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Living DNA

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Living DNA
Type Deep ancestry, genealogy
Founded 2004 (as DNA Worldwide) 2016 as Living DNA
Founder(s) David Nicholson
Headquarters Frome, Somerset, England
Area served Worldwide
Products Y-DNA SNPs, mtDNA, biogeographical ancestry

Living DNA is a genetic ancestry testing company which offers a single test providing a biogeographical ancestry analysis with Y-DNA and mtDNA haplogroup reports. The test cannot currently be used for genetic genealogy as there is no matching database. However, matching is in development and is scheduled to be available in 2018. Living DNA raw data can be uploaded to the GEDmatch Genesis website to look for matches.[1]

Living DNA launched a One Family One World Project in October 2017. This is a five-year project which aims to create a single worldwide family tree based on people's DNA and to produce the first fine-scale genetic map of the world .[2][3]


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