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Free DNA tests/Murrihy (Corcu Loígde)

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The Corca Laidhe regional Y DNA project does not give away free tests unconditionally at DNA shows.

The Corca Laidhe project is a regional research study, not a relative matching project or a haplogroup project.

Members meeting project requirements and can demonstrate paternal line ancestry from County Cork could be eligible for $150 towards Big Y. Scholarship money is awarded only during FTDNA sales.

See the project FAQ for complete details.

Murrihy/Murray is not a form of Murphy, Muire, Morrow, or Murrogh.

Name Variations

Murrihy, Murihy, O'Muireadhaigh, might be simplified to Murray


Susan Barretta, [email protected], Corca Laidhe Regional Y DNA Project at FTDNA