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J-M304 Modal Haplotypes

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Haplotypes in haplogroup J (M304+) are mainly divided into three subclades: J1 (M267+), J2a (M410+) and J2b (M102+). The haplotypes for J1 and J2a can be very similar. If no (terminal) SNP testing has been done, the subclade can sometimes be predicted by comparison with the modal haplotypes.

In Family Tree DNA projects the haplotypes (Y-STR values) are formatted in the FTDNA lab standard (Aug. 2012). For conversion to the NIST (ISOGG) standard used in scientific studies the following conversions apply: DYS441 +1, DYS442 +5, YGATAA10 +2, GATA H4.1 +1. The Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation has incorporated a conversion function in the Y-search on their homepage. [1][2][3]