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How to join an FTDNA project

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This step-by-step guide explains how to join a project at Family Tree DNA. This article assumes that you have already tested at FTDNA or one of their affiliate companies such as iGenea. If you have tested at Ancestry you can transfer your results to FTDNA via the autosomal DNA transfer program. If you have tested with the Genographic Project see this page in the FTDNA Learning Center for instructions on how to transfer your results. Note that you cannot join a haplogroup project until you have received your results and your haplogroup prediction from FTDNA.

If you have not ordered a kit if you are a male and wish to order a Y chromosome DNA test make sure that you check to see if your surname is already included in a surname project. If you order a Y-DNA test through a project you will benefit from the discounted project pricing.

Joining a project

Step 1. Log into your FTDNA personal page using your kit number and password. You will be presented with a menu as shown below. Click on "Join Projects" either in the left-hand menu or under "My Account".

FTDNA personal page screenshot.jpg

Step 2. You will be taken to a page showing a list of projects organised in categories. If your name is associated with a surname project then that project will be included in a list at the top of the page. If you are a male and have only taken a Y-DNA test you will only be presented with a list of Y-DNA project categories. If you have only taken a mitochondrial DNA test you will similarly be presented with a list of suitable mtDNA projects. If you have taken both tests you will see all the categories. Scroll down the list and find the appropriate project for your purposes. In this example the participant is hoping to join the mtDNA haplogroup U4 project. She will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the list of mtDNA haplogroup projects (MT haplogroup projects).

Matching projects screenshot.jpg

Step 3. Once the appropriate project category listing has been located click on the appropriate letter of the alphabet to take you to the sublist of projects. In this instance the letter U has been selected under MT haplogroup projects. The U4 project is now seen in the list. The participant can now click on the U4 project to be taken to a page to finish the application process.

MtDNA U project list.jpg

Step 4. The U4 project menu has now been selected. Make sure you check the entry requirements of your chosen project to ensure that you meet the membership criteria. Click on the orange "Join" button at the bottom right and your results will automatically be added to the project! You should receive an automatic e-mail from FTDNA to confirm your membership. Some projects have an approval process and in these cases you will be required to fill out a short form giving outline details of your pedigree for approval by the project administrator. Your membership of the project will only be confirmed when the project administrator has accepted your join request.

Join menu for U4 project.jpg


While surname projects are normally open to anyone with the surname, surnames are also listed for many geographical projects or haplogroup projects. For these projects membership is restricted only to participants with the surname who have origins in the region or country or who belong to the specific haplogroup or subclade. The entry criteria will vary from project to project. Before applying to join a project make sure you check the project website to see if you qualify for membership. If in doubt e-mail the project administrator.

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