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Free DNA tests/Hourihane

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We do not offer free tests unconditionally at DNA shows and no longer offer free Y37 scholarships.

For 2017 and 2018 the project has the funds to offer a Y111 cost-splitting (roughly 50-50) scholarship during a Y test sale. The award recipient would thus obtain a full Y111 marker test for roughly the cost of the Y37 test. This offer is only good for men named Hourihane (or spelling variation) with paternal line ancestry from County Cork. The eligible man must be able to meet documentation requirements. Contact the administrator now if interested.

If you are a man named Hourihane (or spelling variant) with a paternal line from Ireland and you'd like to be informed of Y DNA test sales and kept informed of Hourihane yDNA developments, contact the project administrator and you'll be placed on the project email list.

Name Variations

Hourihane, Hourihan, Hourahan, Hourahine, O'Hourihane


Susan Barretta, [email protected], Joint DNA Project at FTDNA (including Hourihane)