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Borland Genetics Web Tools and Database

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The Borland Genetics Web Tools and Database is one of the largest third-party autosomal DNA matching databases. The database, launched by Borland Genetics in October, 2019, at RootsTech London, is linked to a series of tools geared at assisting users in reconstructing DNA profiles for their deceased ancestors.


The Borland Genetics database accepts build 37 raw DNA exports from AncestryDNA, 23andMe, MyHeritage and Family Tree DNA (build 37 concatenated). Files must be unzipped prior to upload.


See: List of Borland Genetics tools

Features Releases



  • 2021 Summer Site Spruce-Up
  • 2021 Halloween Anniversary Features Release


  • Ali Khan (Pakistan) assisted with server administration and with migrating the web toolkit to AWS.
  • Ramseh Kumar (Sri Lanka) and Nirav Shah (India) provided their experience as AWS consultants, assisting respectively with activating and configuring the web toolkit mail server and batch process matching administrator tool.
  • Jason Porteous (Canada) and Rolf Holte (Norway) were the chief beta testers prior to the launch of the project, and were later joined by Graham Hart (UK). Jason, Rolf and Graham remain the primary beta testers and also now co-administer the Borland Genetics Facebook Users Group.

Site Architecture

The site is hosted by Amazon Web Services and consists of a series of PHP modules running on an Elastic Cloud server, as well as a series of Lambda functions coded in Python and Java.