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MtDNA haplogroup U8 project

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The mtDNA haplogroup U8 Project is hosted by Family Tree DNA. Haplogroup U8 is found mostly in those with a European maternal ancestry. The project has over 40 members. A majority of the members have full genome sequence (FGS) results, since FTDNA only designates as U8 those who have received FGS results. Those in U8 are either in subclade U8a or subclade U8b. U8 also includes haplogroup K which has its own page and website. Further information may be found on the Project Background, Project Goals and News tabs on the Project website.


The mtDNA Haplogroup U8 Project was established on July 15, 2009 by William R. Hurst.


Membership in the project is restricted to those who tested with with Family Tree DNA, the Genographic Project or one of the FTDNA affiliates such as iGENEA. Members must have been designated by FTDNA as either haplogroup U8a, U8b, U8b'K, or just U with one of the following HVR haplotypes:

16146G, 16342C, 282C

16209C, 16342C, 282C

16189C, 16234T

or other haplotypes which include 282C in HVR2

If in doubt, ask the project administrator.

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