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Free DNA tests/Riddle/Riddell/Ruddell

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Although the Riddle/Riddell/Ruddle Project is essentially a Surname Y-DNA project, it is both global and welcoming of any man with Y-DNA matches to those in the project, or bearing such a surname. It is only by comparison that we will learn from these connections.

Then, of course comes the task of connection between the DNA matches with those records and paper trails uncovered by our genealogical and Family History research. After all, it is wonderful to find closely matching DNA (whether via Y-STRs or via Autosomal DNA - Family Finder), but it is another thing to actually put a name to that common ancestor.

Any questions whatsoever should come to me (Gail) directly at [email protected]

Name Variations


Gail Riddell, Administrator [email protected]

Free Y-DNA tests to Y-37 are available for any male with this surname if he is resident in the UK.