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MtDNA haplogroup K project

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The mtDNA haplogroup K Project is hosted by Family Tree DNA. Haplogroup K (Katrine) is found mostly in those with a European or Middle Eastern maternal ancestry. The project has over 1700 members with project members living in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Approximately 33% of the Ashkenazi Jewish population belong to one of three Ashkenazi subclades, with those three subclades comprising approximately 17% of the total of those in K. Further information may be found on the Project Background, Goals and News tabs on the Project website.


The mtDNA Haplogroup K Project was established on January 9, 2006 by William R. Hurst.


Membership in the project is restricted to those who have received mtDNA results stating that they are in haplogroup K along with a list of mtDNA mutations.

Members who have tested with Family Tree DNA, the Genographic Project or one of the FTDNA affiliates such as iGENEA are listed by kit number on the Project's website under the "mtDNA Results" tab.

Members who tested with other commercial testing companies such as AncestryDNA or GeneTree may join by providing their results to the Project Administrator. A maternal country of origin will be listed if provided. These members are listed under the "Results" tab on the Project website.

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