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DNAGedcom is a site created by Rob Warthen to help users quickly analyze their data. They provide a Client application that allows you to download data from 23andMe, AncestryDNA, Family Tree DNA, GEDmatch and MyHeritage. In addition, the website has the ability to compare many Gedcoms at one time through the GWorks utility.

Have you ever wanted to get all your DNA information into one simple data set? The DNAGedcom Client allows you to gather all your DNA data at one time. It runs on your Mac or Windows machine and downloads the information directly to your computer. There is a small subscription fee to use it.

Recently, a new tool was added called the Collins Leeds Method. It allows you to review your matches in common with and visually see how they relate to each other using a method pioneered by Dana Leeds. This also allows you to tag your matches so you can do more detailed clustering. The tool also takes into account tagging from

Another new tool was released that allows you to see all your chromosome data along with a matrix of who matches who. You can find more information here: Chromosome Matrix App.

DNAGedcom also hosts Don Worth's Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer, a visual tool for triangulating and comparing segments chromosome by chromosome without the need for a spreadsheet. This has generally been replaced by the Chromosome Matrix App above.

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