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Genetic genealogy mailing lists and Facebook groups

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Mailing lists and forums can be a useful way of making contact with other researchers and comparing notes with other genetic genealogists. The genetic genealogy mailing lists are hosted either by Yahoo or Rootsweb. With both companies there is an option to subscribe either in individual e-mail mode or digest mode.

ISOGG Facebook groups and mailing lists

Other lists

The above two lists are replacements for the original Rootsweb Genealogy DNA list which was founded by Ann Turner in October 2000 and was the first ever genetic genealogy mailing list. The archives of the Rootsweb Genealogy DNA list can be seen here.

Company lists

Unknown parentage searches

Facebook groups

  • Facebook on Genealogy list A downloadable list maintained by Katherine R. Willson which lists all the Facebook pages and groups related to genealogy. The file includes a DNA section which lists all the Facebook groups relating to DNA and haplogroups.

The following are some of the more popular general DNA groups on Facebook:

Company groups on Facebook

DNA tools and user groups

Regional Facebook groups



For a list of groups for help with adoption searches see the Wiki page on DNA testing for adoptees.