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Free DNA tests/Bowes

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Free Y DNA 12-marker kit to assist males bearing these surnames to get started. In most cases later upgrades will be needed, but we have some subgroups that, due to the combination of uncommon surnames and rare markers, are reasonably identifiable at first pass using just 12 markers.

Please submit all known patrilineal information about your surname line, including available names, dates and places up to 1900.

Members receiving a free kit are strongly encouraged to return the favor by:

  • setting their project administrator access to at least 'limited' (to assist us with interpretation),
  • setting their Y DNA sharing to public (anonymized by kit number), and
  • filling out their earliest known ancestor field, country and GPS location.

    Admins can help with instructions.

    Please note: this volunteer project is not associated with the commercial products sold by Tyrone Bowes through Irish, Scottish and English Origenes. See 'Dubious commercial claims' at

    Name Variations

    Boag, Boas, Boase, Boaz, Boaze, Boe, Boey, Bogue, Booe, Bouse, Bow, Bowe, Bowie, Bows, Boy, Boye, Boze, Buie, Buoy. Other close spellings may be considered so email interest.


    Martha Bowes, [email protected]