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FTDNA kit prefixes

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There are a number of prefixes used by Family Tree DNA to identify kits ordered through partner companies or kits which have been transferred from another company. The following is a list of the current prefixes.

  • MK – Multi Kit – a test ordered through the FTDNA website at the same time as several other kits, all of which are being shipped domestically
  • IN – International – a test kit that was ordered through the FTDNA website alone (not with other kits) that is being shipped internationally
  • MI – Multi Kit International – a test ordered through the FTDNA website at the same time as several other kits, all of which are being shipped internationally
  • A – Those who test with African DNA
  • AM – Test was ordered through
  • B – Those who transfer Y-DNA or autosomal results through a lab transfer program (eg AncestryDNA, 23andMe)
  • BP - Basic packaging. Kits sent out in the basic plastic packaging rather than the new cardboard box
  • DC – Those who test with DNADTC
  • E – Those who test with iGenea, FTDNA's European associate
  • H – Those who tested with DNA Heritage and transferred their results
  • I – Brazil (Origem Judaica) (Minha Origem)
  • J – Those who test with Japan (Rocus, inc.)
  • JT – Jet
  • K – Those who test with Shejire DNA (Kazakashtan)
  • LN – Those who test with Lifenome
  • M – Those who test with Eastern Biotech (DNA Ancestry & Family Origin) FTDNA's Middle Eastern associate
  • MH – Those who tested with MyHeritage – this is different than ordering a test through My Heritage. My Heritage actually manages all of the test results for these kits. FTDNA cannot access the results or account details.
  • N – Those who test with and transfer from the National Geographic Genographic Project
  • P – Pakistan Kits
  • SB – Those who test with Silverberry Genomix
  • T – Those who test with Libya DNA Center
  • U – Those who test at DNA World Wide, FTDNA's UK associate
  • V – Those who test with Jewish Voice Ministries
  • W – DNA Turkiye
  • WL –
  • Y – Those who test with Akira Yamakazi (Japan) (DNA JAPAN))
  • Z – Those who test with Genera, a DNA testing company in Brazil

Note that the MK, MI and I prefixes were only introduced in about November 2017. Prior to this date all multi-kit and international orders that were not processed through a partner company carried a standard kit number without a prefix.


Thank you to Family Tree DNA for providing the information for this article.

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