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Free introductory (12 marker) YDNA test for any man who is paternally related to any of the following:

  • The original Barry settlers in Ireland who arrived with the Norman-Welsh invasion in the 12th century
  • Colonel Charles Barry of Santry, Ireland (1660-1730)
  • James Redmond Barry of Donoughmore, Cork, Ireland, last claimant in 1825 to the title of Earl of Barrymore
  • John Smith-Barry of Cheshire, England (1725-1784)
  • The deBari or deBary family of Tournai, Belgium

The relationship must be established on the basis of primary documentation, which may include genealogical books and published pedigrees, but may not be based only on online family trees.

Name Variations

Barre, Barree, Barrey, Barrie, Barrivane, Barry, Barrymore, deBarra, deBarre, deBarri, deBary, DuBarry, and others with direct documentation of a paternal relationship


Contact the Barry Surname Project administrator, Jim Barry, at [email protected]

Barry Project web site

Also, please visit the Earls of Barrymore DNA Project, the first effort to test ancestral DNA from the remains of a member of the Anglo-Norman-Irish aristocracy. Free tests are available for selected contributors to the project.