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AncestrybyDNA is an online DNA testing service which performs tests to determine an individual's biogeographical ancestry. These tests are used for deep ancestry purposes only and are not suitable for genetic genealogy. The AncestrybyDNA trademark is owned by the US-based paternity testing company DNA Diagnostics Center.

AncestrybyDNA's autosomal DNA test examines 176 (autosomal SNPs) which are selected to be Ancestry Informative Markers (AIMs). The company also offers a Y chromosome DNA test (17 markers from YFiler)and a mitochondrial DNA test (coverage not known). These tests are sufficient to provide a haplogroup assignment but may be inadequate for genealogical matching purposes.

The AncestrybyDNA test is also sold by some paternity testing companies.

Despite the similarity of the name, AncestrybyDNA has no connection with's newer autosomal product AncestryDNA.


The originator of the AncestrybyDNA test in 2002 was DNAPrint Genomics, now defunct. DNA Diagnostics Center acquired rights to the name, testing procedures, and report generation from DNAPrint in 2009.[1]

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Thanks to Ann Turner for providing information on the history of the AncestrybyDNA test.

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