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The ISOGG Wiki is provided free of charge for the benefit of the genetic genealogy community. The Wiki provides practical articles on all aspects of DNA testing and its application to genealogy. All contributions are welcome.

The ISOGG Wiki is checked regularly by moderators and ISOGG reserves the right to edit or delete any material which is deemed to be unsuitable for inclusion. This applies not just to copyright-infringing (or suspected copyright-infringing) material, but also material which is irrelevant, obscene, defamatory, coded, or which breaches data protection laws, or is suspected to do any of these things. ISOGG also reserves the right to block or ban users who cause offence, post spam or in other ways disrupt the smooth running of the ISOGG Wiki community.

Use restrictions

Editing is currently restricted to ISOGG members. To edit the Wiki you will need to create an account. Once the account has been confirmed by e-mail you will be able to start editing. You will be asked to create a user name. Ideally, in order to take credit for your contributions and to retain the integrity of the Wiki, we would prefer everyone to be identified by a recognisable user name (eg, TomHutchison, DebbieKennett).

If for any reason you wish to contribute to the Wiki and do not wish to join ISOGG or register an account please contact ISOGG with your corrections and contributions.


The idea of an ISOGG Wiki was suggested on the ISOGG project administrators' mailing list by Debbie Kennett in June 2010. Tom Hutchison also thought it would be an excellent idea. He remembered that a Wiki was set up some years previously by the ISOGG Guidance Committee but it was never used. After a long conversation with Katherine Borges, Director of ISOGG, Tom volunteered to get the ISOGG Wiki back up and running for member use. Tom and Debbie worked together to get the basic framework in place. Debbie worked on the basic editorial structure and Tom did all the techie stuff like creating templates and infoboxes. The Wiki was opened up to members of the ISOGG admins' mailing list on 10th July 2010, and subsequently advertised to the wider genetic genealogy community and the general public.

Future plans

The ISOGG Wiki is in a continuous state of development. We welcome ideas from readers and users on further topics for inclusion, and other improvements. All ideas are co-ordinated on the ISOGG Roadmap.