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Kevin Borland

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Kevin Borland (USA) is the CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of Borland Genetics.


Kevin holds a BS in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has been writing scripts for processing raw DNA since 2013. He founded Borland Genetics in 2018, which incorporated in Florida in 2020. He is also an attorney in the state of Virginia and the District of Columbia, and holds degrees from Rutgers University School of Law (JD) and Vermont Law School (LLM).

Genetic Genealogy Industry


Kevin currently serves on the Board of Directors of MitoYDNA and of Borland Genetics.

Speaking Engagements

  • Introduction to DNA Reconstruction (three-part series hosted by Finding Family Together, 2019)
  • DNA Reconstruction: Concepts & Tools (Society of Australian Genealogists, 2020)
  • Mathematically Reconstruct DNA Kits For Your Ancestors (Family Tree Fanatics, 2020)
  • Borland Genetics Tools and Workflows (Society of Australian Genealogists, 2021)
  • Introduction to DNA Reconstruction (Ohio Genealogical Society, 2021)
  • DNA Is Digital (Ohio Genealogical Society, 2021)
  • DNA Tools Present and Future (MIT Club of New Mexico, 2022)
  • DNA Is Digital (East Coast Genetic Genealogy Conference, 2022)
  • Reconstructing a Great-Great Grandparent with Borland Genetics (East Coast Genetic Genealogy Conference, 2022)
  • Borland Genetics Web Tools and Database (Genealogical Forum of Oregon, 2022)

Other Industry Conference Appearances

  • RootsTech Salt Lake (2019)
  • Southern California Genealogical Society "Jamboree" conference (Burbank, 2019)
  • Exhibited Borland Genetics at RootsTech London (2019)
  • Exhibited mitoYDNA at RootsTech Salt Lake (2020)
  • Assisted at GEDmatch lab, RootsTech Salt Lake (2020)
  • Assisted at Leeds Method lab, RootsTech Salt Lake (2020)
  • Exhibited Borland Genetics and mitoYDNA at Ohio Genealogical Society "Bringin' It Home" virtual conference (2021)
  • Advanced Genetic Genealogy panelist at British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa "Irish Lines and Female Finds" virtual conference (2021)
  • Exhibited Borland Genetics at East Coast Genetic Genealogy Conference (Baltimore, 2022)
  • Exhibited Borland Genetics at Ohio Genealogical Society "Jazz It Up" conference (2022)
  • Exhibited Borland Genetics at National Genealogical Society "Our American Mosaic" conference (2022)
  • Exhibited Borland Genetics at Ontario Genealogical Society "Ontario Ancestors" conference (2022)
  • Exhibited Borland Genetics at Indiana Historical Society "Midwestern Roots" conference (2022)

Television Appearances

  • Kevin appeared in several episodes of season two of the genealogy-themed reality television show Relative Race and assisted as a research consultant prior to the season's filming (Season 2; Multiple episodes; 2017).
  • Genealogy Adventures (Season 5; Episode 6; 2021)