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DYS464 is a multi-copy palindromic STR marker on the Y-chromosome. Men typically have four copies of this marker (known in such cases as DYS464a, DYS464b, DYS464c, and DYS464d) although there can be less than four copies, or more (in such cases the additional copies would be known as DYS464e, DYS464f, etc.).

In each flanking region of each copy of DYS464 is a nucleotide that is either C or G. Each DYS464 copy is correspondingly either a C-type or a G-type marker.

Most members of the R1b haplogroup have three C-type and one G-type marker, meaning that they have a CCCG configuration. Less common within R1b are the CCGG and CCCC configurations, each of which has a DNA project that people can join if they have been found to have one of these rare configurations.

Men who are not in the R1b haplogroup typically have a GGGG configuration.

The standard test for the DYS464 marker does not determine the accompanying configuration. To determine this configuration requires ordering the DYS464X test, available from Family Tree DNA as an "Advanced Test".

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