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Pike DNA Project

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Pike DNA Project
David Pike
Stuart Pike
Pike DNA Project
Additional Project Information
DNA type(s) used Y-DNA
Founded July 2004
Project size over 150
Surname variations Pyke, McPike, etc
Geographic areas Worldwide
Predominant haplogroup R1a haplogroup

1881 Distribution of the PIKE surname in Great Britain (Map provided by

The Pike DNA Project at Family Tree DNA was established in July 2004. By late 2010 the project had over 150 participants and had found genetic evidence of at least 50 different (i.e., unrelated) families with the surname Pike or one of its variants (such as Pyke and McPike).

The project is global in scope and has participants from each of Australia, Canada, England, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA and Wales.

The largest genetic cluster within the project belongs to the R1a haplogroup. Other haplogroups that have been encountered include E1b1a, G, I, J1, J2, Q, R1b and T.

Media coverage

  • 02 Nov 2010 newspaper article that mentions the link that DNA found between Pikes in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland and Tetbury, Gloucestershire
  • TV interview with David Pike On 23 June 2010, one of the Pike DNA Project's two volunteer coordinators, was interviewed for the community access TV show "Out of the Fog" in St. John's, Newfoundland.

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