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Frame DNA Project

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Frame DNA Project
Julie Frame Falk
Additional Project Information
DNA type(s) used Y-DNA, mtDNA and Family Finder
Surname variations Frame, Freame, Fremault
Geographic areas Worldwide

The Frame DNA Project is hosted by Family Tree DNA and was established in 2006. This Project is focused on discovering genetic relationships between families with surnames that according to Förstemann, were derived from the framea - a spear carried by Germanic tribes, including the Franks:

'Tacitus tells us that the Germans were generally armed with a short spear, adapted either for close or distant fighting, and which was called in their language framea. From this word, apparently allied to the Modern German pfriem, Förstemann derives the following ancient names, which are mostly Frankish.’
Robert Ferguson, The Teutonic Name-System Applied to the Family Names of France, England, & Germany (1864)
FRAM. Spear.
English: FRAME, FREEM.

Project goals

The aim of the project is to use Y-DNA testing to identify which families of the same or similar surnames are genetically related to one another. We do this by testing the Y-chromosome (direct male line). We also wish to compare the Y-DNA of Frame/Freme/Freame families from the southern parts of England with those in the north and in Scotland. Likewise, we wish to compare the Y-DNA of those with French, Dutch and German variants such as FRÉMY, FREMEAUX, FREMAULT, FROMMÉ, FROOMES, FRAHM etc. with the British (FRAME, FREME, FREAME etc).

If interested in joining the Frame DNA Project and Y-DNA testing, please contact an Admin. If you have any questions: Lynn Frame Julie Frame Falk Michelle Leonard.

Many surname variations found in Britain, Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia etc were also found in:

FLANDERS, BELGIUM – particularly Liège, Namur (Wallonia), Tournai (Hainaut), Hévillers, Brabant, Antwerp: Defreme, Freimaux, Frémaux, Fremaux, Fremeaux, Frahm, Frama, Framis, Fremau, Fremas, Fremi, Fremie, Frems, Friem, Fromes, Froom, Froome etc.

FRANCE – especially Nord-Pas-de-Calais, French Flanders: Fremault , Fremaux ; also De Freme, Freme, Fremy etc

NETHERLANDS - especially Amsterdam: De Fram, De Freme, Fremaux, Fremeaux, Fram, Frame, Framey, Framz, Freem, Freeme, Frem, Fremau, Fremme, Fremou, Freummau, Friems, Froem, Fromie, Froom, Froome, Fruhm, Frummau etc.

We encourage candidates with the Freame, Freme, Fremy, Fremault, Framaux and other variant surnames to join the Project and help determine which families are related.   
We also aim to help participants from related families work together to find their shared heritage and help validate or eliminate suspect lines in genealogies. We do this via our private Facebook group. An admin will invite new testers to join this group.  

DNA testing is not a magic 'fix' to resolve all genealogical brick walls. However, it is a very useful tool and will identify the testers, whatever their surnames, who are our nearest genetic cousins. New discoveries are made frequently. The early Scottish Fram and Frame families, the English Frame, Freame, Freme, Fremault and Fremaux, and the families Fremault, Fremaux etc. from northern France / Flanders share many similarities, especially involvement in the textile industry and other artisan crafts, and all have tales of religious persecution. There is a strong possibility that some will be genetically related. Is your surname Frame, Freame, Freme, Fremault,Fremaux or any close variant? If so, we encourage you to join the Project.

The Frame DNA Project is mainly surname and Y-chromosome based, so females will need to enlist their brother, father, paternal grandfather, cousin or uncle etc. to test as their proxy. Taking the DNA test couldn't be easier - it is a painless cheek swab. We encourage any male of any of the eligible surnames by direct male line descent, or who has a different surname but believes his biological male line is one of the eligible surnames, to participate. If you have any questions or wish to enquire about sponsorship please contact Admins. Lynn Frame Julie Frame Falk Michelle Leonard

Eligible Surnames

Fraeme, Frahm, Fraim, Fraime, Fram, Framau, Frame, Framme, Frams, Fraym, Fream, Freame, Freeham, Freem, Freema, Freeme, Frem, Frema, Fremau, Fremault,Fremaut, Fremaux, Freme, Fremeaux, Fremee, Frémy, Fremes, Freumau, Freumaux, Freyme, Friem, Frieme, Frim, Frime, Frimout, Frommé, Frumow, Fryam, Fryme, Vermaut, Vrame, Vreem, Vremault or any reasonable variant.

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