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How to videos for project administrators

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The following page provides a compilation of videos and webinars that are aimed specifically at Family Tree DNA group administrators.

Family Tree DNA webinars

FTDNA provides a wide range of webinars on the subject of genetic genealogy. The full list can be accessed here.

FTDNA offers three webinars, presented by Elise Friedman, aimed particularly at project administrators:

1. Mind the GAP: Beginner's guide to the Group Administration Page at Family Tree DNA. Family Tree DNA has over 8,000 surname, geographical, heritage and haplogroup projects. All of these projects are run by volunteers who have a passion for genetic genealogy. This webinar provides an in-depth look at the many tools available in the GAP for project administrators, and discusses member recruitment and other project administration topics.

2. GAP tools: Managing and analyzing project member results. The Group Administration Page (GAP) has many tools for volunteer project administrators to manage and analyze project member results. This webinar covers the following topics: viewing member results, member subgrouping, analyzing project results using the Genetic Reports for Y-DNA, mtDNA and Family Finder.

3. Project administration: advising members on Y DNA SNP testing. Project administrators are often consulted by project members regarding which Y-DNA SNPs to test and whether large-scale SNP tests such as Geno2.0 and BigY would be beneficial for them. Advising project members can be challenging due to the large number of SNPs available, the different benefits of the various tests, and the varied goals/interests of the individual project members. This webinar will offer suggestions and best practices to assist project administrators in guiding their members toward the most appropriate SNP tests.

Videos from the Guild of One-Name Studies

The following videos provide advice on setting up and running a surname DNA project. The recordings were made at a regional meeting of the Guild of One-Name Studies held in Ealing, West London, England, on 6th September 2013. The talks are split up into four videos.

This first part discusses why to set up a project in the first place; setting goals; choosing participants; support and resources; and designing your project profile and project website pages so that you are ready to start recruiting.

The second part discusses what to do when the first results start coming in. What do each of your members actually get? What do their personal/private webpages tell them about their DNA? How do you group people together? How do you decide who is a match and who is not? What are the next steps after grouping people together?

The third part discusses what to do beyond the initial grouping of participants based on their Y-DNA 37-marker test. When do you upgrade to 67 or 111 markers? How does the TiP Tool help? Why is SNP testing so important? What are the benefits of joining haplogroup and geographical projects?

The fourth part discusses how to advertise your project and encourage recruitment. It also stresses the benefits of collaboration and publishing your results on an ongoing basis via an online blog or dedicated website. There is also a Q&A session at the end.

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