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Genetic genealogy mailing lists and Facebook groups

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Mailing lists and forums can be a useful way of making contact with other researchers and comparing notes with other genetic genealogists. The genetic genealogy mailing lists are hosted either by Yahoo or Rootsweb. With both companies there is an option to subscribe either in individual e-mail mode or digest mode.

ISOGG lists

All ISOGG lists are restricted to ISOGG members and the archives are not publicly accessible. Membership of ISOGG is free. To join ISOGG fill out the online application form.

  • ISOGG DNA-Newbie List The DNA-NEWBIE list was founded in July 2005 at the suggestion of Ann Turner and since 2010 has been moderated primarily by CeCe Moore. As of December 2013, there are over 3,000 subscribers. This is a very active list.
  • ISOGG mailing list for project administrators A members-only mailing list founded in March 2005 for members of the International Society of Genetic Genealogy and moderated by ISOGG Director Katherine Borges. The list is intended for those who are administrators of DNA projects. There are some useful files to download in the files section on the group homepage. There are around 300-400 posts per months.
  • ISOGG Adoptees Forum A forum founded in 2011 by Katherine Borges and Richard Hill which no longer appears to be very active.
  • ISOGG Health and DNA list A discussion list for health and DNA topics - in particular relating to DTC tests and family health history.
  • ISOGG Facebook group A very popular group discussing subjects related to genetic genealogy, moderated by Katherine Borges and Angie Bush.
  • ISOGG group on LinkedIn
  • ISOGG GenealogyWise group (open group)

Other lists

  • AncestryDNA discussion group on Yahoo
  • DNA lists at RootsWeb
  • RootsWeb mailing list help
  • DNA-Anthrogenealogy A list for the discussion of deep ancestry.
  • GENEALOGY-DNA-L The first genetic genealogy list founded by Ann Turner in October 2000.
  • DNA-Newbie-L The list was started in September 2007, but has a lot less traffic than the ISOGG DNA-Newbie list on Yahoo (see above).
  • Y-DNA Projects A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding practical issues related to STR testing for Y-DNA surname projects in a genealogical time frame only.
  • RootsWeb autosomal DNA mailing list. A list started in June 2011 by Diana Gale Matthiesen for discussions related to autosomal DNA tests.
  • Yahoo autosomal DNA mailing list
  • mtDNA mailing list A list started in September 2012 by Greg Bonner.
  • DNA Adoption A new Yahoo group started in May 2013 by a team of experienced search angels for adoptees and anyone else utilizing DNA to discover unknown heritage or search for close biological family. This is a very busy list.
  • AdoptionDNA Yahoo group for adoptees, parents and siblings to talk about their DNA Results. This is no longer a very active list as many of the contributors and experts have moved to the DNAAdoption list (see above). It often has an emphasis on the politics of adoption in the US
  • AdoptionDNA Tools Yahoo group focused on developing tools to extract useful data from the databases.
  • Unknown Fathers DNA group A new Yahoo group started by CeCe Moore This group is for those searching for the identity of a biological father through DNA testing. Advice, specific testing plans, interpretation assistance and support are offered.


  • Facebook on Genealogy list A downloadable list maintained by Katherine R. Willson which lists all the Facebook pages and groups related to genealogy. The file includes a DNA section which lists all the Facebook groups relating to DNA and haplogroups.

The following are some of the more popular general DNA groups on Facebook:

Company groups on Facebook

Regional Facebook groups



For a list of groups for help with adoption searches see the Wiki page on DNA testing for adoptees.