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Cruwys/Cruse DNA project

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Cruwys/Cruse DNA project
Additional Project Information
DNA type(s) used Y-DNA, mtDNA and Family Finder
Founded 2007
Project size 100+
Geographic areas Worldwide
Blog Cruwys News blog

The Cruwys/Cruse DNA project at Family Tree DNA was established on 26th September 2007.. The project is run as an adjunct of the Cruwys/Cruse one-name study which is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies. The project has a good mix of members from different countries including: England, Scotland, France, America, Australia, Canada and Thailand.


A large number of variant spellings are included in the project. Some variants are only found in the historical records and will not necessarily have any living name-bearers. The list of variants is as follows: Creuse, Crew, Crewce, Crewe, Crewes, Crewis, Crewiss, Crews, Crewse, Crewys, Crowse, Cruce, Crues, Cruice, Cruijs, Cruis, Cruise, Crus, Cruse, Crusse, Cruwes, Cruwys, Cruys, Cruyse, Cruze, Crwys, Crywse, Crywys, Curse, Cuss, De Cruce, De Cruice, De Cruise, De Cruse, De Cruze, Scrase, Screws, Scruce, Scruse, Scruwys, Scuce, Scuse

Media coverage

  • Family History Monthly (UK) The Cruwys one-name study and DNA project was featured in the June 2009 issue in an article on one-name studies by Chris Paton.
  • Ancestry Magazine (US) The study was featured in an article by Howard Wolinsky on social networking entitled "Electric connections".

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