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FREE 12 marker Y DNA Kit (or equivalent value towards a 37 marker kit) to WHEATON surnamed males with documented English or Welsh ancestry. South Wales, Devon, Somerset, Staffordshire of particular interest.(LIMIT 3 kits total) Especially interested in those from North Devon or Wales. Specific United States, Canadian and Australian Wheaton lineages may be subsidized for unrepresented lineages. Of great interest are: descendants of Christopher 1 WHEATON of Hull, MA, descendants lived near Barre, VT; Descendants of Obadiah 2 WHEATON who originally lived near Boston, MA; Descendants of John 2 of Thomas 1 WHEADON of Branford, CT. Please contact administrator for details.

Name Variations

Wheaton, Wheeton, Whetene, Wheten, Wheaten, Weeton, Weaton, Wetton, Whetton, Wheadon, Whedon, Wheedon, Wheden, Wheddon, Wheaden, Weedon, Weadon


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