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Grau DNA project

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My name is Tom Hutchison and I am the volunteer administrator of the Grau Surname Project. I am a descendant of Rev. Jacob B. Graw. His parents, Georg Jakob Grau and Louisa Carolina Wolf, immigrated to the United States in 1828 from Ispringen, Baden, Germany. I have been researching this and other Grau families since 2001. I started this project in Decemeber of 2008 after much success combining traditional genealogy with genetic genealogy in my other family lines. There is no cost to join this project and it is open to anyone from anywhere in the world who has DNA tested with any company or is planning to do so in the future.

Project History

This DNA Project is seeking GRAUs from everywhere in the world. Through yDNA Analysis of the participants and along with conventional genealogical research, the project will help determine those members that share a common male ancestor. To participate all you need is a living male GRAU relative willing to provide a simple, painless cheek-rubbing sample.

Project Goals

  1. To recruit male GRAUs from around the world to join the project, yDNA test and build a database of male GRAU yDNA data for genealogical research.
  2. Through analysis of the members' tested yDNA, identify the common male ancestors of various GRAU families, which includes the variant spellings of the GRAU name.
  3. Help researchers connect with those proven related by yDNA testing.
  4. Help advance the research of those proven related by yDNA testing with a final goal of indentifying their common shared ancestor.