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Free Tests: Up to three (3) free tests are available for males with the surname McComb or McCombs attending any conference in the UK or Ireland where FTDNA and/or ISOGG are represented and offering tests.

The McCombs-McComb Y-DNA Surname Project is interested in recruiting men outside of North America to participate in Y-DNA testing at any time. A free Y-DNA 37 test will be offered to a male representative of any McCombs or McComb family's direct male line residing in the UK or Ireland. In the case of participants in haplogroup R1b-M222, where a Y67 test is required to distinguish between two groups, the cost of the upgrade will be covered by project administrators as funds are available and with the permission of the participant.

Assistance in purchasing kits may also be available for well-documented American McComb(s) lines that are not currently represented in the project. Contact Sharon McCombs Fontenot [email protected] for information.

Name Variations

McCombs, McComb


Please contact project administrators for more information. (