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Haplogroup J2a (Y-DNA)

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Haplogroup J2a-M410 distribution in Eurasia and Northern Africa.

J2a spreads from Europe to Southern Asia, with presence also on the African Mediterranean coast. The center of distribution and probable origin is in Northern Fertile Crescent between Asia Minor (modern eastern Turkey), Syria, Armenia, Caucasus and Mesopotamia (modern Iraq).

J2a Haplogroup Nomenclature Versions

Major Defining SNP-Mutations

M = Underhill Stanford, P = Hammer Arizona, S = Wilson Edinburgh, U = Sims/Garvey/Ballantyne USA, Page (PAGES or PS) = Page Whitehead Institute, V = Scozzari/Cruciani Italy, L = Krahn FTDNA, Z = Magoon/Rocca/Reynolds/Schrack/Op den Velde Boots/Banks/Krahn/etc., DF = anonymous researcher

Legend publication date: (online), {scientific paper, book, database, etc.}

  • IJK: L15/M523/S137, L16/M522/S138, L69.1(=G)/S163.1
    • IJ: M429 {Dec. 2007}
      M429 = P125 = rs17306671 {Aug. 2004}, P123, P124, P126, P127, P129, P130/S22, S2
      • J: M304
        M304 = Page16 = rs13447352 {Mar. 2004}, 12f2.1, L134, P209, S6/L60, S34, S35
        • J2: M172 {Apr. 2001}
          M172 = Page28 = rs2032604 {Jan. 2001}, L228,
          M172 aka Page28 or PS28 or PAGES00028: Underhill et al (2000); Karafet et al (2001); Underhill et al (2001); Cruciani et al (2002); Semino et al (2002); YCC (2002); Butler (2003); Jobling et al (2003); Kivisild et al (2003); Nasidze et al (2003); Behar et al (2004); Cinnioglu et al (2004); Di Giacomo et al (2004); Flores et al (2004); Nasidze et al (2004); Semino et al (2004); Shen et al (2004); Alonso et al (2005); Capelli et al (2005); Hammer et al (2005); Nasidze et al (2005); Regueiro et al (2006); Sengupta et al (2006); Karafet et al (2008); King et al (2008); Zalloua et al (2008); El Sibai et al (2009); Rozen et al (2009); Family Tree DNA 2011 Tree. rs2032604. 13479028.
          L228: El Sibai et al (2009); Family Tree DNA 2011 Tree. 7831358.
          • J2a: M410
            L152, L212, L559
            M410: Regueiro et al (2006); Sengupta et al (2006); Karafet et al (2008); King et al (2008). RefSNP ID: . Y-position: (Build 36.3) 2811678.
            L152: Communicated to the ISOGG Y-DNA Working Group. rs2690775. 20702954.
            L212: Family Tree DNA 2011 Tree. 21120853.
            L559: Communicated to the ISOGG Y-DNA Working Group. 20133715.

Historical nomenclature

YCC NRY Tree 2002 showing correspondences with prior nomenclatures

  • DEFGHIJ: B (Capelli et al 2001)
    • FGHIJ: VI (Underhill et al 2000), H4 (Su et al 1999)
      • IJK: /
        • IJ-S2: /
          • J-M304: 9 (Kaladjieva et al 2001, Jobling et al 2000), Med (Hammer et al 2001)
            • J2-M172: J2 (YCC / Karafet et al 2008, FTDNA 2005, YCC 2002), 24 (Karafet et al 2001), Eu9 (Semino et al 2000)
              • J2a-M410: J2a (YCC / Karafet et al 2008), J2a-M410 (Sengupta et al. 2006)
                • J2aX-L26-L27: J2a1 (ISOGG 2006-2008, since Aug. 2012), J2a3 (ISOGG 2011 - Aug. 2012), J2a4 (FTDNA since 2009?, ISOGG Mar. 2009-2010), J2aX (YCC since 2008), PAGE|S00055 (Rozen, Marszalek et al 2009), J2a-S57 (Ethnoancestry 2008), J2a*-M410? (Sengupta et al. 2006)

23andMe Customized Illumina chip v3

23andMe Labs Haplogroup Tree Mutation Mapper (Brian Naughton, 23 Sep 2011). Defining mutations: variant call anc der:

  • IJK: rs9786139 (L15) G A G; rs9786714 (L16) A G A
    • IJ: rs17250163 (P126) G C G; rs17250887 (P130) T A T; rs17306671 (M429) A T A; rs17306699 (P129) G A G; rs17315772 (P124) C A C; rs17315821 (P123) C T C; rs7892893 (P127) T C T
      • J: rs13447352 (M304) C A C
        • J2: rs2032604 (M172) G T G
          • J2a: N/A

J2a Projects

Recommended haplogroup research projects. See Y-DNA haplogroup projects for a full list of J2a projects.