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Global Similarity

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Global Similarity is a feature of 23andMe's Personal Genome Service. It can be accessed from the "My Ancestry" menu on the 23andMe user interface.

In Basic View, it attempts to place a participant in a specific location on the map based on their genetic similarity to groups of people from around the world. It gives percentages of similarity to the following reference populations:

1. Northern Europeans

2. Southern Europeans

3. Near Easterners

4. Central Asians

5. Northern Africans

6. North Americans

7. Siberians

8. South Americans

9. Eastern Asians

10. Oceanians

11. Eastern Africans

12. Southern Africans

13. Central Africans

14. Western Africans

In Advanced View, this tool attempts to place the participant in which global populations they most resemble. The user can zoom in or learn more by clicking on the label of a sample population.

Basic View

This screenshot shows the Basic View. GSBasic.jpg

Advanced View

This screenshot shows the Advanced View. GSAdvanced.jpg

Additional Information

This tool is not as informative for those of mixed ancestry.