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General Data Protection Regulation

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The General Data Protection Regulation 2017 is a regulation of the European Union (EU) which took effect on 25 May 2018. Its primary objective is to protect EU residents against the misuse of their personal data. The regulation applies to companies and organisations who have customers or members resident in the European Union.

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Advice to project administrators

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation will apply to all DNA projects which have members resident in any of the EU’s 28 countries, including the UK and Ireland. The Regulation formalizes the legal rights of these project members and the obligations of administrators of DNA projects of which they may be members. The wording of the Regulation is very complex, although in essence the underlying principles are not novel. ISOGG has prepared a short Powerpoint presentation to help DNA project admins understand the relevant aspects of GDPR and to identify practical action points that will help reduce the likelihood of complaints, and how complaints should be handled. It may be a long time before there is clarity on many of the details, but in the meantime Project Admins who comply with this simple guidance should have little to fear from European authorities.

A PDF version of the presentation can be downloaded from this link.[1] A copy of the Powerpoint presentation is available on request to .

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