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Free DNA tests/Maynard

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37-marker Y-DNA tests at FTDNA are now available for up to ten Maynard men who have documented Maynard roots in England before 1800. Participants will never be asked for money or for personal details about the living, other than the basic contact information about the Y-DNA donor, which is requested by FTDNA (e.g., full name, email address, and postal address for sending the kit). However, potential participants will be asked to provide their paper trail from their father (if dead) and grandfather, going back about six generations in British Isles or Ireland. This offer is not valid if this Maynard line has already been tested for Y-DNA.

Name Variations

Maynor, Mayner, Mainard, Menard, Manard


Contact [email protected] or telephone 410-983-1014 for further details.