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Free DNA tests/Hotchkiss

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Will sponsor up to three 37-marker Y-DNA tests for Hotchkiss (and/or variants) males who are natives of Ireland or the UK and provide a lineage chart.

Name Variations

Hod, Hodgcase, Hodgecase, Hodgekiss, Hodges, Hodgkines, Hodgkins, Hodgkis, Hodgkiss, Hodgkisse, Hodgskins, Hodkeys, Hodskis, Hogkis, Hogkiss, Hood, Hoskins, Hotchin, Hotchkees, Hotchkie, Hotchkies, Hotchkis, Hotchkiss, Hotchkisson, Hrod, Huskie, Rodgers, Rogers


Steven Perkins, Project Administrator [email protected]