.
  • Added FGC33957, FGC33958, FGC33959, FGC33960, FGC33961, FGC33962, FGC33964^^, FGC61138, FT131167, BY65530, Y140225, Y140228 on 11 November 2019.
  • Added BY100332, BY164577, BY164607^^, BY165023, BY165042, BY165080, BY165115, BY165120, BY165167, BY165412, BY165649, BY210597, BY210820, Y25168.2 to tree; added FT128761, FT129446^^ on 12 November 2019.
  • Added BY53836.2/V4954.2, BY54999, BY57402^^, BY71812, BY72745, BY74286, BY75675, BY96446, BY115375, BY116021, BY135444, BY136063, BY137998, BY139528, BY139951, BY144924^^, BY151094, BY156521, FT128497^^, FT128958, MF11844.2 on 13 November 2019.
  • Added FT123177^^, FT123545^^, FT123998, FT124404, FT124433 to tree; added FT165447^^, BY210066, FT67701, FT168973, FT160483 on 14 November 2019.
  • Added Y128971, BY71124, BY209605, FT115124^^, FT115489, FT115609, FT115730, FT117362^^, FT117910, FT117911, FT118809, FT118885, FT119056, FT119057, FT119519, FT119686, FT119785, FT137238, FT138008^^, FT139306, FT139385, ZQ505.2 BY59654^^, FT125418, FT125748^^, FT126009^^, FT126231^^, FT126304^^, FT126355, FT127147, FT127306, Y53062, Y60994, Y61919, Y63422, Y70166, Y71352, Y71605, Y71918, Y72577, Y73726, Y73814, Y73844, Y74366, Y74468, Y77508, Y81097, Z31377, Z31378, Z31379, Z31380, Z31381 on 15 November 2019.
  • Added Y48477, Y48634, Y49626, Y54780, Y55226, Y55632, Y56234, Y56668, Y59612, Y57467, Y58475 on 16 November 2019.
  • Added BY65412^^, BY79584, BY87457, BY91613, BY106155, BY108732, BY116379, BY119331, BY121316, BY121864, BY135492, BY146560, BY156650, BY156650, FT33^^, FT131215, Y136986, Y153479, FT80084, FT129535^^, FT129572^^, FT130305, FT130603, FT130604, FT130776, FT131097, FT131102, FT131566, FT131877, FT131917, FT132214^^, FT132224^^, FT132229, Y178876, Y178882 FT138572, FT139756, Y85236.2, Y98715, Y104830 on 18 November 2019.
  • Added BY81412, BY108995, FT137342, Y92549, Y93671, Y98049, Y100492, Y103423, Y104009, Y106230 on 19 November 2019.
  • "
  • Added A15229, BY65340^^, FT127672^^, FT127673^^, FT127713, FT127714, Y98795.2 on 20 November 2019.
  • Added BY82253, BY82383^^, BY87253, BY106202, Y88747, Y94855, Y95653, Y95777, Y95824, Y96077, Y98933, Y99016, Y99844, Y101769, Y101776, Y102408, Y103430, Y106129, Y108382, Y109267, Y111584, Z44687, ZS4233.2 on 21 November 2019.
  • Added BY37149, BY37150, BY37151, BY37152, BY37153, BY37154, BY37155, BY37156, BY37157, BY37158, BY37159, BY37160, BY37161, BY37162, BY37163, BY37164, BY37165, BY37166, BY37167, BY37168, BY37169, BY37170, BY37171, BY37172, BY37174, BY37175, BY37176, BY37177, BY37178, BY37179, BY37181 on 23 November 2019.
  • Added BY123090, FT145708, FT146005, FT146090, FT146118^^, FT146297^^, FT146401, FT146564, FT146596, FT146665, FT146987, FT147141, FT147280, FT147361, FT147410, FT147415, FT147601; added FT145708, FT146005, FT146090, FT146118^^, FT146297^^, FT146401, FT146564, FT146596, FT146665, FT146987, FT147141, FT147280, FT147361, FT147410, FT147415, FT147601, BY55291, BY55405, BY126288, BY140914, BY149180, FT147191, FT148088^^ on 24 November 2019.
  • Added BY27897^^, Y180844, FGC7509.2, BY27882, BY27884, BY27885, FT149489, BY94332, FT74057 on 25 November 2019.
  • Added BY55211, BY67376^^, BY82087, BY93848, BY104152, BY128045, BY146224 on 26 November 2019.
  • Added Y92229, Y101282, Y106295, Y142060 to tree; added BY55288, FGC55916, FT150895^^, FT151004, FT151057, FT151121, FT151134, FT151258, FT151334, FT151258, FT151334, FT151478, FT151487, FT151503, FT151505, FT151530, FT151555, FT151623^^, FT151660^^, MF34838.2, MF67494.2, FT150840, FT150846, FT150851, FT151073, FT151524, FT151607 on 27 November 2019.
  • Added BY37053, BY37054, BY37055, BY37056, BY37057, BY93774, BY93836, BY94831, BY100595, BY112413, BY118105, BY124596, BY124850, BY131759, BY156683, FGC41293, FGC73183, FGC73719.2/Y135301.2, FT144329, Y58405.2, BY165834, BY167224^^, Y48752 on 28 November 2019.
  • Added FT101799, FT137013^^, FT138556, FT138790, Y100002, Y101536, Y102083, Y105357, Y112339^^, Y125722, Y94089, Y99574 to tree; added BY82294^^, BY84436, BY87461, BY120133, BY145361, CTS6759, FGC35322.2^^, FT90642, FT145894, FT146367, FT146389, FT146462, FT146495, FT146709, FT146750^^, FT146787, FT146812, FT146960, FT147119, FT147626, FT147688, FT147969, FT148099, FT148101^^, Y82703, Y84287, Y85220, Y85699, Y86035, Y87310, Y88081, Y89987, Y90463, Y90621, Y91166, Y91592, Y91721, Y92597, Y93665, Y94042, Y94343, Y94781, Y96046, Y98197, Y98857, Y99265, Y99515, Y99665, Y99693, Y99884, Y100104, Y101947, Y102417, Y103318, Y104645, Y106438, Y106788, Y107716, Y108539, Y110144, Y111655, Y112173, Y148014 on 30 November 2019.
  • Added FT71323^^ to tree added FT125425, FT126441, FT126526, FT126676, FT126914, FT127342 on 1 December 2019.
  • Added BY177020.2, BY201913, FGC42042, FT141962, FT141967, FT141988, FT142001, FT142020, FT142065, FT142085, FT142097, FT142115, FT142131, FT142210, FT142239, FT142244, FT142256, FT142278. FT142303, FT142312, FT142337, FT142367, FT142370, FT142416, FT142452, FT142458, FT142600, FT142605, FT142608, FT142633, FT142646. FT142683, FT142717, FT142751^^, MF45389.2, Y148190 on 2 December 2019.
  • Added BY119312, FT148247, FT148327^^, FT148638^^, FT148643^^, FT148667^^, FT148716^^, FT148771, FT148845, FT148890, FT148894, FT148908, FT148986^^, FT149069, FT149106, FT149145, FT149174^^, FT149350, FT149427, FT149556, FT149611, FT149712, FT149765, FT149779, FT149798, FT149938, FT149966, FT150052, FT150064, FT150071, FT150120, FT150235 on 3 December 2019.
  • Added BY61301, BY62312, BY65017, BY68232, BY70087, BY79502, BY81118, BY93249, BY111686, BY113443, BY119048, BY119937, BY122767, BY125861, BY126077, BY126947, BY128928, BY129154, BY130038, BY133009, BY133240, BY134826, BY143834, BY146203, BY146871, BY147813^^, FGC26317,2^^, FT148193, FT148389.2^^/MF106602.2^^, FT148865, FT148942, FT148991^^, FT149009, FT149188, FT149230, FT149255, FT149287, FT149308, FT149319, FT149325, FT149356, FT149372, FT149376, FT149405, FT149474, FT149631, FT149633, FT149664, FT149753, FT149755, FT149845, FT149919, FT149982, FT149998, FT150078, FT150100, FT150112, FT150146, FT150153, FT150156^^, FT150175, Y182594, Y139230.2, BY77947, FT148841 on 4 December 2019.
  • Added FT151096, FT151186 on 5 December 2019.
  • Added FT145691, FT145696, FT145769, FT145946, FT146006, FT146121^^, FT146459, FT146485^^, FT146617, FT146654, FT146777, FT146863, FT146925, FT147052, FT147307, FT147353, FT147467, FT147793, FT147822, Y181445, Y181599 on 6 December 2019.
  • Added FT152088^^, FT154397, FT154454 on 7 December 2019.
  • Added FT142288, FT18319^^, FT19955, FT21783, FT22925, FT25868, BY151778^^, FT142356 on 8 December 2019.
  • Added FT157413, FT157594, FT158034, FT158070, FT158129, FT158278, FT158281, Y182388^^, FT156449, FT156471, FGC728^^ on 9 December 2019.
  • Added BY131909, FT155548, FT156571, FT156697, FT157009, FT157670, FT157734^^, FT157758, FT157787, FT157811, FT157852, FT157947, FT157997, FT158008, FT158155, FT158156, FT158298 on 12 December 2019.
  • Added BY203977, FGC55712, Y52343, FT152182^^ on 13 December 2019.
  • Added FT153435, FT153945, FT154254, FT154914, FT155245 on 14 December 2019.
  • Added Z29311, BY86771^^, BY96310^^, FT153034^, FT153642^^, FT154433^, FT183094, S12493, Y46635, Y46996, Y47291, Y47364, Y47540, Y47574, Y47853, Y48417, Y49015, Y49022, Y50007, Y51375, Y51761, Y52266, Y52270, Y52852, Y52923, Y55331, Y55804, Y56276, Y57003, Y57128, Y57135, Y57419, Y57657, Y59466, Y59572^^, Y85276.2 to tree; added BY56952, BY68394, BY120830, BY207189, FGC89884, FT157494, MF47661.2 on 15 December 2019.
  • Added BY21342, BY21343, BY21345, BY21347, BY21348, BY21351, BY21356, BY21358 on 16 December 2019.
  • Added BY144316, BY156232, FT96332^^, FT155546, FT155560^, FT155866^^, FT155897^^, FT155898^^, FT155905^^, FT155963^^, FT156074^^, FT156430, FT156512, FT156534, FT156557, FT156585, FT156598, FT156688, FT156692, FT156704, FT156705, FT156713, FT156720, FT156750, FT156760, FT156799^^, FT156808^^, FT156811, FT156872, FT156874, FT156911^^, FT156933^^, FT156961, FT157011^^, FT157043, FT157078, FT157138, FT157170, FT157177, FT157197, FT157200, FT157204, FT157227, FT157228, FT157229, FT157242, FT157271, FT157295, FT157301, FT157314, FT157322, FT157325, FT157355, FT157395, FT157423, FT157470, FT157504, FT157537, FT157549, FT157568, FT157549, FT157568, FT157577, FT157584, FT157604, FT157614, FT157700, FT157804, FT157819, FT157849, FT157853, FT157857, FT157866, FT157904, FT157934, FT157968, FT158003, FT158065, FT158140, FT158160, FT158168, FT158173, FT158270, FT158305, FT158308, FT158328, FT158329, FT158374^^, MF4857.2, MF5501.2, MF59877.2, PH4690, V1547, Z30355.2 on 17 December 2019.
  • Added FT156767, FT167696, FT171018, FT171277, FT171671^^, FT170438, FT168405, FT165855^^, BY9145/FGC49913, BY89514^^, BY89814^^, BY103559, FT165521^^, FT166434^^, FT166503^^, FT166802^^, FT166994, FT167127, FT167516, FT167675, FT167683, FT167976, FT168413^^, FT168446, FT168599, FT168906, FT169048, FT169229, FT169729, FT169836, FT169927, FT170369, FT170584, FT170601, FT170622, FT171296, FT171430^^, FT171617 on 18 December 2019.
  • Added FT188079,FT187404, BY54014, BY137339, FT165569^^, FT165913^^, FT166470^^, FT167487, FT168362, FT169543, FT169668, FT169969, FT170083, FT170481, FT170535, FT171217, FT171376 on 19 December 2019.
  • Added BY17391, BY55500^^, BY56189, BY56600, BY75157, BY76198, BY81529, BY82883, BY88688^^, BY99254, BY103809, BY104958, BY112243, BY114941, BY125131, BY127525, BY129171, BY131366, BY131974, BY135292, BY138803, BY139051, BY139637, BY140051, BY150575^^, FGC92127.2^^, FT78817, FT79138, FT79189, FT79320, FT79427, MF5963.2, Y7145.2, Y8241.2/Z11212.2, Z46197, Z46198, Z46199 to tree; added CTS9623.2, FGC92112, FGC92117, FGC92120 on 21 December 2019.
  • Added A2601.2/YP2487.2, FT183164, FT183166, FT183671^^, FT183677^^, FT184085^^, FT185197, FT185334, FT185339, FT185340, FT185432, FT185958, FT185964, FT186052, FT186070, FT186090, FT186451, FT186524, FT186630, FT186817, FT186889, FT187069, FT187249, FT187278, FT187667, FT187870, FT187941, FT188503, FT188517, FT188560, FT188561, FT188712, FT188753, FT188754, FT188973, FT189313^^, FT189522, FT189795^^, FT185956, FT187743 to 23 December 2019.
  • Added Y66374, Y67400, Y69550, BY67541, BY1117, Z30470^^, BY44466 on 24 December 2019.
  • Added FT17156^^. FT19393, FT14402^^, FT19422, FT26927, FT202905, FT202906, PH1944, PH2314, PH2344, PH2643, PH3684, PH3894, PH4463, PH4672, Y103724, Y107250 G1a1a2b2~ FT20272, FT20369, FT202904 to tree; added BY62146, BY156792, BY180035, FT197631^^, FT197639^^, FT197648^^, FT197722^^, FT197760^^, FT197790^^, FT197863^^, FT197927^^, FT198049^^, FT198055^^, FT198136, FT198142, FT198165, FT198175, FT198181, FT198260, FT198268, FT198288, FT198291, FT198330, FT198336, FT198342, FT198444, FT198480, FY198488, FY198507^^, FT198536, FT198549, FT198550, FT198569, FT198550, FT198569, FT198598, FT198599, FT198608, FT198712, FT198715, FT198717, FT198779, FT198797, FT198803, FT198814, FT190563, FT198859, FT198917, FT198925, FT199015, FT199049, FT199061, FT199062, FT199071, FT199077, FT199183, FT199238, FT199290, FT199299, FT199351, FT199395, FT199438, FT199537, FT199542, FT199550, FT199619, FT199632, FT199786, FT199800, FT199814, FT199836, FT199869, FT199884, MF24966.2 on 26 December 2019.
  • Added BY36334.2, BY36601^^, BY36602, BY36603, BY36604, BY36605, BY36606, BY36607, BY36608, BY36609, BY36610, BY36611, BY36612, BY36613, BY36614, BY36615, BY36616, BY36617, BY36618, BY36619, BY36620, BY36621, BY36622, BY36623, BY36624, BY36625, BY36626, BY36627, BY36628, BY36629, BY36630, BY36631, BY36632, BY36633, BY36634, BY36635, BY36636, BY36637, BY36638, BY36639, BY36640, BY36641, BY36645, BY36646, BY36647, BY36648, BY36649, BY36650, BY57618^^, BY90189, BY91172, BY119081, BY133644, FGC4076.3^^/Z25457.3^^, FT143255^^, FT143599, FT144074^^, FT144285, FT151693^^, Y140241, Y140250, Y140255, Y140258^, Y140260, Y140262, Y140239, Y140240, Y140244, Y140249, Y140259 on 27 December 2019.
  • Added FT178407^^, FT178408^^, FT178409, FT178410, FT71437^^, FT71543^^, FT71705^^, F2642, BY21704, BY21705, BY21706, BY21707, BY21708, BY21709, BY21710, BY21711, BY21712, BY21713, BY21714, BY21716, BY21719 to tree on 28 December 2019.
  • Added PR3573/Y77356, MPB420^^/Y15550^^, Y15552, MPB422/Y15842, Y15836^^, Y15840, Y15841, Y15843, Y15847, BY18743/Y33019 MPB421/Y22661, Y17342, F6535^^, F7208, BY18741^^, BY18686^^ on 29 December 2019.
  • Added BY58314^^, BY76950^^, BY87326, BY92491, BY102746, BY104187, BY107175, BY108947, BY111890, BY118779, BY125925, BY126197, BY129568, BY131012, BY137483, BY138114, BY150184, M8143, Y87102, Y97409, Y111341, Y111541, PH1064 FGC34423, F9437^^, FT38698^^, FT39075^^, FT39370^^, FT40639, FT40769, FT41100, FT41173^^, FT41265^^, FT41421^^, FT41566, FT41874, FT41916, FT42336, FT42344, FT42472, FT42571, FT42813, FT42968, FT42996, FT43171, FT43356, FT43501, FT43976, FT44086, FT44090, FT44188, FT49406^^, FT65939, MF2758^^, MF2794^^, MF2808^^, MF3083, MF3678^^, Y126010 on 30 December 2019.
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