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Type unknown
Industry Genetic genealogy
Founded Jun 2020 startup
Founder(s) unknown
Headquarters Delaware USA, Domain Island
Area served International
Products Autosomal DNA (Admixture)

Genoplot is a third-party online service for genetic ancestry visualization (Admixture Calculators, Monte Carlo Simulations, PCA Plots).

Purpose & History

Genoplot is a multi-purpose consumer genomics platform providing ancestry, genealogy and genetics related technologies to the genomics enthusiast community. It commits to deliver traditional analytic approaches from the academic-to-consumer genomic analysis interface and a variety of novel, statistically-guided and informative tests. Starting in 2020 ancestry inference tools are made available. In a commitment Geneoplot stated[1]:

  • core services and tools at no charge for users
  • never expose personal data to any 3rd parties
  • right to participate or withdraw from the services at any stage
  • to announce changes to the Terms of Use in advance

Blog posts and articles


  1. About us, Aug. 2022