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Fertility clinics in the UK

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The following is a list of fertility clinics in the UK which practised donor conception.

Further information about these clinics is always welcome as are further additions to the list.

Helena Wright

1917 to 1950 496 children thought to have been conceived through one man by the name of Derek

Mary Barton and Berthold Wiesner

London 1940s onwards
433 by 1958
Also possibly surrogacy. Wiesner is thought to have up to 500 donor children. The sperm from his friends was also used. One friend Derek Richter is though to have had up to 100 donor children.

Philip Bloom

London 1948
26 up to 1958

Reynold H Boyd

52 Harley Street, London 1942
500 up to 1958 Continued up to 1970 He also had clinics in Chelmsford and Wanstead in Essex.

Eustace Chesser

London, Harley Street before 1948
5 births

Vyvyan Green-Armitage


Margaret Jackson

Exeter 1940
82 up to 1958

Dr Bridgett Mason

35 Weymouth Street, London W1G 8BJ Known as Hallam Medical Centre/London.
Women’s clinic at least 1978 to 2012.

Eleanor Mears

London 1943
20 up to 1958

Margaret Moore-White


Dr Bernard Sandler

Manchester 1948-1988
12 St John Street, Manchester
121 Palatine Rd, Manchester
16 up to 1958 (not to be believed since he claimed 131 live births between 1948 and 1972)

Albert Sharman

Glasgow probably 1940s – stopped by 1958

David Sopher

London 1970s. See: Lesbian motherhood and the artificial insemination by donor scandal of 1978. A short podcast on BBC Sounds Britain's lesbian family scandal provides the perspective of Dr Gillian Hanscombe, one of Dr Sopher's patients.

Helena Wright


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