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Ethnic origins autosomal DNA testing chart

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Company Name DNA Tribes Family Tree DNA 23andMe
DNA Extraction Fee $149.99-$299.99[1] $184/$257 $99
Discount $25 for updates On packages & add-ons N/A
African ancestry test? Yes Yes Yes
African tribe identified? Yes No No
Native American test? Yes Yes Yes[2]
Native American Tribe identified? Yes No No
Jewish Ancestry test? N/A[3] N/A[4] No
Scientific database? Yes Yes[5] Yes
Scientific database private? Yes No Yes
Are scientific papers used? If yes, are results conclusive? Yes/Yes Yes/No Yes/No[2]
Sponsored public database? No Y-Match[6] No
DNA storage No Yes (Free)  25 years No
Lab(s) used Genetic Testing Laboratories Family Tree DNA Genomics Research Center LabCorp
Company headquarters Arlington, VA Houston, Texas Mountainview, CA
Year founded 2006 2000 2007
  1. Pricing varies by number of STR markers tested. A 15 marker test is $149.99, a 21 marker test is $239.99, and a 27 marker test is $299.99. The 21 and 27 marker test includes a free add-on report of your choice, a value of $24.99. Upgrades to the number of markers tested are available at additional costs.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Native American ancestry registers as Asian in the "Ancestry Painting" feature. For Native American ancestry info, go to "account" and then "23andme Labs". Click on "Native American Ancestry Finder". 23andMe Labs are features still in development so results are not conclusive. SNP results are conclusive.
  3. DNA Tribes database currently includes the following Jewish populations: Ashkenazi, Oriental (from Iran and Iraq), Israeli (of diverse origins), North African (from Morocco, Tunisia, and Libya), Sephardi (from Turkey), and Chuetas from Majorca, Spain, descendants of Jewish converts to Catholicism.
  4. See Ethnic origins Y-DNA SNP testing chart - compared to Cohanim Modal Haplotype (CMH).
  5. Omnipop forensic population database utilized for comparisons.
  6. Y-Match database sponsored by DNA-Fingerprint; a company that merged with Family Tree DNA in 2006.


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