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List of Borland Genetics software modules

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The following is a list of the software modules that power the Borland Genetics Web Tools and Database:

  • Web Tools Module (core site classes and methods)
  • Artron Mainframe (classes and methods related to the core phasing tools: Humpty Dumpty, Extract Segments and Ultimate Phaser)
  • Chameleon Template Manager (includes SNP-level classes and methods)
  • Command Center (site controller module)
  • HIR Mapper Brain (chromosome mapping classes and methods)
  • Interfacer (site interface module)
  • Match Library (classes and methods related to DNA matching, batch processing and the chromosome browser)
  • Mercury Messenger (messaging classes and methods)
  • Project Manager (project and Creeper classes and methods)
  • Segmentologist (segment-level classes and methods)
  • Special Phase Scripts Module (classes and methods related to the Two-Parent Phase, Missing Parent, Reverse Phase, Phoenix and Darkside tools)
  • Testing Module (beta testing module)