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Corson DNA Project

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Corson DNA Project
Michael Corson
Additional Project Information
DNA type(s) used Y-DNA
Founded July 2004
Project size 85
Surname variations Courson, Coursen, Colson, Coursey, DeCoursey, Corsa, Corsaw, Courser, Racer, Vroom
Geographic areas Worldwide


The Corson DNA Project is mainly a Y-DNA Surname project established in July 2004. It began by targeting descendants of the largest known families to determine if family progenitors (men born in the 17th or 18th centuries) were related to one another. Some project participants have taken autosomal DNA tests.

Project Goals

  • To determine relatedness among descendants of known family progenitors, as well as relatedness, if any, among the progenitors themselves.
  • To determine the geocultural origins of these progenitors as precisely as possible.
  • To connect individuals unsure of their male-line ancestry to a particular family.
  • To deduce whether "brick-wall" ancestors are related to each other or to known progenitors (and if so, how).

Known Lines

At least a dozen Corson (and variant) family lines are known, of which eight have large numbers of descendants in North America, the United Kingdom, and France. For more information, visit Known Lines and Their Origins

Project findings

  1. The progenitors of the major family lines are not related to each other (in the direct male line) in a genealogical time frame. A summary of STR and SNP results for each family line is provided here.