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Centrillion Biosciences

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Centrillion Biosciences
Type Private
Industry Biotechnology, DTC genetic testing, Genetic genealogy
Founded 2009
Founder(s) Wei Zhou, Ph.D., J.D., President & CEO
Headquarters Palo Alto, CA , USA
Area served USA (2014), World (early 2015?)
Products TribeCode (part of the) genome NGS
Owner(s) Investors

Centrillion Biosciences is a privately held biotechnology company based in Palo Alto, California and claims to be founded to address two critical problems in genomics: limitations of technology for reading DNA and the need for better tools for sequence analysis. A primary mission is to make genomics accessible to everyone (Personal genomics). Research institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, and Columbia are among the clients.


TribeCode kit box 2014

According to the TribeCode Facebook page[1] the public activity for this DTC test begun in October 2013, the marketing first posted about the "TribeCode DNA Ancestry Test Gold" in Sep. 2014, which claims to be the first cheap next generation sequencing DTC-test. The price is $99.99 (in sale periods down to $74.99) with US-Shipping $8.00 for the saliva spit kit.

What is known so far about the used technology for TribeCode DNA Ancestry Test Gold:

  • Illumina sequencing technology
  • at least 12 million markers
  • Maternal Lineage mtDNA fully sequenced: Migration Map, Haplogroup Tree, Maternal Timeline
  • Paternal Lineage Y-DNA: Migration Map, Haplogroup Tree
  • Ethnicity Composition: Summary, Map View, Chromosome Painting
  • Scientific Tools: PCA (reference population relationship)
  • Experimental Features: Jewish Ancestry
  • Raw data download is a feature under review. The data file is very large, much larger than what other companies generate. Users will also need to have the tools to process the data. Tribecode is considering releasing some of the tools for data/scientifically oriented customers.[2]

Funding, Investment

The company has received Series A, B funding through venture capital.[3]

  • Oct 1, 2009 $5.8M / Venture
  • Apr, 2010 $7.5M / Series A
  • Jul 13, 2010 $2M / Venture
  • Apr, 2013 $9M / Series B


By uninvolved persons interested in the TribeCode test: possibly a low coverage whole genome run without any upfront enrichment and plenty of gaps between the sequencing reads. [4] Maybe "DNA colonies" or "DNA clusters" technology is used which is cheap and combined with software could allow the claimed privacy. [5]


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