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Personal genome test proactive successes

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This is a page on personal genomic test proactive successes. ISOGG members are encouraged to post their testimonials and success stories here or to post links to blog postings and newspaper articles of interest.

  • In 2006 I learned from DNA-Fingerprint that I have two copies of the CCR5-Delta32 variant of the CCR5 gene; this result has since been duplicated by DNA tests performed by both Family Tree DNA and 23andMe. As noted on the Wikipedia page for CCR5, having two copies of the CCR5-Delta32 variant makes a person resistant to HIV. In 2008, there was a report in the Wall Street Journal about an HIV-positive leukemia patient who received a bone marrow transplantation from a donor who had two copies of CCR5-Delta32, and close to two years after receiving the transplantation the patient was free of any detectable HIV and considered to be "functionally cured". Motivated by the knowledge that my CCR5-Delta32 status has the potential to similarly eliminate HIV from an infected person, I have registered with the Canadian Bone Marrow Donor Registry. --DavidPike 13:48, 19 July 2010 (UTC)

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