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Chameleon (Borland Genetics)

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The Chameleon refers to a line of software tools developed by Borland Genetics, each of which relates to conversion of templates of autosomal DNA kits.

Borland Genetics Web Tools and Database

In the Borland Genetics Web Tools and Database, the Chameleon is a software module that contains algorithms that process autosomal DNA at the SNP level. The primary function of the Chameleon is behind-the-scenes template management that allows for cross-platform autosomal DNA comparison and matching.

The module currently consists of 5 classes:

  • SNP (models a single-nucleotide polymorphism)
  • genotype (similar to SNP class but methods are related specifically to Boolean mathematics operations)
  • SNPRow (refers to a database row containing SNP data)
  • YDTRow (refers to a database row in the Borland Genetics Y-SNP decision tree)
  • ResearchApp (methods related to statistical autosomal research conducted by Borland Genetics on aggregated autosomal data)

Borland Genetics Desktop Toolkit

In its original form in the Borland Genetics Desktop Toolkit, the Chameleon began as a stand-alone tool that allowed users to convert DNA resources between factory templates or onto custom templates. It operates in three modes. In the first mode, users can convert a raw DNA file from its original template to that of another DNA resource. For example, if you provide the tool with an AncestryDNA v1 kit and a 23andMe v5 kit, you can map either kit onto the template of the other. The second mode allows users to map two kits on different templates to a combined template consisting of all of the tested SNPs reported in either template. The third mode allows mapping to a shared template consisting only of SNPs shared by the templates of the two input kits. The desktop version of the tool is still available, but is no longer supported.