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Free DNA tests/McConaghy

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We offer a free 37 marker Y-DNA test kits to McConaghy men, and the many variant surnames, that have a documented family history at least to a ggrandfather and a documented connection to Scotland and/or Ireland. All others please contact project administrators. Visit our project website at for much information about our research. A participant needs to be willing to share their male line ancestry, help in test upgrade costs, and assist in further genealogy research.

This offer is offered on a first come bases and is limited to 4 test kits. This 37 marker test is a basic Y-DNA test and will need to be upgraded to obtain much better resolution for matching. A participant receiving a free test needs to be willing to help pay some of the upgrade costs as the DNA project will consider also contributing more funds to an upgrade.

Persons with any questions please contact Tim Duncan at [email protected]

Name Variations

McConaghy, McConnochie, McConachie, McConechy, McConnaughey, McConnaughay, McConkey plus many more variant spellings


Tim Duncan Administrator: Donnachaidh DNA Project Website: Email: [email protected]