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An essay-tagged page on the ISOGG Wiki is an article written by an individual ISOGG member. Essays may range from personal or minority views, to views that enjoy a wide consensus amongst ISOGG editors. The views or advice on an essay page are not necessarily endorsed by the wider ISOGG membership.

Essay pages can be edited by other ISOGG editors but the author reserves the right to maintain full editorial control. While minor updates and grammatical and spelling corrections are welcomed, major changes should be discussed with the author in advance either by personal communication or through a note on the user's talk page.

Feel free to offer a different opinion by writing your own essay. It is recommended that facts to support your arguments should be backed up by references. Essays should focus on facts, and personal attacks on other ISOGG users will not be tolerated.

ISOGG reserves the right to remove any essays which are deemed to be unsuitable for inclusion. This applies not just to copyright-infringing (or suspected copyright-infringing) material, but also material which is irrelevant, obscene, defamatory, coded, or which breaches data protection laws, or is suspected to do any of these things.

Essay pages are found in the following namespaces, Main (articles), ISOGG Wiki:, or User:.