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Industry Deep ancestry
Founded 2013
Founder(s) Jean Norreel
Headquarters Bookham, Surrey, England
Area served International
Products Combined mtDNA, Y-DNA and autosomal SNP test

DNAme is a former DNA testing company which offered a single low-cost combined Y-DNA, mtDNA and autosomal DNA test for £65. The swabs were sent to Canada for analysis by MassARRAY mass spectrometry (as opposed to a chip, hence the low cost). The test analysed 43 mtDNA SNPs, 63 Y-SNPs and 61 autosomal SNPs. The DNA samples were not retained. The DNAme test was aimed at members of the public who are interested in anonymous, low-cost, broad ethnic ancestry. The company had no intention of extending into STRs or medical analyses. The intention was to offer the test through a network of DNAme photo booths.

The company had DNA lab testing problems soon after their launch. They stopped offering the kits shortly before or after people started receiving their results. One customer reported to ISOGG: "My results came in October 2013 and when I went to their site, it was up for a while, but when you clicked on the Order Now section, there was a pop-up saying they were no longer taking orders."

DNAme is a trademark of KIS Healthcare Limited, which in turn is a subsidiary of Photo-Me. Kis Healthcare Limited was founded by Eric Mergui and Francoise Coutaz-Replan, and registered with Companies House on 18th June 2012. The registered office is in Surrey. They have no known group companies. According to Companies House the registered address of DNAme is:

Photo-Me House
Church Road
Surrey KT23 3EU
United Kingdom


ISOGG would like to thank Jean Norreel, the geneticist who was running DNAme, for providing some of the information for this article.

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