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Free DNA tests/Sheily (Corcu Loígde)

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The Corca Laidhe regional Y DNA project does not give away free tests unconditionally at DNA shows.

The Corca Laidhe project is a regional research study, not a relative matching project or a haplogroup project.

Members meeting project requirements and can demonstrate paternal line ancestry from County Cork could be eligible for $150 towards Big Y. Scholarship money is awarded only during FTDNA sales.

See the project FAQ for complete details.

This is NOT the same name as Shelly, Sheehy, Sheedy, Shea, or Seely or Sealy (the latter two are names from the upper classes in Cork) - though genealogical records might interchange these names.

Name Variations

Sheily, Shiely, Sheely, Shealy, O'Sealbhaigh


Susan Barretta, [email protected], Corca Laidhe Regional Y DNA Project at FTDNA